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I AM New here ✌️😍

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Hi @Eazy and welcome. 

You may be waiting a while for people to message you- that’s not really how this forum works.

Instead enjoy browsing about, perhaps add to conversations, be positive and involved - and before you know it you’ll be reading get at home. 

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Hi Eazy. You might want to post in the "Introductions" section, that way more people will realize you're here.

I'll second the fact that a better way to get started talking to people is to respond to threads that other people have started that you have thoughts on or can relate to. Then once you have posted a few responses in those threads, you can maybe start your own threads about experiences you've had or questions you've always wanted the answer to. People here are generally not too bashful about sharing their experiences "publicly" (of course under the anonymity this forum provides), sometimes quite personal ones.

While we have a (group) chat, we aren't mainly a chat site, particularly for one on one. We do have private messaging, but people use that after they already somewhat get to know each other on the public forum--and many of the women's message inboxes are perpetually full, because they aren't big and the some women get lots of attention.

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