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    Straight Male
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    I'm a printer. I try to only work three days a week now but that's often upped to four days a week.
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    I'm an older guy (68 this month) and I've been doing this a long time but it never gets old or boring. One day a week my GF and I get together. Most times I get down in front of her with a towel under her and she pees in my mouth while I pee into a towel on the floor. Then she usually gives me a good blow job. I usually water load pretty good before I go to pick her up and while waiting for her to come out to the truck I will pee into a bottle and pour it out the window. This gives me a pretty good thrill and I look forward to it every Saturday morning.

    Other times during the week I get up at my usual 4:00am and drink coffee and water and pee while I sit here at computer naked and masturbating until I cum a few hours later.

    Thank God for those little blue pills. My sex life now is twice as good or better than when I was younger and made lifestyle decisions that dulled my sexual performance.

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    It's Yellow, It's warm, It tastes good (sometimes), It can be naughty, especially when it starts to smell afterwards
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    The first time my ex peed in my mouth, years ago. I can still remember it like it was yesterday. I can even still cum thinking about it sometimes when I'm in that sort of mood.

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  1. ndr1968pz

    Does this mean im gay?

    I don't know man, just the fact that you used the expression: "ewww!" makes me have serious doubts! Just kidding! Don't worry about it so much. Accept who and what you are and get on with life. Joy on you!
  2. ndr1968pz

    Erectile Function

    Don't feel bad about that Scott. When I was younger, I sometimes had trouble with ED but there was no "cure". Now, after I've discontinued all the ED causing behaviors (alcohol, drugs, smoking) I have found that in my 60's I have had the best sex of my life because ED treatments are now available and thank God they are!
  3. ndr1968pz

    Erectile Function

    Fully erect, almost never. Simi erect, depends on how bad I need to but usually I can pretty good. About doing it fully erect; I've done it a few times. It was always with morning wood. Way hard! I could usually control the stream by sitting on the toilet and leaning as far forward as I could. I mean like putting my hands on the floor leaned over. A few times I just said 'fuck it' and peed through the crack between the seat and the porcelain. A few times I just leaned back and let it shoot out onto the floor.
  4. ndr1968pz

    The Old Time Traveler

    Warning: This vignette contains much distorted elements of a boyhood memory. Minors are involved in some of the action although they do not participate in anything blatantly sexual. Mods, please take this down if it seems to violate the "no minors" rules.   The boys urinating on each other were surprised when there appeared an old man, on his knees, watching them. As far as they knew he had snuck into the stinking school bathroom while they were having their piss fight. In reality he had been transported back in time. He was a much older version of the other boy, who observing the two urinating and calling out "Gross" had rapidly walked out of the toilet. The old man, dressed only in an old black t-shirt with the belly cut away revealing his large and protruding abdomen, masturbated furiously. He held in his other hand an unidentifiable dark brown rag of some sort. He would occasionally raise this to his face and sniff and cough. His excitement soon became obvious and he ejaculated onto the dirty floor of the boys room. His image, like a hologram (unheard of in that year), soon faded and winked out. The two boys, astounded by this display, stood with their cocks in their hands, still weakly pissing out onto the floor. The P.E. teacher then barged in, as he had originally, and grabbed each of them by the arm and hauled them off for discipline.  
  5. ndr1968pz

    MissPiss is here to say Hello : )

    Yeah. Asleep at the wheel here. I used to see her a lot over at Pee Search. I bet she still enjoys an occasional "indiscretion" and hopefully her "new man" will get into pee with her. She enjoyed it so, It's sad to think she will never do it again!
  6. ndr1968pz

    MissPiss is here to say Hello : )

    OMG! You are back (communicating in forums again)! We missed you! Welcome back Liz! I love you, lady!
  7. ndr1968pz

    Let's All Hear it for Steve 25805!

    Not exactly "back" I just pop in now and then. Really busy this time of year.
  8. I've been doing some clubs here. Namely Golden Shower Fans. I have downloaded a bunch of images from there and elsewhere and noticed that many of the photos were contributed by Steve. Man! His collection is vast! I just wanted to say it publicly: Thanks man! for uploading so many really juicy images! Can't wait to put them all in slide show mode and rock back, with my pants off and my hand busy doing...you know what! While I look at all the nasty, naughty fun!
  9. ndr1968pz


    Why do you make so many duplicate posts in the 'inexpensive art' thread. It really makes it difficult for those of us wanting one of each file we want.
  10. ndr1968pz

    Questions only

    So far? It's been a very interesting game! I've gotten erections at several passages! Right now? I have to keep it under control because right now it's time for me to sign off and get my butt in to work. Looking forward to more fun here. I'll be out of the loop Thursday, Friday and Probably most of Saturday...Back Sunday. Love all you guys!
  11. ndr1968pz

    Questions only

    Wonder why it didn't do it up there^? 'Cause of the quotes? @Sephora Aha!
  12. ndr1968pz

    Questions only

    How do you do the "@Sephora" blue reverse link thinga ma jig?
  13. ndr1968pz

    Questions only

    In front, of course, remember, you have your feet on my shoulders? BTW you do know that I can swim?
  14. ndr1968pz

    Questions only

    Perhaps either of you could provide me with a link to a favorite passage on this subject?
  15. ndr1968pz

    Questions only

    Alright, Yeah! I mean: "Yes, please?"