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Diapers and pee games

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Pee games and diapers

Disposable diapers are made of very thick and smooth material, cotton fluff, gelèkuddar or a mixture thereof, which swells several hundred times their size and becomes us blöjfetishister a sexually arousing objects that elicit uncontrolled desire to continue to drown them. When this desire occurs tickles the soaked bloated diapers so crazy exciting so I can drown out the diapers to leak. All disposable diapers are trapped in a very disastrously pee games that are a complete shambles for them and this game lasts until I drowns out them and becomes sexually satisfied. All new and fresh diapers go through the same disastrous game and gets in just minutes a completely horrible destruction. I wrote earlier that by doing this regardless of why this is a very good method to get their own idea of diapers actual capacity.

When I have peegames with disposable diapers privately or publicly they will they be drowned with a completely ruthless and destructive method that goes on until I'm sexually satisfied. This treatment of disposable diapers do so that I am experiencing exactly the same pleasing feeling that when I get multiple orgasms. I drowns out all disposable diapers and pull up diapers in the same way and I do it as an everyday and very sexually stimulating activity. The sexual teasing sense to use diapers and drown them is so unimaginably crazy exciting.

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