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Wife of a Pee Fan

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Myself and my girlfriend think it's just good naughty dirty fun and we love it.we send each other vids of us peeing while we're apart,lol I never miss a pee.give it a go,you just might like it.ūüėČ

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From one newbie to another, welcome! I thoroughly enjoyed reading all of these replies, and I commend you for being curious and wanting to satisfy your husband.  I'm grateful my wife, who barely knew this fetish existed when we met, embraces it with me and for me. It's been slow and steady over the last 5 years but after recently starting to recording some of our sessions, it's really ramped up, making me one happy camper! 

I love all the different aspects of the fetish and how some parts drive people wild and others not so much.  There's so many varieties of what turns men and women on about it.  I vividly remember, in my late teens, stumbling across some photos online (way back before videos were regularly accessible) of a woman peeing on a blanket in the woods.  It was an instant turn on....more than anything I had experienced.  Previously, I was always aroused by women peeing but didn't see it past a PG-13 level till I stumbled across these images decades ago.  From that point, it completely solidified my attraction to it.  As time went on, and internet porn advanced, I started realizing what I liked and didn't like.  For me, seeing a woman pee anywhere but the toilet, is a turn on.  It can be in public, simply in the shower, on my cock, etc....just the sight of it coming out of an attractive woman drives me crazy.  As things progressed with my wife over the last 5 years, and her improving comfort level, we've taken it up a notch. I now enjoy getting sexual during her times of desperation until she can't hold it anymore and lets it fly.  I also am not normally dominant person sexually unless I'm allowed to control when she can pee...that's a big turn on! When she simply can't hold it anymore, I get the joy of doing just about anything when it happens, such as going down on her or my favorite, controlling her flow through the depth of my penetration.  I have minimal desire to return the favor, but on my end, I discovered at a young age, I really enjoy being aroused when having a full bladder.  My orgasms are much more intense and I enjoy the pleasure/pain aspect. I also have a big pee nervousness in front of or around anyone, including, but to the least degree, my wife.  SO I guess you could say, there are quite a few aspects that turn me on.  The one that's a complete turn off is humiliation or peeing on someone as a form of punishment. Seeing how I like actually seeing the pee run out of women, wetting through clothing is another one that's as much of a turn on as it is for many others.  It's still a turn on, but only if I get to see the whole thing before running dry. 

I hope all of these replies have helped to some degree with your understanding of your husband's attraction.  I fully understand his shyness about the subject, but I can almost guarantee, the more comfortable you make him feel and more interested in participating you are, the happier he will be and the stronger your marriage will become. 

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