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Hydration and my running coach

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I am pretty keen on running & cycling to keep fit. Pretty quick too for a vet 60 year old man. I am getting some coaching as of last week from a young lady that is quite well known in the east midlands UK, she is 30+ years old. I have to do slow paced runs plus some tempo and interval training. Diet and hydration come very much into it. On Monday evening she asked me about my hydration and pee before training! Colour, is it clear or straw coloured, how frequently I go before a session. I suppose I should have been ready for this but having this strange curiosity shared here I managed to keep a straight face! At 60 I tend not to go mad with drinking fluid before a race, especially at events where there are toilet cues for porta-loos etc. I would be visiting more frequently than a 30 year old man, for sure. What I found hot was her describing her own training etc as she can run a 3 hour marathon and is fit and attractive. She told me she likes hers to run clear and needs a visit about every half hour to wee. Her conclusion from what I told her (my pee tends to be quite coloured) is that I need to up my fluid intake. I reckon I would need to drink probably 2 litres of water to get my pee clear and I would be in and out of toilet cues or having to find a pee place, which is quite common at many running events. Usually there are loads of woman waiting in line at the loos and men scattered around pissing into hedges etc! You do see women looking for pee places too from time to time 

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