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    I'm a printer. I try to only work three days a week now but that's often upped to four days a week.
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    I'm an older guy (68 this month) and I've been doing this a long time but it never gets old or boring. One day a week my GF and I get together. Most times I get down in front of her with a towel under her and she pees in my mouth while I pee into a towel on the floor. Then she usually gives me a good blow job. I usually water load pretty good before I go to pick her up and while waiting for her to come out to the truck I will pee into a bottle and pour it out the window. This gives me a pretty good thrill and I look forward to it every Saturday morning.

    Other times during the week I get up at my usual 4:00am and drink coffee and water and pee while I sit here at computer naked and masturbating until I cum a few hours later.

    Thank God for those little blue pills. My sex life now is twice as good or better than when I was younger and made lifestyle decisions that dulled my sexual performance.

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    It's Yellow, It's warm, It tastes good (sometimes), It can be naughty, especially when it starts to smell afterwards
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    The first time my ex peed in my mouth, years ago. I can still remember it like it was yesterday. I can even still cum thinking about it sometimes when I'm in that sort of mood.

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  1. The only person I ever followed on Tumblr was Sabrina Dacos. She can be seen now at: https://twitter.com/sabrinadacos
  2. YOU'RE ALL FREAKY PISSY WEIRDOS!!!!!(finally a place to call home) <smile>
  3. At least he lived long enough to see it end. I'm glad of that.
  4. Blackinksoul30. Chin up there darlin'! Just know that this too will pass. Many of us here have gone through this or worse! My ex and I met and dated in high school. Then the Vietnam thing separated us for a while. When I got back, we married and I too went back to school. It can be tough. We eventually parted ways but our time together, though tough sometimes, only made us stronger I think. Most of us are available via PM if you really need someone to talk to. Thank Jesus for the internet! PS: You never did explain what the heck diamond painting is (wink)!
  5. Right back at you darlin'! Love ya!
  6. Hi! 🙂 How are you? i'm from peefans. 🙂 

    1. ndr1968pz


      Hiya "bis"  I usually read quite a bit of what you post (not nearly all of it) and I like what I've seen so far!\

      I responded to your post asking about hobbies over at pee search.

  7. Unfortunately, the video was taken down months ago but if you need a further hint, check out her twitter profile: https://twitter.com/anadidovic?lang=en
  8. That's Ana Didovic and you wouldn't believe what she did on the corner of that bathtub!
  9. OMG! I am so going to miss Sabrina Dacos! Hope she finds someplace else to call home!
  10. Just now saw this. I'm so sorry to hear about your break up. My condolences to the both of you. Break ups can be like someone dying...sometimes even worse if there's lingering animosity and anger. I only went through it once but the scars remain. Just know that this too will pass. It will get better in ways you probably do not even now realize. Love you both! Larry
  11. OK. So! Now, anyone with a positive comment?
  12. And from here, we graduate to catheter play and leg bags and bladder irrigation. Oh my! Such fun! I haven't indulged in quite a while but if someone would relate here their experiences maybe you could talk me into revealing some of my past adventures and maybe even getting involved in this hobby again!
  13. Excellent! I love the simile "honey water"! Delicious!
  14. I go through phases getting off on first one then the other. First, I will say that I get off on the substance as well as the act. I was taught as a child to refer to it (and the act) as "Tinkle" and only to utter even this word to a select few relatives in secret. Otherwise a need to relieve myself was referred to as "I need to go to (or use) the bathroom". Other words I had heard other children say such as "Pee", "Pee Pee" and "Wee-Wee" were strictly forbidden. Later, in school I of course was exposed to all the other vernacular references as well as the more "proper" "Urine" and "Urination". As I said, the ones I "like" varies with my mood. Sometimes, I will simply get tired of hearing or reading a certain word for it and will try others until I hit upon the one that "really rings it" for me. Then, there's the private (read sexual) and "polite company" usages of the various terms. In public situations I just say "I need to use the restroom" but my private world of urolagnia is much more varied and variable. The words that seem to arouse me most often are (in order of preference) Tinkle (the act and the substance). Pee (the act and the substance). Urine (the substance). Pee Pee (the act and the substance). Piss (the act and the substance). I'm sorry if this got way too long and involved.

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