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Messy Mary


At Rills and Turner law firm, Bret was two months into his job as one of the cleaning staff. Long-ago divorced, middle-aged, weathered from life and having an admiration of women peeing, he especially enjoyed tending to the women's restrooms on the first and second floors. He would often service them during the busiest hours of the day, which allowed for an excuse to be in or around the women's and listen as they relieved themselves. Even when not inside one, the vents at the bottom of the restrooms' doors combined with the usual quietness of the halls allowed for easy listening. He took his time mopping the floor close by multiple times each day, knowing that his bad knee, which caused constant pain, a noticeable limp and slower work pace, wouldn't draw concern. Each woman he heard was music to his ears, from gentle trickles to power streams, from five seconds to over a minute. His favorite was Sherry, the petite receptionist at the front desk, despite her close resemblance to his ex-wife. Not once had Bret heard a gentle trickle from her, but instead strong and loud each time he caught her heading in.


Now, he found himself presented with a unique opportunity. Mark, the janitor that usually worked on the top floor, took a two week leave to rest a sprained wrist. Bret volunteered to cover his evening hours, not just for the extra pay that would ease the strain of his alimony payments, but also for a chance to hear any of the ladies on that floor that may be working late, should they visit the restroom. On Tuesday, the first day of covering for Mark, Bret made his way to the sixth floor for the evening. He soon realized after arriving that he wouldn't be hearing any women in the restroom, as everyone had already gone home, save for a few guys. Upon entering one of the three stall women's restrooms with zero expectations, he was intrigued to find in the third stall, a huge mess. The toilet seat was covered with yellow splashes. On the floor behind the toilet was a puddle that trailed into the next stall, still wet as it must have been a recent accident. The stink of urine lingered. Bret was now curious as to what woman or women were careless enough to have left without at least wiping the seat. Still, he was excited by the visual and incredible disregard, being that only successful, high-class business women worked in the building. He knew from years of being a janitor, that even women of high social status are often primitive in their restroom behavior.


The next day, Mary, one of the firms attorneys, known for her aggressive style in court, went to see her Ob/Gyn about an embarrassing issue. When asked by Doctor Miller what concerned her, she replied, “Well, ever since I had my baby three years ago, my pee has been...really crazy? Basically it just goes everywhere and I can't pee without making a mess. I mean, when I'm home, I sit and it's usually not an issue except for when sometimes it goes under the seat down to the floor. But I hover in public restrooms and when I go, it's just awful, sometimes it splits into 3 streams. It gets all over me and the seat gets completely soaked. It even gets on the floor. And I've always had a big bladder, so it's a lot. I don't want a coworker to see me come out, go in after and know that I'm one of those bitches that leaves piss on the seat. I'm so tired of wiping down my legs, butt, pants and shoes all the time. It's just too much work to clean the seat off every time too, you know? Hold on a sec, this could be my client calling,........no it's just my husband...Um, so is there anything you can do? I'm only thirty-four, this seems like an older woman issue, no offense.”


Doctor Miller chuckled and said, “Oh honey, I know exactly what you're talking about. I get a lot of women in here complaining about the same thing, you wouldn't believe it. It's been happening to me ever since menopause a few years ago. If you're serious about correcting it, I can do a labiaplasty procedure to tighten and reshape everything. This will clear the way for your stream to make a clean exit. Just let me have a look at what you've got down there and see what I can do.” After pulling her pants down and moving her thong to the side, Dr. Miller confirmed that Mary's long inner labia were the culprit, as she pulled on them gently to see how far they stretched. “Oh yeah, your lips are kind of loose here. So when your pee comes out, these get in the way and cause your pee to go everywhere, just like putting your finger over a hose. I can fix that for you.” Mary decided that she would consider undergoing the procedure in a few months, after the case she was wrapped up in was settled.


Thursday evening, Bret arrived on the top floor a few minutes after five o'clock. He hadn't found any toilet disasters on Wednesday due to Mary having taken the day off. Still holding onto hope that his mysterious pee bandit would have stricken again, he went straight to the women's and once again, found nothing exciting, as Mary hadn't used the restroom, instead having used the one at the restaurant she visited for lunch earlier that day. Disappointed, he accepted that whoever made the mess two days prior would probably never do so again, at least not before his two week assignment to cover for Mark was over.


Nearly eight o'clock, Bret was late, still making his way around the offices and desks collecting additional trash, the result of a celebration from a case having been won. Pain kindly reminded him that his knee didn't appreciate such late hours. To his surprise, walking out of the office of Greg, CEO of the company was Mary, straightening her hair and collar. He had seen her come and go from the building on occasion and knew she was an attorney but not much else, other than how hot she was, and how fast she drove her Mercedes, having quite a heavy foot when pulling up in the morning and leaving after work. Mary didn't even notice him, as she immediately looked at her phone to text while power walking across the floor toward the hall. Already taken by surprise to have seen her emerge from the closed door of the CEO's office, he received another pleasant surprise when she headed straight for the restroom.


With a sudden opportunity to listen to what he might hear, Bret walked toward the women's and positioned himself outside right after she went in. He heard the loud clanking of her heels walking to the stall, the door closing, and then was treated to the beautiful sound of her heavy stream cutting into the water at high pressure. It echoed and screamed through the restroom, leaking from the door vents into the empty, whisper quiet hallway. His heart pounded with excitement over the volume she was producing. After a few seconds, Mary was letting go with full force and the sound became louder and stronger. Bret couldn't recall the last time he heard any woman pee that hard.


Several more seconds passed and then he heard nothing. His urgent curiosity couldn't tolerate not hearing what she was doing, and in what was his boldest move ever, he threw caution to the wind and nudged the door open, sticking his head inside the restroom. He was now able to hear a high pitched noise that was the sound of Mary's pee hitting the toilet porcelain with tremendous pressure. He could also make out the slight sound of a hiss, astonished that she was still peeing at all given how hard it was flowing. Her stream then returned to landing in the water, finally weakening. The joy of hearing her was enough that for that brief moment, the constant pain in his knee was gone. With nearly a full minute passed, the pee stopped and then a few more high pressure squirts rushed out. She exhaled audibly, exerting herself through the final pushes. Now done, Mary sighed in relief with a long-winded breath and looked behind her, seeing her latest mess, and resting assure that she would leave it. Quietly stepping back outside, Bret heard the rattle of the toilet tissue dispenser, and then a flush, followed by the clanking of her heels walking out of the stall toward the door.


This time, she saw Bret in the hall, as he pretended very convincingly to be absorbed in mopping the floor, with earbuds in place. Thinking nothing of him as a janitor, she headed toward the elevator to leave. He then looked up briefly and saw on her face a subtle look of concern that revealed her discomfort. Her facade of secrecy was shattered in an instant. Before the door slid open, her phone rang, to which she answered, “Hey. I had to work late again, I'm leaving now.” After the elevator went down, Bret walked to a window at the end of the office and peaked out. Mary came walking across the lot down below, heading to her car. Upon getting in and starting it, she lowered the window to dump her ashtray full of cigarette butts on the ground. Then as usual, she put the car in gear and gunned it, the engine revving loud as she sped across the lot, merging onto the highway and disappearing into the night.


Now having the restrooms to himself, Bret made his way back across the office area, to the women's room. Excitement peaked again at what he might find in Mary's stall, wondering if she was his mysterious pee bandit from Tuesday. As he entered, the sweet smell of her perfume was still in the air. Bret made his way inside the stall and saw what he hoped to see, what he thought he would never see again, or ever know who did it. The toilet seat was doused in a heavy layer of yellow splashes, with a few drips still falling from the outer edge of the seat to the floor, more so toward the back of it. The rear structure extending from underneath the seat attached to the wall was also covered in her pee. Bret stood in awe of what Mary did, slowly surveying the magnificent disaster left behind.


Continuing to study the area, he saw that her pee also splashed against the back wall itself a few inches above the toilet. A small cluster of visible drips rested upon it that trailed downward, staining the spaces between the tiles. Looking at the floor, the reflection of the overhead light drew attention to the puddle created from some of her stream having completely missed the toilet. Mary's puddle ran across the floor, again into the next stall. Closer inspection revealed that she also managed to spray the feminine waste container next to the toilet, as a few stray drips rested on the lid and side of it. Seeing her piss sprayed everywhere in such careless fashion, Bret felt an increasing sexual attraction the longer he looked. He now knew that despite her elegant appearance and high rank in the firm, she was quite self-serving with no remorse over her behaviors. He wondered if the concerned look on her face at the elevator was due to suddenly realizing she may have been seen with Greg, or because she made an unforgivable mess of the toilet and intentionally left it. She certainly never expected a janitor to be in the building so late to connect her to either one.


Before beginning the process of mopping up the large puddle, Bret took his phone out for a few photos of the toilet. Returning a few minutes later with the mop bucket, he cleaned the floor in both stalls, eventually making his way to the messy toilet. He paused before wiping Mary's piss from the seat and began entertaining an idea he never had in the past. Bret stood pondering for a minute, what her pee would taste like. On one hand, it seemed gross to even consider, while on the other hand, tasting her bodily fluids seemed like a harmless form of mild intimacy, along with having the satisfaction of having tasted a woman's piss for the first time. Pushing through strong nervousness, he decided to act on his curiosity, slowly kneeling down, careful to accommodate his knee while leaning in closer to the toilet.


Mary's golden drips of pee were easily visible as they laid resting on the white seat. Still nervous and hesitant, Bret stuck his tongue out and made contact with the cold wet surface. Tasting her salty pee in his mouth was strangely arousing in a way he didn't anticipate. The potency of it fired up his taste buds to the point of making his face tingle. He remembered her sexy, smooth-skinned legs and round ass in a tight black skirt walking toward the elevator just some ten minutes prior. The taste and visual of her body triggered Bret to give in to the intense arousal and slide his tongue all the way around the toilet seat, licking every drip Mary left behind. Smiling in the excitement, he whispered to himself, “Damn I'm a sick fuck!”


After licking the seat, he finished wiping it off with a disinfectant wipe, as the strong aroma of her pee coated his mouth. As he came out of the restroom, Greg was heading for the elevator and both men nodded a goodnight to each other. The next morning, Bret was walking down the hall of the first floor with his cleaning cart, as Mary made her way into the building to head for the top floor. Seeing him, she again held eye contact for just a moment longer than normal, enough to convey her unease as to what he may know. She quickly looked away and continued walking as they passed each other. Bret simply said, “Good morning.” Annoyed at having been spoken to by a limping janitor, Mary reluctantly replied the same, without looking back. Bret then smiled to himself and continued onward.


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Really, really enjoyed this story!  I am a fan of your work, particularly given that your characters usually feature women with huge bladders capable of delivering blasting, deafening streams.  Hope you will continue to write, as you are a talented story teller with great diction and imagery.  :91_thumbsup:

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On 3/13/2018 at 6:28 PM, David Jarrell said:

Really, really enjoyed this story!  I am a fan of your work, particularly given that your characters usually feature women with huge bladders capable of delivering blasting, deafening streams.  Hope you will continue to write, as you are a talented story teller with great diction and imagery.  :91_thumbsup:

Thank you sir, I appreciate that. I am actually wrapping up my latest right now and will have it up soon. Thanks for reading!

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