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Jc T

web site hd diapers

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Yes , I have checked out H.D. Diapers.com . I remember Mikki was feathered in a clip / 2 wearing diapers in them and wanting to be pampered by one the other girls on there . I found it to be interesting in what I saw . When I had visited the website some time ago .

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They used a lot of pullups, including Goodnites, my favorite brand. Pullups are a lot cuter than diapers, in my opinion. And it's hard to find a woman that can fit into Goodnites, since they're made for teenage girls. I remember thinking the site was a bit overpriced, which TVGuy, of course, strongly disagreed with. And there is such a thing as Mikki overkill, FFS, but I think he had new models on HD Diapers. Of course, everything was high quality photography or video. I think the site has been folded into TVGuy's new site.

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