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Peeing in front of my friends mom

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6 hours ago, Bilove6967 said:

So this is for pguy and Kylie but I’m actually from the Northeast (PA) but I live in Chicago now! Actually my school is right on the river - definitely MANY places to do some naughty pissing!! 

Aye, nice to see more people in the area! I feel like naughty peeing is hard to come by in the city since every street im on seems to be surrounded by cameras or cops. Got any go to places if you don't mind sharing?

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On 4/10/2022 at 7:54 AM, KylieRobidoux said:

This is going to be a long one, so grab Your snacks and gather round - by popular request,  I’m telling the story of when I peed in front of my friends mom, and my friend. 

I was raised by very Christian and proper parents, as I’ve mentioned before. They enrolled me in a private school from middle school onward, in fact, the private high school I went too was one of the main parts of my peewakening (read the story ‘how my messy pee fetish started’ for more info). I’ve always enjoyed the idea of nudism, just being free to be yourself in a way, my parents always had me dressed in some kind of uniform, and while I appreciate that kind of lifetime to a certain extent I also have always had the desire to be free. I’ve never felt embarrassed changing in the locker room, skinny dipping, tanning, visiting a nude beach, etc. of course if my parents were to ever see me doing any of these activities that would not end well. Since I was around 12-13 I have been best friends with a girl named Maddie, her moms name is Christal. While Maddie went to the same private school I did, neither of them were wealthy, Christian, and certainly not prudish. 

the first time I went skinny dipping was with Maddie, the first time I went to a nude beach was thanks for Christal. Christal, Maddie, and I would often tan nude together, go bra shopping, etc. yes, even though I’m a lesbian there wasn’t anything like sexual about it - and Maddie - a bisexual - and Christal - who’s straight, had a very close relationship. Christal was cool with Maddie buying sex toys, having boys or girls over, etc. While they wouldn’t go completely nude all over their house, they would often go topless, like I said it wasn’t a big deal or anything sexual - big contrast to my upbringing. 

About a year or two ago, when COVID first started we had planned a trip to NYC. Now it was difficult to be able to even go to NYC because most of the hotels were closed, and most of the events we wanted to go to were canceled but we still figured we’d go, if for nothing else then to take pictures of the abandoned streets (which we did and was actually quite fun). 

now I don’t know if any of you are from the New England/NJ/NY area, but when COVID first was starting everywhere was closed indoors, and the majority floor places - even gas stations and almost especially rest stops closed their bathrooms. Sure you could still grab gas or go through the drive through, but going inside or using the bathroom (an already unpleasant experience if you ask me) was now nearly impossible. 

So with this back story in mind, here’s where the main theme starts. 

As three girls always do, we grab our Trentas from Starbucks before heading out on the road, and as any experienced Starbucks drinker, we gulp it down with precise ferocity. After talking and playing music, me and Maddie dose off. I’m sitting in the front seat, Maddie laying down in the back, and christal is driving. 

Two to three hours later I wake up from my nap, fairly well rested, but I also really really really have to pee. Like really bad. We stop at a McDonald’s, then another, then a gas station, and finally we try a Dunkin’ Donuts. The gas stations bathroom was closed, and the three other stores insides are completely shut down. All with big signs on the door that say the inside is closed because of COVID-19. Later on, there would even be news stories of how difficult it was to find a bathroom while traveling. 

My legs were shaking, it was pretty painful, peeing on the side of the road was kind of out of the question with so many people around and with highways that have no grass and are literally just concrete. 

“do you think you can hold it to try another place?” Christal asks

I clearly give a look that says probably not… 

“Well you can always go in a cup in the car. Me and Maddie usually do most of our trips without stopping that way” 

I don’t want to make a mess all over your car - I say, knowing about my tendency to spray. 

“well if you hover over the seat, I can hold the cup under you and it should be fine, I really don’t mind it’s not a big deal” 

my face gets a little red, and I ask if she’s sure. 

“I promise it’s fine haha, we’re all girls here, I promise I won’t even look, me and Maddie have done this many times” 

So I agree to it. At this point, I was thinking more about t how bad I had to pee then anything else. 

So I stand up, pull down my leggings and panties, and while holding the back of the seat I hover over my Trenta cup. Thank god it was a trenta cup too cause I really had to go. we pour the cup out onto a tree in the parking lot, and we go on our way. 

it hasn’t really changed our relationship - if anything the biggest difference is that we make a lot better time on our road trips. 

I hope you enjoyed the read, feel free to comment questions or message me. 

I’d love to hear more of your stories!! 

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