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She Tries Not to Swallow but...

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She tries to keep spitting all his pee back out and does so for the most part.

It tastes so nasty and strong and filthy. It’s totally yellow and warm though and the smell is fucking nasty and making her horny as fuck!

There's something about the flavor at the back of her throat that stimulates something at the base of her brain that says "Don't drink this! It’s not good to drink!” Yet, just the thought of where it’s coming from and how it’s feeling to him as he does it to her, all over her face and into her mouth, makes her want to just fucking drink it down!

Yes, she manages to spit most of it back out but she’s getting so fucking horny that sometimes she can’t help it and swallows it anyway. And when she does, the taste becomes so naughty and changes in her throat to something not so bad and it actually gets her god damned hot! Fuck! She’s trying not to swallow any more but it really isn't so bad and … Oh hell! She hurries and gulps down as much as she can before his bladder is empty.

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Is there a beginning and an ending? I feel kinda lost but good nevertheless for the type of pee genre 

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Nah.  Sorry.  This is just the impression I brought away from a particularly hot video I viewed recently.  It really got me aroused and I couldn't stop thinking about it and others like it and eventually this description emerged and I just wanted to get it "down on paper" as it were. 

Thanks for the reading and comment!

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Ivy? I have another story posted up here called "Calendar Girl".  Read it?  Tell me what you think of that one?


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Can I trouble u for a link?? I’ll read it b4 bed!

i need to work on my fictional story , got ideas to continue it, the lady will pee in fear and be ridiculed, and in the end of the story the boss blows his loads in her, gotta tie it in somehow without being crude 

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There ya go!  Just click on the title.

P.S.   About your story.  I read both parts.  Very interesting so far. 

As far as crude is concerned,  just do it.  Most of us are crude at times and many get a bit turned on by vulgarity.  Hell, I know I do!  So come on and "vulgar slang" on me baby!

BTW are you a native English speaker?  If not, I can imagine how frustrating it would be trying to communicate in a different language. 

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