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"Ellie" Part 4. What Might Have Been: Our First Night Together. More of Her "Wet" Secrets Revealed.

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"Ellie" What Might Have Been: Part 4. Our First Night Together. More of Her "Wet" Secrets Revealed.

By Dr.P

Summary: We go back to the room, and continue the alternative scenario of our relationship, as it might have been, if I had revealed my interest in her peeing to her, as I did, in the fictional Part 2. She invites me to watch her pee, up close and personal, sitting down, in her usual style, which I actually saw, partly obstructed by the bathroom door, in Part 1.She shows me how her pee stream changes character and direction, getting different parts of her wet, each time her pee stops and restarts, which is often, for her. I lick the dribbles from her thighs and slit, and wipe her with t.p., then lick her to an intense orgasm, on the bed. She confides to me that she thinks her peeing and wiping, while being watched and heard, is very intimate and sexy, and she would love to share it with me. Finally, she reveals what she says is her most private and intimate pee secret, before we fall asleep, together.

We arrive back at our hotel, from dinner and dancing, and before we get out of the truck, she says,

"I have to "go," pretty bad, right now! We drank a lot, tonight, and had coffee, too, so I have to hurry, or I'll wet myself! If you want to watch, just come with me to the bathroom! Don't be shy! I'm not ready for you to see me squat, yet, like I did in the restaurant, but you can watch me do it sitting down, like I did it, earlier, here, with the door halfway open. I'm much more comfortable with you, now!" (Wink and a wicked grin. We kiss, very briefly.)

"I wouldn't miss that for the world!"

I help her get out of the truck, very quickly, she takes my hand, and pulls me hurriedly into the room, and directly into the bathroom, with her.

She lifts her skirt, well above her waist, keeping it especially high in the front, baring the fronts of her thighs, her mons, and lower belly, whips her panties down to her ankles, in a flash, sits down, and spreads her legs wider than I saw her spread them, earlier. She starts to pee a ragged, irregular stream, which hisses loudly, "SSShShSSS!" and sprinkles, but stays within the toilet, and does not wet her legs. She takes a length of t.p. from the roll, folds it neatly, and drapes it over her left thigh, while she pees, as she had done, earlier. She explains, SitPtoi12.thumb.jpg.e05976c73b58df6fc0fed9de455e72c4.jpg

"This is how I did it this afternoon, but I was probably a little neater, since I didn't have to "go" nearly as bad, as I do now!"

"Yep, pretty much. You didn't spread your legs as far apart, as you have them, now. I couldn't see if your legs or the seat got wet, because I couldn't see your stream."

"I don't think they did, when I started, but they might have, later. I don't remember. I usually do it this way, and it happens fairly often. You'll see."

"I was trying to look pretty, in case you were watching, this afternoon! (Wink and smile.) I'm spreading my legs wider now, because I have to "go" so bad, and I'm sure it's going to spray even more than this! So I'm trying to keep my legs from getting wet. I also want to give you a good view, this time!"

"You're giving me a great view, and your legs are incredibly beautiful, with your skirt up so high, in the front, like you had it earlier! Do you always pull your skirt up so high? You have such beautiful thighs, and I love to see them!"

I drop to my knees, bend forward, and kiss each of her thighs, while she continues peeing.

"Glad you like my legs so much! Thank you! But be careful kissing them while I'm peeing! You might get some in your face! I have to lift my skirt up high, or it might get wet, if my pee comes out higher, like it does, sometimes! You might see that, now!"

I look between her legs, with my face slightly above, and between her knees, as close as I can get.

To my surprise, after this powerful start, her stream weakens to a few dribbles, as her hiss had indicated, in the afternoon, and her narrative continues,


"See, this is what happens, if I stop pushing. It just dribbles to a stop, but I still have to go, a lot, as you'll see. So I always have to restart, when that happens."

"I don't mind you looking at me as close as you want to, but you better back off a little, or your face might get wet! Sometimes it spurts or sprays, higher and farther forward, when I restart, especially when I have to "go" as bad as I do, right now! And sometimes, it even wets the seat, or the floor, in the front, between my legs! Hope you'll help me with the cleanup, if that happens!"

"Of course I'll help you with the cleanup! I don't care if my face gets wet! I just want to see how you do it, and how it comes out, when you restart."

"OK. I'll let you see whatever you want, as long as I'm sitting down. But I warn you, you might get wet! She leans back a little more, relaxes, and asks,

"Can you see everything you want to see, now?"

"Yeah. I think so! Thanks!"

"Here it comes!"


Her nearly clear, dilute piss hisses even more loudly and sharply, "SSSShSSS!" coming out high, from her slit, in a powerful, flat spray, which sprinkles her right thigh, with a few droplets, and easily reaches the seat, and the floor, in front of her, as she had predicted. Her right thigh is soon wet, to her knee, and a half dozen warm dribbles cling to my mouth, face and beard.

Startled, she tries to stop her flow, bends forward, presses her thighs together, and scoots backward on the seat, with a nervous giggle, getting her legs wetter, but preventing more spraying of the seat, and the floor. 


"See, I warned you!" she exclaims, in mock dismay, with a big smile. "I was afraid something like this would happen! That's why I told you to stay back! Are you OK? I didn't mean to pee in your face! It got your beard wet, too!"

"Thanks! That was fantastic!" I reply, as I lick her pee dribbles from my lips, and mustache.

"My god, you look sexy, sitting there, with your legs together!" I say, as I hug her, and bury my face in her compressed thighs, inhaling the fragrance of her warm pee, wafting up, between them, and tasting a few stray dribbles, on the fronts of her thighs.

"I'm surprised you like how I look, with my legs together! You can't see anything!"

"I'm imagining how wet your inner thighs must be, right now, and how I wish they were wrapped around my face!"

"I'll let you see for yourself!"

She says, as she slowly opens her legs, showing me that her inner thighs are totally wet, to her knees. I try to open her legs further, and lick them, but she says,

"Not yet! I still have to pee a lot more! You can lick me all you want, when I get finished!"

She wipes her inner thighs, and the seat, with her pad of t.p., ignoring the dribbles on her slit and bum, since she still has to pee, and they will get wet, again. She uses the same pad of t.p. to catch the dribbles on my face, which is wetter than I thought. I press her hand, with the damp t.p., to my nose, and inhale, sharply, with a huge smile, and a chuckle. I take the t.p. from her hand, and wipe up the floor, in front of the toilet, as I promised. She spreads her legs, and I drop the t.p. into the toilet, between them.

"I love your wet legs, and I love the smell and taste of your pee! It's just our recycled drinks, and a little bit of your pheromones. It's almost clear water! "

I hand her another length of t.p., from the roll. While still holding her pee, she folds it neatly, and holds it in her hand, instead of draping it over her thigh, as she did, previously.

"You'll have to stay back more, this time, and I'll have to change my style, a little bit. Don't worry, you'll still be able to see it come out!"

She makes some adjustments, bringing her legs slightly closer together, scooting her bum backward on the seat, and sitting up straighter, rather than leaning back, as far as she had been. "SSShShShSS!"


This time, her stream, still ragged and flat, deviates from center toward her right thigh, but only leaves a few dribbles there, and on her left thigh. It stays well within the toilet, and doesn't wet the seat. Her hiss is also different, less sharp, and more melodious. But it eventually stops, so she has to restart, again.

She asks, "Was that better?"

"Yes! Thanks! Very sexy! I could see everything!"

She stops and restarts, several more times, as she had done, in the afternoon, with her hiss becoming weaker, and finally stopping, the last time. Each time she restarts, it hisses and sprays, in different ways, and goes in different directions.

The first time, it soaks her right thigh and sprinkles the front of the seat, with a fine spray, while her main stream goes down, into the toilet. "SSSShShSS!"

The second time, it comes out in a very powerful, central flat stream, and a separate fine spray wets her left inner thigh, halfway to her knee. "SSSShSSS!"

The third time, it comes out as a central flat stream, with a fine spray, from her lip, which wets her left thigh directly, and sprinkles it with fine droplets, while a secondary stream clings to her right leg, running down her inner thigh, in her thigh gap. "SSSShSSS!"

The fourth time, it restarts as a still-powerful, flat stream, deviating strongly leftward, spraying the seat and splattering her left thigh, hissing loudly, leaving dribbles on her inner thigh, and a small puddle, on the seat. "SSSShSSS!"

It finally weakens, the hissing mellows, and fades to a tinkle, as it gently sprinkles her inner thighs with a few dribbles, from her open lips. "sssshsh..."



When she finishes, with a final spurt, she is quite wet. Her lips, inner thighs, and bum cheeks have dribbles on them, and even the tops and fronts of her upper thighs, and her mons, are wet, from her initial sprinkles. I lean forward, lick the dribbles from her upper thighs, kiss them, and bury my face between them. She stands up to give me better access, and squeezes my face between her wet thighs, looks down at me, affectionately, and says, with a smile,

"See, I told you that I sometimes get quite wet, even when I do it sitting down! I can never tell how much it's going to spray, or where it will go, especially when I have to restart, so many times. I wanted to let you see all of that, if you were interested, but I wondered if you'd be turned on or off, when it gets so messy?"

"I'm definitely interested and turned ON! It's incredibly sexy! I love the way it sprays, when it restarts! It's different, every time, and it's so exciting to watch! And it gets your legs wetter than I expected, and higher, in the front, too, which surprises me."

"It does that pretty often. That's why, when I'm wearing a dress or skirt, I have to make sure that I lift it up high enough, in the front, so it doesn't get wet, as I told you, and you've seen for yourself, now," she says, indicating the dribbles on her thighs, mons, and lips. "If I'm naked, I don't have to worry about that!"

"When I saw you doing it with your skirt up so high, this afternoon, I thought it was very sexy, but I wondered why you did it that way. And I was curious about why you had folded such a big pad of t.p., and draped it over your leg. I wanted to stay and watch you wipe, so I could see what parts of you got wet, with all of that hissing and spraying, but I didn't dare."

"I wouldn't have minded if you watched me wipe, or even "helped" me! I was wondering if you were going to ask, or offer, and I was hoping you would!"

"I wish I had known that, at the time!"

I hug and kiss her wet thighs, while she is still standing in front of the toilet. Seeing me looking at the dribbles on her thighs, she asks,

"Do you want to watch me wipe, like I usually do, now? Or do you want to "help" me?" she asks, as she blots her slit and mons, very briefly, with the pad of t.p., and hands it to me, before she sits down again, with her legs open, ready to be wiped.


"I'd love to do both, in a minute," I answer, as I lean forward and resume licking the dribbles from her upper thighs, then get her to open her legs, so I can lick more dribbles from her inner thighs and slit, which is still wet, after her very quick, light blot. She opens her legs wider, thrusting her wet slit harder against my mouth, sighs and purrs, with pleasure, as I continue to lick her.

"Are you sure you want to lick me, when I'm all wet with pee? You're actually drinking a lot of it!"

"I love to lick you when you're all wet and warm. That's when you're the most sensitive, and you taste delicious!"

"Glad you like it, so much! I'll tell you another secret, which might surprise you, if you haven't figured it out, by now. For most of my life, since I was in my teens, I have thought that peeing and wiping, while a guy watches me, is very intimate, sexy, and exciting. So I've been looking for a guy who would really like to have me share that intimacy, with him, for a very long time. I had no idea that you might be that guy!"

"That's fantastic! I've been looking for a girl like you, all of my life!"

"You talked like you were that guy, when I told you about my experience, in the bathroom, at the restaurant, tonight, but I didn't know if you really meant what you said, like "peeing is the sexiest thing a woman can do," for example. So I admit I've been testing you, and teasing you! And you passed!"

"I wondered if you were checking out my interest, or teasing me, when you left the bathroom door halfway open, this afternoon!" (We hug, with her still sitting on the toilet.)

"I was! We hadn't talked about it, at that point, and I wanted to know how you felt. Looks like you were telling me the truth, tonight. But you covered your interest so well, before that, even when I left the door halfway open, when I went, this afternoon! I thought you'd take that as an open invitation, which it was!"

"But I found you on the other side of the room, looking at your map, when I came out of the bathroom! I thought you'd be near the bathroom door, trying to watch me pee or wipe, as best you could, since I left the door halfway open, and you must have been curious."

"Or at the very least, I thought you might be listening, near the door, out of curiosity, since you've never heard or seen me pee, before! So, when you didn't do any of those things, I thought you weren't interested in my peeing, or it turned you off! So I was very disappointed! Could you tell?"

"Not at all! Your peeing turned me on, so much, but I didn't know why you left the door halfway open! I was watching you, looking past the door, as best I could, and listening to your incredibly sexy hiss, and your stopping and starting, but I couldn't see your stream, from where I was. That was frustrating! I really wanted to watch you wipe, but I didn't want you to catch me, and  be scared, or disgusted, or have you think I was a "creep" or "perv," for watching and listening to you, while you were just trying to "go," before the drive, which is what I thought you wanted."

"So when your hiss changed to a tinkle, sounding like you'd be finished soon, I moved to the other side of the room as fast as I could, very reluctantly, and grabbed my map, as a diversion. I didn't know how long it would take you to wipe, and it took you longer than I thought, so I guessed that you were pretty wet. Trying to visualize what parts of you got wet, was a big turn-on, for me!"

"I was very wet, by that time, just like I am, now, after stopping and starting, so many times! That's why I was checking my legs for dribbles, in the mirror, when I came out of the bathroom."

"I noticed that, and I thought it was very sexy! I was tempted to offer to check and wipe your legs, for you, like you asked me to do, later, at the restaurant!"

"That would have gotten my attention, and I would have liked it, because you would have been taking good care of me! I don't think that being interested in how women pee is "creepy" or "perverted," at all! It's just satisfying natural curiosity, which I expected from you, because you've never been this close to me before! I thought you'd like to see how I do these intimate, private things, since we're together, now, and I want to share them with you. I think it brings us closer together."

"Thank goodness you feel that way! I agree with you! I think it brings us a lot closer, too! But why didn't you tell me how you felt about your peeing, and that you didn't care much about privacy, at least with me? That's a surprise! Most women are much more secretive about their peeing, than you are!"

"Well, a woman has to be very careful what kind of intimate information she shares with a guy. We women are very aware that guys talk about us, in great detail, among themselves, and we don't want to get a reputation as "wild," or "risqué," or even "gross," if they're turned off by something we confide in them, or let them see. I didn't know how you felt about women's peeing, or about mine, so I didn't dare tell you."

She stands up again, to give me greater access to her thighs, slit, and bum. She pulls my face in tight, against her thighs and slit, which is still wet, then squeezes my face between her thighs, again.

"My god, that feels so good! So much better than dry t.p.! Why don't you finish wiping me, so we can go to bed, and be more comfortable? I don't want to drip on the floor, or get the bed wet."

"OK. You're delicious, but I'll wipe you, so you don't drip on the floor, or get the bed wet."

I finish wiping her carefully, making sure her bum is dry, so she won't drip, or get the bed wet, but l leave a few dribbles on her lips and inner thighs, for me to lick, in bed. I grab a towel, and place it on the bed, before we finish getting undressed, and lie down. I kiss and lick her slit, inside and out, and finally bring her to a very intense orgasm, with my tongue feathering her clit, as she lies on the towel. She squirts her juices, including some pee, into my mouth, when she cums.

"Oh my god! That was incredible!" she says, squeezing my face between her newly wet thighs, as she recovers.

"It was incredible for me, too! Glad you liked it as much as I did!"

"Did you really like it? I think I squirted a little pee in your mouth, when I had my orgasm. Did you notice?"

"Yes! And I loved it! I would love to have had more!"

"My god! You have no idea how happy and relieved I am, to hear you say that! That's probably the most intimate of my little secrets! That often happens, when I cum, so I always try to make sure I "go" before I have sex, so I won't pee a lot, and turn the guy off, by spraying him, or wetting the bed! But you actually like it! I want to keep you around!" (Wink and wicked grin.)

She snuggles with me, our nude bodies intertwine, and she rubs her bare, wet pussy on my leg.

"You won't mind sleeping with a naked woman, will you? I'm not going to put my panties back on."

"Not at all! They're the best kind!"






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