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Diapers as a new fashion

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Disposable diapers can be apart from being a help to you with incontinence, also regarded as fetish toys that can be drowned in fetish games. A game which happens about to ruthlessly drown diapers can be played everywhere, anywhere and whenever you want because today it is a fashion wearing diapers and soak them. Disposable diapers are always doomed to live a very short and painful life because of this.

Everytime I use disposable diapers I drowns them consciously or unconsciously mercilessly with strategy and pleasure and absolutely ruthless at least 20 to 40 times per day, and there will be a painful game, and daily torment for diapers but I do not care the least about. I know from my diaper experience that it is really fun to let diapers be drowned. SAP - diapers are very comfortable to sit on for a really long time because it feels really nice to slowly squeeze them to death. my opinion is diapers have to be drowned again and again, I hate to change diapers on myself, instead I drowns them even more until they helplessly are drowned to death then I smile at this.

Today drowns I SAP -diapers that are made of small jelly pads that absorbs incredibly well so that I don´t feel when I pee on them. This means I can drench them much more today than I could with older diapers several years ago. Cloth diapers have no jellies at all inside so they go away. SAP - diapers is a really good help for me to live a decent life even with dysfunctional stressincontinence.

Todays diapers contains Super Absorbent Polymers, otherwise known as SAP, polymers, absorbent gels, super soakers, super slurpers, crystals, gels etc. All this are materials swells in water to form a clear gel comprising separate individual particles. These SAP - cushions are placed between each layer of cotton fluff The more I drowns SAP - diapers, the more swell gel pads inside that gives me a very flexible and “resilient” diaper to sit on before my big butt squeeze the whole diaper to only 2 millimeters.

Superabsorbent polymers are prepared from acrylic acid and a crosslinking agent by solution or suspension polymerization. The type and amount of cross-linker control both the swelling capacity and gel module. Super absorbent polymer is a new macromolecular synthetic material that can absorb hundreds of times its weight in short time even when the diaper is squeezed extremely thin. This means I drowns my SAP - diapers many times a day with big pleasure and smile. Diapers capacity involves not only how much you drown them, but also how much urine diapers can resist the constant pressure. SAP - diapers can be squeezed extremely thin, a few millimeters, and you will hear a prolonged creaking that sounds like wet snow in the beginning and then decreases slightly when this resilient jelly diaper with all gel pads have been squeezed into a hard rubbery slab of 2 mm . This unique ability to hold the absorbed liquid even when continually squeezed, the primary advantage of using superabsorbent polymers in diapers.

Diapers, especially SAP - diapers are very funny and inspiring fetish objects to be be drowned and I find it very stimulating and inspiring to mercilessly do this over and over again. No one around me has any idea when the diapers will be drowned or how long. The diapers are so many good today so I can drown them with a very clear conscience and enjoy the moment that occurs when the diapers are drowned again and again.

Even when my neurological stress incontinence is very annoying, I’ve had to accept that my life is in this way and will never ever be different, and then I might as well turn my incontinence to a stimulant that makes life more pleasant despite my incurable nerve disease.

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