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Back again after lost Passwort

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Yeah, it's me, WantonLee. If you don't remember, thats because I am not exactly very active here. ;)

I decided to maybe check this forum a bit more frequently, and realized that I actually forgot my password.

Aaand that I do not receive any email after I requested a new password (no, it's not in "Spam", I checked that).

Also I did never get any reply after contacting the Admin here via the "Contact Us"-Service.

I guess something is wrong with my original Email-Address, since I do get normal mail (mostly spam, tho).


Anyway, in case one of the Admin's reads this, i would appreciate it if you could reset my password on my actual account and send me a password to the email-address associated with the WantonLee-Account. Otherwise this here will become my main-account, and the old one could just be deleted.


So long,

WantonLee... 2


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Have PM'ed you the reset password - sorry about that. Welcome though (again!) :) 

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Thanks admin! - Will be back on the old account then. ;)

Btw., Password-recovery works with this account, so it's definitively a problem with the host of my other mail-address.

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