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Tyler is Humiliated in the College Cafeteria

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(Tyler can't hold it anymore and is forced to let go in the crowded cafeteria.)


During his classes the next day, he wondered if people around him could smell his piss from yesterday on his skin. He hadn't showered because his piss was mostly clear and without fragrance and the thought of being covered in old piss made him horny. He wanted to have some more fun later that day since his dad wouldn't be home until late at night which meant he had brought his gallon of water to school with him to fill up throughout the few hours he spent here. If it ever became too much to hold, he could always just quickly leave the classroom; he loved that about college, that you didn't have to ask permission to take a fucking piss. 
    His first class went by and he managed to drain half of his gallon of water during its course. He liked drinking a lot all at once to flush himself out and after the first piss, you break the seal and it always feels so much better to pee after that. It hadn't hit him yet, but he expected it to very soon. He figured he would go to the campus cafeteria before his next class started and get some food, maybe even see if there was a water fountain he could use to fill up his bottle. 
    The way the cafeteria was set up, there were several lines you could go to and buy whatever ready made food you wanted. Behind the little crowd that always inevitably formed was a couple tables that filled the last quarter of the cafeteria space. The tables were looking out into the direction of the lines and surrounded by 2 glass walls with curtains which were now open to let light in. As Tyler walked up, he could see that the cafeteria was absolutely packed due to finals coming up soon. It was so loud that you had to practically yell to speak, and since there were only two cashiers for 7 lines, things were getting held up. He wondered if maybe he should just wait and eat later, but he reasoned with himself that he still had a lot of time before his next class started. He got into line and began to wait.
    It was so crowded that the line ended in the foyer right outside the cafeteria, and he felt the slightest urge hit him. 'I'll eat fast.'
    After ten minutes had passed, he was still in line, although he was nearing the front of the line finally. His need to relieve himself had grown and was now becoming a bother. He was glad when he was finally next to be helped. 
    Walking up, he called out, "Can I get a cheeseburger and some water?"
    The cashier looked up hurriedly and explained that, "Oh we're out of ready made ones, so someone will have to make yours which will probably take around 10 minutes to be out," before turning around and running back to the kitchen. Without any way to tell her he doesn't want to wait for that and he'll just get something else, he's forced to wait in the only free space in the cafeteria which is over by the tables where a few other people were waiting as well. He walked over, slightly annoyed and stood leaning against one of the glass walls. 
    'It's really starting to hit me now,' he thought as he adjusted himself and shifted his balance to his other leg. A bright PANG spread throughout his dick just then and he instinctively moved to grab his cock until he stopped himself. It had already been six minutes and he didn't want to just abandon his cheeseburger, so he resigned himself to keep waiting until it was done. 
    Several more long minutes had passed and he had shifted his weight about ten different times in an effort to avoid looking like he was doing a pee dance. Some people gave him a few looks, but mostly everyone was chatting with friends or just on their phone. 'Why haven't they made it yet?' he thought. 'What could they be doing back there? How hard is it to make a cheeseburger?' He was getting frustrated with his desperate need to release. His cock would now intermittently tense in an effort to help keep in his urine, but it didn't help much. 
    He couldn't believe it was possible, but more people had shown up, making the crowd extend even further into the foyer. He sighed and quietly gasped as he felt a tiny dribble leave his tip. He clenched quickly, and shifted his weight again. Looking at the kitchen, he could see a cheeseburger and he felt a spark of hope. He watched the cook bring it to the counter and leave it for one of the two busy cashiers to deliver. He couldn't hold out much longer, maybe a minute tops. He looked desperately from cashier to cashier and started to bounce in place, conceding to the pee dance. 
    "Hey man, you alright?" a guy right next to me asked, startling him. 'I think a little more just came out,' he thought.
    "Oh, uh- yeah... I'm fine." He struggled to act normally as the pressure quickly built inside his bladder.
    He chuckled nervously as the dude eyed him warily, and to his terror, his dick let out another larger spray of urine. Had the cafeteria not been full and noisy, it would have been audible. He was certain that he was now visibly wet; looking down, he saw he was right. He also realized just then that he was going to pee whether or not he wanted to. And it was going to be a lot. Here in front of everyone. 
    Panicking, he turned away from the guy he had just been talking to, his face growing tight. He walked right up against the glass wall closest to him in front of the bunched up curtains on the side. He felt another huge spray inside his underwear and, dreading the fallout of what was about to happen, was forced to pull out his dick and let go all over the curtain. When he pulled it out he had already been peeing, so some piss squirted up and around him, mainly on his shirt. This time the sound was definitely audible, probably more than anything due to the fact that people had gone quiet when they'd seen what was happening. With his back to everyone he couldn't see their reactions, but heard a few gasps and the guy who had talked to him yelled out, "Ugh, what the hell? What are you doing, freak? That's fucking nasty!"
    Just then one of the cashiers yelled out, "Cheeseburger and a bottled water, ready!" 
    She looked around the room, not having realized what was going on and her gaze followed everyone else's. Tyler didn't have to see to know what her expression probably looked like. He was not even close to being done peeing, but he couldn't just piss in here for a minute straight. He was going to be in big trouble. Amidst rising protests of disgust, Tyler desperately tried to cut off his stream, whimpering as it weakened. "No... I'm sorry... I can't stop, I'm trying. I'm trying, I can't stop," he whined.
    Despite his best efforts, he just couldn't hold back the half gallon he had drank all throughout class, and his piss started to shoot out yet again, his bladder incapable of holding any longer. Tons of backsplash was hitting Tyler and people unfortunate enough to be in the splash zone. Piss ran in rivers from the edge of the curtains and pooled around everyone's shoes. He heard the cashier finally start yelling at him, but it was useless; nothing he did would be able to stop his release. He must have stood there for 15 more seconds just holding his dick and quietly whimpering, holding onto the wall and pissing, desperately, into the curtain while people tried to get away from him. 
    When he felt like he could finally cut off his flow, he did so and quickly put himself away. Turning around, he saw everyone had backed up away from him and just watched as he splashed, red-faced, out of the cafeteria. He thought about half of them had been filming him on their phones and silently cursed himself. Running out, his shoes sopping, he didn't stop until he got to his car.

    'Fuck my classes today,' he thought. 'I sincerely hope there weren't too many people who knew me in the cafeteria. I can't believe that fucking happened.'
    He was inside his jeep, uncovered for the coming summer and despite being thoroughly humiliated, he felt his penis stiffen the more he mulled over what just happened. He kept thinking about how he had probably peed on a lot of people and felt his still-damp shirt. He felt still the urge to pee through his boner; he hadn't been able to empty himself earlier, just release enough to keep holding. And all the water from earlier was still producing more urine. He turned on the car and ashamedly began to drive away, still confusedly horny. He knew he still wanted, needed to pee. He knew he shouldn't want to keep going with this even after that disaster.
    At a stop light he knew would be red for a long time, he grabbed his cock and started massaging it gently, running his finger along the head to further worsen the need to pee. He looked around and the rest of the road he was on was empty. 
    'Well, I mean if there were ever a time... I do still really have to go,' he thought helplessly, already knowing he had decided to do it before he even stopped at the stop light. 
    He pulled his cock out of his pants and, pointing it up and over his shoulder, he started to pee. It was a weak trickle at first and even more pee got on his shirt. Soon though, it was going over his head onto the ground beside him. He moaned at the thought of him just pissing like this in public from his car. He started slowly jerking his dick all the while still pissing strong. As he sped up his strokes, his piss stream waved wildly around and a lot ended up falling into the car, his lap, his face. All shame forgotten, he was in the clutches of his libido, being controlled. He needed to do this. 
    He felt his climax approaching and his piss started to feel thicker and come out a bit slower. He looked down to see cloudy liquid, any attempt at trying to aim out of the car gone, and all at once the orgasm hit him. As he was still pissing, shots of sperm flew out, his stream interchanging between piss and runny semen. "OH FUCK!" he yelled, humping into his hand with each time he shot. "Ahhhhhhhh, oh Goooddddd," he exclaimed loudly as his orgasm ended. Sitting stiffly against the seat for a few seconds lost in pleasure, he suddenly tensed with all his might and shot out a final thick stream of clear piss. 
    The light turned green.

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