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So,over the Christmas and New Year holidays like most,I have been drinking more than I normally would.This results in more visits to the bathroom.Some of my pee's have been long hard streams,while others have come out in little short bursts.I also noticed that the colour of my stream varies from time to time.Sometimes really dark.Other times lighter.

I have visited many public bathrooms over the period,sometimes using urinals,sometimes cubicles depending on how busy they were.I've only had one "outside" pee,which was on a night out where I relieved myself in an alleyway with steps.I had to be careful as it was very close to a crowded street.

Anyway,as I write this I feel another pee coming on.I may hold off a little to let the pressure build up so that I can enjoy it when I go.Hope you like this and please comment if you wish.

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