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    46, currently in a relationship that is completely vanilla. I like different flavours. Especially when combined. I'm kinky as fuck. But without involving pain of any sorts...well maybe the old bite mark. I love women of all shapes, sizes and colour. Men? They need to have a pretty cock if I'm going to put it in my mouth. But if it's real pretty I'll suck it all nite long. I luv pee. Any form of it. Alone or with others...
    Oh, and I'm always horny. Always!

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    Watching it. Feeling it. Tasting it.
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    Read my real pee stories. They're real. And they're hot. At least the ones I write about.

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  1. Jimee

    The Best Thing About My Flatmate

    Don’t you dare stop now! This is so hot! Great descriptive account of how a pair of diapers feel. I luv the feeling of wetting in them. Or at least how I can wet in them and not be noticed. It’s still not the same pleasure (for-me) as wetting in pants, or tights, panties...where you can feel the wetness everywhere, but it’s still an incredible feeling. Please continue...
  2. Jimee

    Girl's Night 8

    Such a hot series. Really enjoying the chapters.
  3. Mmm I want to go back to school! Or apply to teach there...I'd be sleeping in the dorm too. I sure hope Samantha gets a taste soon. Too bad they can't leave their panties on though... great story. Thanks for taking the time to share your fantasy.
  4. Jimee

    Showing off my panties

    My partner buys mine, well mostly! I still like to shop and surprise her. And how cum none of your panty pics were wet ones? ?
  5. Jimee

    Hamsters posting

    Great shots. Thanks for posting. Do you ever pee on yourself? I mean on purpose. I'll lay in the tub before a shower and release mine over myself. Legs, stomach, chest...even higher lol I luv it! And nice looking cock too!
  6. Jimee

    Chloe - Part Two

    Don't you dare leave us hanging! Your playroom sounds perfect for pee???ing... please continue
  7. Jimee

    Beach pee

    All I ask is you return the favour.
  8. We have a clothing optional beach in the city I live. It's quite nice actually. I've been a few times now and always enjoy getting naked for a few hours, drink a few beers, smoke some weed and swim naked. I also like to pee there...just not in the toilets or in the water. Lol This past trip I had my towel set in a somewhat secluded spot, or at least I wasn't real close to anyone else. But that didn't last very long. Soon the beach began filling and setting up closer and closer. In fact an older couple came and set up a beach umbrella directly in front of me, blocking my view of the lake and other naked beach goers. Well, thats clearly not going to work! I politely asked them to consider setting up someplace that didn't block my view and they did. Right beside me! Oh well...they were harmless, older, quiet, and she was pretty easy on the eyes...he wasn't really anything to look at, but she was definitely very attractive for a lady her age. About 65-70? Still...very pretty and a nice figure. But the girls that arrived...Fuck me they were hot! A party of two set up just to the right and not far in front of me. Between where I was and the water. They went topless only. The older couple beside me were naked. As was I. I downed the first beer while I smoked a joint and was well into the second when I decided it's time to get wet...no not that kinda wet...I walked into the water. Passing the two topless cuties. Both were lying on their backs and wow...they were cute! And I gotta say, their bikini bottoms fit perfectly! I definitely got a good peek in passing. When the cool water hit my balls I started to feel the urge to pee...but held on... minutes later I felt the need to pee building. I kinda like that feeling. I had to get out soon or I'd just waste a pee in the water. Boring. So I walk out, past the girls.(I should mention, when I'm bursting to pee I get semi hard...anyone else?) So as I walk back to my towel I'm checking out the nice boobies and tight bikini bottoms and notice (or think -lol) they were kinda noticing me...the older couple definitely made no bones about giving my cock a good look. So I let them look. I stodd beside my towel for a minute enjoying the warm breeze on my body before sitting on my towel. I sit with my legs flat, resting back slightly on my hands behind me. My cock sitting sort of between my legs, but not all the way. Almost laying on my thigh. And fuck, I'm bursting to pee now. Badly! The girls in front are sitting facing each other. One facing me, legs crossed, while the other sat with her back to me similarly to how I was sitting. I also felt the older gal directly beside me watching me too. But not like the girl directly in front. She was looking right at me. I can't pee Ike his. Can I? I can't hold back much longer, but if i pee now, even tho my legs are still wet from swimming, the girl in front will no doubt notice and for sure the older gal will. Fuck she's close enough she'll hear me pee. I try and relax, just enough to let it out slowly, and it sort of works...but as im peeing on myself and into my towel (God that feels so good. So warm on my cool skin) my cock is starting to grow. But I'm enjoying this slow pee so much! Too much to care. Too much to stop. So I let it flow. More then before. My pee is now flowing across my thigh and over the other side...the side the older gal sits on. She has to notice...but I don't dare look sideways to see. The young hottie in front is looking right at me as I pee very slowly over myself...she's looking, but continues chatting to her friend. Quickly her friend turns around and lays on her tummy facing me, looking directly at me, she says something to her friend and looks back and smiles. Busted. But no way do I try and stop it. Even as my cock grows. Now it was no longer resting on anything. It wasn't fully hard but it had a life of its own. And I was still peeing. I brought my hand down over my cock and cupped my smooth balls which caused my cock to extend up my wrist and at least be slightly concealed. Even tho now my pee was flowing out over my wrist and directly back down over my cock and balls, and the hand that was holding them. All while finishing my long slow pee, which was now reduced to just trickling out over my belly. I gently played with my balls until my cock was fully hard. After a bit of me massaging my wet balls, I reached out for my cigs and lit a smoke while I finished the last bit of my beer. My hard cock now in full view for anyone wanting to look. The girls were still looking and as I moved to lay on my belly I noticed the older gal staring. Not watching, but staring at my cock. She had a scarf of sorts draped over her crotch and I noticed a nice slow steady movement. I froze momentarily to watch (or stare) at her before settling down to let my hard cock soak in my wet pee soaked towel. I could now turn and watch her slowly rub her pussy while I finished my smoke...so hot watching her play knowing she got off watching me pee. A very fun pee experience I got to share with four total strangers...a few times over that day at the beach. Sorry for the long story...lol