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It was typical of Tamsin to skip out of supervising the builders, again, to go fucking - sorry, exercising.  But Tamara didn't see it as a chore to take time off in order to stare at sweaty men all day.  Plus today was The Day as the finishing touches were to be completed by about lunch.  Leaving her the entire afternoon to play by, or rather with, herself.  The couple had made the decision to convert the study into a playroom because when they did work from home it was inevitably curled up on the living room couch.

Six months of planning whilst nuzzled in bed together had gone into today - which inevitably lead to other kinds of nuzzling before breathlessly cumming in each other's arms.  Having fed the crew and hustled them out under several knowing leers Tamara now stood before The Door.  Her nipples had been so hard all morning - something else not unnoticed judging by the hot stares of the workmen, which didn't help her obvious arousal.  Now her generous boobs were aching from being ignored and she had to forcibly stop her hand from teasing them... she wanted to see their creation first.  She opened the door...

The floor had been sunken, and padded, and heated.  It was basically one giant shower  cubicle with a bench along the opposite wall.  But the focus of the space was a raised circular knee-high platform in the centre which had a shallow bowl as its top surface.  One entire wall was a mirror and touch display with several pairs of small cameras behind it.  The opposite wall had a 100 inch LED screen that could show the live view from any of the cameras while recording everything in glorious 3D for later.

Tamara slowly removed her thick socks and gently stepped down to the warm, rubber coated  memory foam and sighed as it moulded around her toes.  Reality was way better than their fantasy ever was.  She fired up the cameras and looked around herself with a wicked  smile.

Where to begin?

She swayed over to the bowl and watched herself as she knelt in the centre.  Her hands slowly gliding up her waist to grip her needy tits in both hands and squeeze them firmly.  They gratefully sent a zing straight to her pussy which had been steadily leaking juices into her tight rubber panties all morning.  Now she was alone she finally allowed a small burst of piss to escape her.  It swirled around a little with the involuntary rolling of her hips before leaking out around her firm arse cheeks to darken her pale blue leggings with warmth.

Another, longer burst ballooned the front of her crotch and caressed her pussy-lips.  Her left hand pushed the bulge back down and her thighs mysteriously became wet.  She looked down and admired the puddle between her knees before laying fully out and slowly lowering her breasts as they strained the front of her tee-shirt into her liquid.

The very instant her nipples touched the surface her puss twitched, drawing a small squeak from her.  She dipped her head and slurped up a small taste.  Making sure to gaze directly into one of the lenses as she did so.  This was a performance for her wife, after all.  Rolling over a few times and moving her hands all over her body ensured that her clothes mopped up as much as possible.  Tamara then gracefully stood and slowly pirouetted before peeling her now sodden clothes from her figure as sexily as she could.  All the time imagining the look on her wife's face when she showed her the recording.

Now with nothing but the rubber boy-shorts to go she leaned forward and shook her tits for the camera before straightening and filling her pants again with more pee.  Turning round to present her curvy bum she bent over and grabbed her ankles, the motion forcing the fresh piss out and down the back of her thighs to make a new puddle.  Sliding her hands back up her legs she hooked her thumbs in the waistband and ever so slowly drew the black panties down to her feet and daintily stepped out of them.

Turning again to face her reflection Tamara admired the way her dark, wet curls clung to her impressive, gravity defying rack.  No silicone here.  She pinched and rolled their tips as she pissed herself again holding her knees tight together.  Sinking down to sit in her collected fluid she gathered some in cupped hands and poured it over her head, her face and both breasts before drinking again and savouring her unique flavour, wishing it was Tamsin's.  Lying back Tamara raised her feet in the air and parted her legs, opening herself fully in order to display her charms.  Her hands glided inwards up and down her wet thighs, teasing herself some more.  When finally her fingers met she separated her lips and forced the last of her bladder out, arcing through the air to splatter the mirror first before angling her hips up to direct the stream over her face and into her mouth.

Her head was spinning from the taste and the need to cum hard so she wasted no more time and began masturbating herself furiously with one hand while her other hand rubbed, pulled and squeezed her boobs roughly.  The only sound was her heaving gasps and the lapping of piss against her rhythmically quaking butt cheeks as her fingers flew in and out of her quivering cunt faster and faster.  Her pussy lube was flowing freely now and dripping down to mix an exotic cocktail with her sunshine yellow urine.

She was so close, closer, and now on the very crest of a porno worthy finish when the door opened to reveal.....

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Don't you dare leave us hanging! Your playroom sounds perfect for pee???ing...

please continue

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On 07/11/2017 at 10:54 AM, Jimee said:

Don't you dare leave us hanging! Your playroom sounds perfect for pee???ing...

please continue

To be fair, this bit took me a year to get rigt......

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