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Lets Play a Game: Part 10 - Cassandra Continued

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During the night Cassandra woke up with the familiar need to pee and almost gave in to her desperation. In the darkness of her bedroom she thought about getting up and going into her closet, simply letting go as she sleepily sat down on the damp carpet, too much effort she thought. She also thought about swinging her legs over the side of the bed and peeing out onto her bedroom carpet, again she thought it was too much effort. “This can wait until morning,” she smiled to herself, ignoring the burning need deep in her abdomen, drifting off to sleep. Cassie awoke as the sun came shining in through her open windows, the warm sunlight kissing her face and uncovered breasts, sometime during the night she tossed and turned and ended up twisting up her sheets around her. Rubbing her hands down her chest, she paused on her lower abdomen, her bladder was hard, filled beyond capacity with her unspent morning's and last night's urine. Her quim ached, eager to open up the hold on her pee hole, ready to burst all over what ever was in front of it. Unable to break free of the sheets wrapped around her lower body she instead reached out for her cellphone with one hand, while the other cupped her pussy in an attempt to keep the floodgates in check. Her house was a mess, you see, during the previous evening a certain someone decided that they weren't going to use the toilet, opting to use the rest of the house instead, so a certain someone had to call one of the maids in her employment to clean the house. Dialing up the maid she had in mind, a wave of desperation flushed through Cassie's body. A few squirts leaked out between her fingers as she tightened her grip, fighting to regain control as the phone rang for what seemed like minutes. Finally the maid picked up. “Luciana? Its Cassie,” she managed to stammer out, “Listen, I'm sorry to call you so early but I'm calling in that favor.”

As the conversation continued Cassie became unable to hold back, removing the wet hand from her pussy, she relaxed. This was more than enough for her poor bladder, a torrent of hot piss erupted from her urethra, forcing open her labia as it sprayed her thighs. Cassie's eyes lit up as she watched the gray sheets darken and glisten between her legs as the wetness spread out before her. Biting her lower lip as her pee spread down her legs and started to pool up in a growing puddle around her butt, slowly creeping up her back. The loud hissing and splashing from her loins was unmistakable and Cassie wondered if Luciana could hear what she was doing to her own bed and secretly hoped that she did. Unable to control herself she squeezed one of her breasts with her hand, as she enjoyed the growing warmth and wetness of her piss seeping into the sheets, spreading around her butt and up her lower back. Getting the details worked out Cassie seemed to have peed for the entire conversation, giving out directions to her house and ordering the maid to bring the carpet cleaner. Cassie finally hung up as her pee escaped her sopping wet twat in a slow dribble as her bladder was assuredly empty. Elbows resting in a pool of warm yellow pee as she sat up, the naughty woman gazed at the mess that she had created in her bed. From between where her legs lay beneath the sheets there was a long dark wet patch extending down to her knees, stretching across her hips and upper thighs. Glancing around her she marveled at the puddle slowly soaking into the sheet around her, laughing at the imprint of her back behind her. Grabbing her cellphone she snapped a selfie. The picture capturing a grown woman from the neck down, breasts lying flat on her chest with her free hand pointing down at her crotch and the wet mess that it had made all over the bed. She instantly shared it with a familiar online naughty pee community, her pussy growing hotter as she imagined all the people viewing it, even masturbating to her first bed-wetting in years.

Cassie's mom eventually let the girls wet their beds the day before laundry day. Their parents would usually find less puddles around the house during that particular day of the week, the girls opting to save up their pee for their beds. If Cassie couldn't hold it she'd sometimes run to her room and sit on the edge of her bed, most of the time before removing her lower garments and peed through them into the sheets and fluffy mattress cover. If the girls could hold themselves all day they would usually go to bed somewhat early, releasing their bladders as soon as they snuggled under the covers. Luckily for their parents all the beds in the house were fitted with absorbent, waterproof mattress protectors, which would be slipped off and washed with the rest of the soaked sheets. A habit that passed on to the daughters. Sometimes Cassie would come into her room and find that her bed was already wet and wondered if her sister, Steph, was being naughty and using her sister's bed as a toilet, Cassie did like going into her sister's room and pee in her closet so it was only natural. What Cass didn't know was that it was actually their mother.

Coming back to the present Cassie was in the middle of furiously fucking herself with a dildo that she broke out of a box the night before and left table side. Stuffing the fake cock in and out of her pussy, dripping with piss and other fluids, with one hand, while the other was playing with her marshmallowy tits with the other, rolling her hard nipples with her fingers. Her hips thrust as she pistoned the dildo deep inside herself, slapping the over-saturated mattress protector, spraying droplets of pee in a radius around her. Finally she came, pulling the dildo out of her, a small amount of piss still in her bladder sprayed out, rewarming the pool she was sitting in. She lay there, in her wet bed, for a few moments, basking in the glow of the sun and her orgasm before getting up and getting ready for the maid. Taking in a deep breath she smiled at how her morning toilet's scent filled the bedroom. Grabbing a dry section of the sheet she dried herself off as best she could and got dressed. Making sure to wear a skirt and the tightest panties she owned.

Making breakfast she had an hour before the maid arrived. After a couple cups of coffee she found she had to pee again. She thought about just peeing straight through her panties and on the chair at the table but she wanted to surprise the maid. Getting out of the chair she made her way to the front door. Pulling down her panties and pulling up her skirt she spread her legs in a wide squat over the tiled floor of the front entrance. With no effort Cassie's urine fell from between her lower lips, splashing loudly on the foyer floor, wetting her feet in the process. Wanting to make as big a puddle as possible she waved her hips back and forth, directing her stream over dry areas of tile. Cutting off her flow she pulled up her panties and stepped over the large puddle. Admiring her work she smiled as she thought about the maid coming to clean her house. It was now very obvious to any visitor what was going on. The respectable cleaning business owner clearly had a fetish for naughty peeing, what would her clients think?

The reason why she called Luciana in particular was due to a secret that only the two women, and an ex-client knew. It was customary for Cassie to inspect the houses, at random, after her maids had cleaned them and she started to notice a trend in the houses cleaned by Luciana. Despite no order for a carpet clean Cassie would find the telltale signs of the machine being used. Either Luci would request more carpet cleaner fluid or she'd find damp, fresh smelling, clean patches of carpet in the clients house. Cassie definitely had her suspicions and during the period of the divorce those suspicions came to realization with an angry call from one client. As she was quickly driving to the house she was berated for employing “uncouth illegals,” asking if she liked hiring spics from undeveloped villages, ones that only just got used to living in houses with running water. Wonder what the hell the client was talking about she entered the house, finding the woman screaming at her Latina employee. The clients focus now on Cassandra, she asked her what the problem was.

The client explained that she had left the house in the care of Luciana, as she always did while she ran errands for a few hours while the house was being cleaned, except this time she forgot something. Returning to the house she quickly went to her bedroom and caught sight of something unexpected. The light brown skinned maid had her pants and panties around her ankles and was squatting over the client's bedroom carpet, noisily hosing it down with her pee, blissfully unaware of returning home owner. Unsure of what to do Luciana froze in place, the only sound coming from between her legs as her morning pee splashed on the floor below her. Finally she remembered her modesty and hastily pulled up her pants, covering her dark, wet pussy, clearly leaking into her pants. This drove the client into a fury and she started screaming at the maid.

After hearing the client out Cassie asked the maid if this was true, glancing at Luciana's wet crotch. Luciana replied that it was, that she had been caught peeing in the client's bedroom. Apologizing profusely Cassie said that she would clean up the mess herself and refund all cleanings for the past month. The client responded that it wouldn't be necessary and that she was firing Cassie's business from cleaning her house and was cutting all ties with the company. Not wanting to draw any more ire from the woman Cassie hurried the maid out of the house. Back at the office Cassie sat down with the maid and asked for an explanation.

“I was late this morning and didn't have time enough to eat let alone use the bathroom before I left, and you know how strict that bitc-woman is, if I wasn't there on time before she leaves she won't let us clean. You also know she won't let us use the bathrooms ourselves and well when I got to the bedroom, I was bursting. It was either pee my pants or pee on the floor and well, you know I always have the carpet cleaner with me so I thought I'd be able to clean it up before she got home,” explained Luciana.

“Yes, I know how you always have the carpet cleaner. Does this happen a lot? I've been noticing a few things,” replied Cassandra, admiring the young maid's figure as she talked, her perky B-cups nestled under her white button up uniform shirt. “I don't think this is the first time you've done this,” she continued, her pussy seemed to get a little wet as she spoke to the maid, remembering desires unsatisfied due to her ex-husband. Bracing herself for the inevitable firing, Luciana tensed up, ready to hear the bad news. “But,” Cassie continued, “I want it to stop. This will be our little secret and I think for being so lenient I want to be able to call in a favor every now and then. Something like cleaning my house from time to time. Now go home, you won't be any good cleaning wet like that,” pointing to Luciana's wet patch on her pants, the dark hair maid blushed, “And if you find yourself in that situation again, just pee in the company van, I'd rather have a dirty van than lose another client.”

“Yes ma'am,” the maid replied as she gathered her things and walked out to the parking lot, Cassie admiring the girl's curvaceous ass as she left. The Latina sighed as she walked to the van, she some how avoided being fired but she was still caught having a naughty pee. She was glad that her excuse had worked, now she just appeared to be incontinent and a poor planner instead of a pervert who got a kick out of peeing where she wasn't supposed to, which she was. This job had given her the freedom to pee anywhere she wanted in stranger's homes and she had the equipment to hide it, it was perfect. Luciana wondered at Cassie's last comment, did she know more than she let on and could she really mean it? Pee in the van? Getting in the driver's seat she realized that she still needed to pee, cut short by the bitchy client. Knowing she wouldn't make it home and too embarrassed to go back into the office she weighed her options. She had a cleaning bucket but that was all the way in the back, plus it'd be hard to maneuver peeing into it with pants on. Luciana opted for number 2, with Cassie's words in mind, she surrendered herself to her bladder, peeing messily through her panties, into the material of her pants and the car seat below her. Wanting to relish it she cut off her flow and started to drive out of the parking lot. Cassie came out and waved at her, too sweet to pass up, Luciana started to pee again, doing quick spurts into her wet crotch, waving back at her. She wondered if Cassie knew what she was up to, if she knew she would pee in the van this quickly.

Back, again, to the present, Cassie was content that the message would get across to the maid. She no longer found clean wet spots in bold locations in client's houses. Knowing herself, Cassie knew that Luciana was probably still continuing her naughty toilets, just in more discrete manners and wondered if Luci would show her where she pees now. Cassie went back to the kitchen and had a few more cups of coffee, going about the house admiring the wet stains she left everywhere the night before.

Luciana finally arrived, wearing tight gray leggings and low cut tank top, Cassie greeted her at the door and helped her bring in the cleaning supplies... walking straight through the still warm puddle. The maid's jaw dropped, the musty smell made it obvious what the puddle was. Before the maid could eek out a reaction Cassie hurriedly put the cleaning items down, telling Luciana to do the same as she rushed her around the house. Taking her first into the living room, displaying the wet couch and carpet, then to the kitchen, pointing to the puddle before the sink, the bathroom and finally her bedroom. First showing her the mess in the closet and then proudly showing off her bed. At this point Luciana had a huge grin on her face. “What's going on here?” she coyly asked.

“I think you know, I've been delibrately using my house as a urinal, this is what you'd do in those clients houses, right? I used to do it too,” said Cassie as she explained her upbringing and her ex-husband, “And by the way I wet my bed talking to you this morning.” Then to further make sure the maid knew what was going on, Cassie set her legs shoulder width apart and started to pee herself. Eyes locked on Luciana, she felt her pee leave her pussy lips, soaking the gusset of her panties, the warm urine making its way to every crevice of her nether regions before falling to the bedroom carpet in a thin stream. Letting her flow go, her piss erupted into a thick cascade, soaking the front and back of her skirt in the process, running down her legs. Cassie thought Luciana's eyes were going to pop out of her head as she watched the Latina fidget, she must be enjoying this too, this was a first for the both of them. Cassie had never peed so brazenly in front of someone who wasn't her family and Luciana had never seen another woman wet herself on purpose. Wanting to give Luciana a better view Cassie lifted up her wet skirt, showing off her wet camel toe. The cascade eventually subsided and Cassie let her skirt go as her panties dripped to the floor. “Ahhh, all that coffee just went straight through me,” Cassie said, breaking the silence. “Now I want you to clean up the areas I've shown you and the only rule is that if you have to pee, just go, but make sure you call for me first,” she said, as if she were inspecting a new hire's cleaning technique.

“Can I go now?” said Luciana, “You called me so early I didn't have a chance to go this morning before I left, this time I'm telling the truth. And before I do, I have one question? Can I use your washing machine?”

Cassie only grinned, giving obvious approval, this was obviously enough for Luciana who was now hopping from foot to foot. Taking a cursorily glance to make sure it was okay, Luciana was understandably nervous. Here she was, absolutely bursting to pee in front of her boss, whom she respected and who just pissed herself right there in front of her, in her own bedroom, on purpose and she was being told she could do the same. This was almost too much for Luci but her aching bladder won out. Quickly kicking off her sandals the desperate girl did a few more hops with her hand crammed in her crotch before finally standing still, taking her hand out of her crotch and pulling her leggings up tight, exposing her camel toe to her boss who stood just a few feet away, eyes firmly planted on the now visible lips, it was obvious now that she wasn't wearing panties. After what seemed to Luciana like ages she squeezed her legs together and let go.

Cassie watched with anticipation as the grey material around Luci's labia darkened as she tried to slowly release her pee in short bursts. Letting loose another quick squirt the material glistened as it darkened, starting now to trail down Luci's right leg. Moaning Luci let go once again, this time for good, emptying the contents of her bladder into her leggings, the torrent running down her legs, darkening the inside of her thighs and calves as it made its way down to the pool forming around her bare feet, the carpet desperately trying to absorb the yellow urine, visibly contrasted on the white carpet. The scent of Luciana's pungent toilet filled the bedroom, adding to the musty smell of the cooling wet bed and her soaking wet boss. Feeling that her bladder was nearly empty Luciana spread her legs apart, pushing hard in one last spurt, shooting a thick yellow stream through the moist material and onto the wet carpet below her in a splash. It took every ounce of willpower for Luciana to hold back from furiously shoving her fingers into her sodden pants and rub her clit. This was her boss, after all, plus she'd have ample opportunity to do so, this was going to be an all day job and she intended to take her time. The arousal was evident to both girls, faces flushed and hard nipples poking through their thin summertime shirts.

“That, was something else,” gasped Luciana, “I've never wet myself in front of another person before, or so blatantly. The feel is incredible”

“So you have been doing this in secret,” Cassie coyly replied, “I bet you've been pissing in the van since you got caught?”

Smiling Luci told her that she peed right there in the seat when she had left the office, waving to Cassie.

“Naughty girl, now lets get to cleaning this house,” Cassie said, not bothering to remove her soaked clothing. Luciana did the same.

“But first,” Luciana replied, “You mentioned coffee,” as the two girls, wet from the waist down squishly stepped through their pee puddles as they made their way downstairs to drink a cup or two before going about the day.

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Wow. I almost came before I even finished the first part of the story. 1) I want to know more about Cassie's mom, and 2) I'll bet both Cassie and Luci enjoy cleaning that mess (and making more). Well done.

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