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Looking for creative pee ideas (RIGHT NOW)

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Hi all! 

I've been a long time lurker, not a big contributor though. Well I have a free night and I'm looking for some naughty ideas!...

Even though I'm not generally into holding, I've been (semi) intentionally not going to the bathroom. I have a pretty huge bladder, but I'm quickly approaching the uncomfortable level haha. 

My roommate is home, so I can't do anything daring in shared areas of the house. Does anyone have any naughty/sneaky ideas for me?


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Here's an idea... and I have to admit I do this sometimes when I know I'm going to be around others soon enough -

Take off your pants, sit on the toilet and pee in your underpants (or panties, or whatever you like).  Stay there long enough so it dries out enough that when you put your pants back on, it won't soak through and you won't have to be worried about others seeing what you did.  The only clue - there's a bit of a scent to it - no one will think much of it, but you'll know and it will be your secret in the company of others.

Another idea (and I've done this) - take off your shoes and pee just a little bit into each, and then put them back on (your socks will get wet, so wrong time to play Twister) but no one will notice or even think twice if they do. 

If nothing else, you cal always be really really subtle, and just get a drop here, a drop there, and let it dry enough so it doesn't show, but you KNOW!!! 

Happy peeing and hiding it!!  :) 


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