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7 hours ago, Great Horned Owl said:


I have written extensively about my new wife, SIL and MIL and their open pee antics. All three are amazing in their own ways. I want to focus on my SIL when we all three went to Old Town Scottsdale in AZ.

We stayed at a rented house down here for a bit. Before leaving my girls got dressed up really nice like they always do. The wife had a black mini skirt, platform shoes, very tight white long sleeve low cute white lycra top with perfectly done hair and makeup with a lacy very skimpy black Victotia Secret bra called barely there. Her very small barely B breasts were accentuated by her dark nipples sticking out. The SIL was dressed very similar with a black mini skirt, white tight sleeveless lycra top, a skimpy pink Victoria Secret barely there bra with underwire that enhanced her very full stiff full B cup breasts. I could not stop looking at her when I had the chance. Both girls are tall and slender, the wife is 5.9 and SIL is 5.8.

Both made sure their bladders were very empty prior to us leaving at 10 am. The wife had a very brief 13 second hard splat on the porcelain followed by 6 seconds of tinkling. A very short last minute piss to make sure she was very empty. The SIL nonchalantly sat on the toilet as we were exiting the house. I made sure to linger so I could observe her last minute piss. I was impressed- a 33 second light steady flow with 15 seconds of tinkling to end just to make sure she was empty. That piss is better than most girls who are bursting but for this girl I am guessing she was 20 percent full. Both were good and empty leaving the house.

Since it was warm, about 80 degrees, both girls each had a 32 once jug of water with them. I had a 45 minute drive to reach our destination. By the time we got there the SIL had drank a third of her cup already with the wife being more judicious in her consumption.

11:15am, arrive to open air markets with stores and vendors.

12:45 pm eat lunch at taco bar. SIL is done with first fill of 32 Oz jug, wife is 75 percent done. Both have a large tequila with fruit punch drink, probably 24 Oz, fill up there water bottles as well.

2 pm leave restaurant to sit on patio and people watch. SIL mentions to me while wife browsing thru her phone that her bladder is getting full but can wait. Wife has no comments yet.

4pm, we go over to see more curios of Old Town a couple of blocks down, music is playing. Wife says he is thirsty as she has finish 48 Oz of water already but wants a beverage. Buy her a 22 Oz coke. SIL finishes 2nd fill on her 32oz water jug and refills again. She is squirming next to me and says her bladder is 90 percent full. My heart is racing and my penis is erect.

5:35 pm we finally decide to head for home. SIL announces loudly "my fucking bladder is going to burst but I hate passing in public toilets". I say, "just ignore your urge we will be home shortly". Wife now mentions she is full but not bursting yet.

Traffic is bad on I 10. Everyone is out for Spring break. Arrive home just before 7pm. I have pissed twice since we have been gone with neither girl going at all. SIL probably drank 110 oz of water with the wife at 100 Oz. Both are in agony and it will be a race for the nearest toilet. Wife is holding her privates tightly in the front sear and SIL is squirming in desperation in the back.

Upon entering the house the SIL always wins the battle for the nearest toilet and this time is no different. She bursts in the door , frantically pulls her pink lace panties down and starts a very nice moderate flow in the toilet, meanwhile the wife runs up to the toilet at the landing upstairs, let's out a loud "fuck" comment, barely gets to the bowl and explodes so loud and fast I could feel the vibration downstairs as it sounded like a super sonic jet taking off. She pours all her piss straight into the bowl for 50 seconds all in the water with no hissing and then abruptly stops for 5 seconds and let's out another 29 seconds of hard pouring into the water, stops again and then tinkles for 20 more seconds or a total of one minute 40 seconds. Quickly wipes, washes hands and returns downstairs. Meanwhile SIL still has a light steady flow going on and it has been 3 minutes since she started. He faucet cannot shut off. She finally tapers to a lot of tinkling 3 minutes 35 seconds into her piss. Her tinkling lasts another 45 seconds as she starts and stops and dribbles the very last bit into the bowl. At well over 4 minutes she is done, wipes her nicely trimmed bush and pulls up her panties that had a small wet spot on them.

We all laugh at the experience. I am rock hard now so the wife and I say we are taking a "nap" but really it is our signal for a hard fucking session. It took this 60 yo guy barely a minute to blow up inside the wife since I was so horney to start with. A second more drawn out encounter occurred later that night.

My girls had one other good piss before the evening was over.

Horney Old Owl



Seriously what a piss! 4 minutes is incredible

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On 3/29/2024 at 11:46 PM, Great Horned Owl said:

I know. I make sure they have plenty of beverages available so I can enjoy the output of each. Out of this world pleasure.

Your SIL is my favorite of the three.  Any more good stories with her?  I’m really curious about the way she pees and have a few questions if you don’t mind.  You seem to be very close with all of them so I’m sure you have seen and heard enough to understand each one quite well.

1. What is a normal, everyday pee like for her?  For example, an average morning pee.  Does she usually go over a minute?

2. Can you describe in some detail the sound she makes, especially as it compares to the other two?  

3. Have you had many opportunities to actually SEE her stream, and what is that like?  I imagine she doesn’t have as much force to it as her mother and sisters, and is more of a straight-down flow kind of girl.


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Okay I will do my best to answer.

1. The SIL often stays over on the weekend if we go out to a club. Now she is single again she is over a lot more. Her morning piss will be like this: she will go early am like 7 am and strutt to the toilet that is near the bedroom my wife and I share, leave the door open, frantically rip off a skimpy pair of night panties that match her sleeveless nightie and start her slow flow in the bowl. The flow is more like a steady hard tinkle, much slower than when she goes during the day. This will last for about 2 minutes and then she will taper off to dribbling for 30 seconds. She will do a quick wipe and go back to bed. That is a full morning bladder for her. Nice and sexy. I often fuck my wife thinking about the SIL in the toilet.

2. The SIL does less groaning and moaning than the other two. There is no splattering or hissing with her pee. It all goes into the water. The wife is very vocal she she starts to empty with her heavy thunderous pour into the bowl. The MIL will hiss, groan, sigh, splat and tinkling like crazy. She is actually my favorite since she is very curvaceous and her pee makes a lot of hissing with different sound effects. She is a lon pisser at 2 minutes in the morning at least.

3. You are correct I have seen SIL stream out on my back forty if we are drinking beer by the fire pit. She will always waer a dress or skirt so easy access. She will move her panties aside and her piss will be a steady stream of one half inch thick and go straight down between her legs and last for eternity with some dribbling at the end. Always a quick wipe and then fluff her hair, stick out her firm "B" cup boobs and be social again. She is quite striking. Compared to the wife who just yanks her panties off, also wearing skirts and dresses and gushes out a 2.5 inch heavy pour that drills a hole into the ground and floods everything in site. MIL only passes indoors.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you need more.

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Thanks for that lovely description Great Horned Owl.  Sounds a lot like one of my exes who I’ve mentioned before on here.  It’s great that she is so uninhibited about letting you listen.  I wonder if she realizes how much it turns you on.  And your mother in law also sounds like a very sexy pisser.  She seems most similar to the SIL, but a bit noisier with more spray going on.  If I shared a house with such three sexy ladies, I think my cock would be stiff 24/7.  

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My cock is hard 24/7 even without Viagra. My favorite is my MIL. With that hot curvaceous body, nice wide hips, firm "C" cup bra, slinky dresses and blouses, lots of bling in her use of jewelry and her wide hissy splats and tinkling piss driving me crazy. A great variety in one piss. With her uninhibited behavior where I can watch her wipe and pull up her panties that turns me on. The wife and I have some good hard deep explosive sex when I listen to my girls piss. Just incredible.

Now, tell Mr about your EX. What does she look like, height, weight, bra size, outfits, pee style. Etc. I don't think I have read those posts. Thanks.

Horney Old Owl

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Brad, thanks for such an erotic story about your EX. Sounds like my MIL who I think deliberately teases me because I have made comments to her about her pee habits. Yes, please share more of your stories. Horney Old Owl

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Wow... I'm new here and am really enjoying your posts Great Horned Owl.  Long slow pees are my favorite kind, and from what I've read your SIL's are right up my alley.

If your wife, MIL and SIL were open to being (audio) recorded, it would be great to hear.

I look forward to more of your stories.


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