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  1. The way I say it, at least from a moral perspective. Whether I personally get off to it or not isn't going to change the fact that it's already up on the internet for everyone to see. TBH, providing it wasn't my mom/grandma or some old lady like relative, if she was cute, I'd get off to it. Even if it was a close friend, cousin, or other such attractive relative and what not.

    As for telling the person, I can't help but think it might just do more harm than good. Again, I can't imagine it could do all that much to help get the video removed and would just bring up way too many awkward questions on their part to really justify throwing myself under the bus like that.

    If possible, I might politely try contacting the person who uploaded it myself and just tell them that it's someone I know who wouldn't want that sort of thing online and ask if they could remove it. From what I see, most people are generally pretty chill and understanding about that.

    That's not to say that I might not save the video to enjoy later beforehand. But I certainly wouldn't distribute it anywhere.

  2. The "computer room" I'm usually hanging out in is right next to the bathroom so I can always hear the wonderful sounds of my wife peeing when she does.

    I quite like it, but in the same vein it can almost be a bit unnerving as someone who's really into the concept of drinking or at least seeing my wife's pee. It's sort of like watching someone just pour out a bottle of some rare fine wine you really wanted to try.

    My wife totally knows what I'm into, and she has no problem with me coming in while she's peeing and will on the rare occasion late me drink it. Whether it be her peeing in a cup or us playing around in the tub or whatever. But understandably, most times she'd just prefer to pee without much fanfare so I generally try and not get all up in her beeswax with it too often.

    But it is indeed a pleasing and mouth watering sound.

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  3. At least for me, a girl smoking in and of itself isn't a major turn on. But if the girl is smoking while peeping/pooping or what have you, that can add a certain charm to it. I like that the smoking implies a certain level of casualness to the whole thing. She's just cool and comfortable and having a smoke while casually alleviating herself. I can dig that.

  4. As someone who enjoys ALL aspects of excretory fetishes, I think farts during pee are adorable and love the implication that the girl peeing might also have to poop too. But I concede I'm probs in the minority here.

    I think the sort of accidental "I couldn't hold it in" sort of thing is sooo cute and hot. It makes the whole thing feel more natural and unstaged. While I understand it's not for everyone, I'd love to see a vid where a girl accidentally farts a bit during a pee scene and either decides to or accidentally poops during the scene as well. Especially if it was accompanied with cute dialogue of her talking about having to poop and/or mentioning that she's going to now.

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  5. I love threads like this where we could discuss the deeper psychological appeal of these things. And I definitely think it's true that the mainstream outside of this fetish tend to associate golden showers or really most excretory fetishes with humiliation and shame, and people being turned on by that. And while I'm sure there's a lot of people that do perceive it as such and I don't think there's anything wrong with that, I personally don't see it like that at all.

    Pee isn't even remotely gross to me. Shame/humiliation/degardation has nothing to do with how I personally perceive the enjoyment that comes from golden showers or other pee play.

    I think watching a girl pee is beautiful and incredibly intimate. I love seeing this eye catching golden liquid pouring from their most intimate of body parts and knowing that it's a product of their body and comes from inside of them. I love drinking it, not because I think it's naughty or gross but because I genuinely love the flavour of it and love tasting something that came from them. Generally if a mate is willing to pee in front of you or better yet ON you, there's a pretty clear implication of them feeling safe and comfortable with you and I think that in itself implies a lot of intimacy and emotional warmth towards eachother and I love that.

    For me golden showers and all pee play or any sort of excretory play is all beautiful and it's all an honour and a treat to behold and take part in.

  6. While I'm not the least bit homophobic and totally believe that people should live and enjoy life however they please as long as they don't hurt anyone or infringe on anyone elses happiness.

    I just find masculinity in any form really off putting. Even if they're post-op and there's no peen there. The masculine jawline and body type would put me off. I can't even get into the whole asian "Ladyboy" types where they even look really effeminate in the face and body. Just knowing that there's a dick there or was a dick there is totally off putting to me. I can't even watch porn if there's any males in it, whether they're dressed or not. I just find males really gross and even the slightest hint of them is a total boner kill as far as anything sexual goes. To me dicks look like overfed maggots with 2 tumours dangling from their backside.

    That's also not to say that I have anything against transgender people or drag queens/crossdressers or anything like that either. I think the scene is actually really cool and I have a good handful of LGBT friends, I'm totally opposed to forcing people to conform to gender roles and strongly support LGBT acceptance. Hell, I even consider myself somewhat transgender in the sense that I DEFINITELY would have preferred to have been born female and often relate to myself as being female, at least subconsciously. I wore skirts and nail polish in high school (that didn't go over well, but fuck the ignorant apes that didn't like it, that's how I wanted to dress) and still love girly stuff. But as far as actually being sexually intimate with someone, I'd only ever be able to be with a 100% natural female.

    But that's just my personal taste, certainly not judging anyone who feels differently.

  7. With all the weird secret socities and underground things people do, I can't help but imagine something along these lines must exist somewhere on this earth. Mayhaps among some sort of open minded upper class Libertine types.

    I do totally think it wouldn't be all that hard to pull off in theory. People could choose to use not use their real names when they went to said club. It's unlikely that they'd meet anyone they know there. You certainly wouldn't have to have a big sign that said "PISS CLUB" in front of the place or anything.

    I'm more imagining it being some sort of thing that would be arranged online somewhere and people who just meet up in a hotel or some person's personal residence with a decent amount of space. I think it'd be pretty easy to pull off myself. There's probs tons of people into that sort of thing that are in a position in their life where they'd have no reason to refrain from it.

    To be honest, I think the only problem would be finding actual females into the idea. With all due respect, it seems like this and pretty much most fetishes are like 99% a male interest. I mean, I'm sure there's some girls into it too. But we're probably talking like a 1,000 to 1 ratio here.

  8. Yay, I love that we all have tumblrs!

    Here's my own tumblr


    There's kind of a lot of Scat, so run away if you're not into that. But hey, there's totally pee stuff too!

    And so this isn't just my promoting my own blog, here's some of my favourite pee blogs that I'm at least pretty sure no one has posted yet:




  9. Fair enough. While it does seem like a fairly popular fetish, I understand that not literally everyone is into it. I just always see comments on videos like "Love the feet too!" and always notice that the pictures that shot feet in any given gallery tend to have the most views.

    It just seems like something A LOT of guys are into. Even guys that are pretty vanilla in their sexual interests.

    I know I certainly love sucking toes!





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  10. I'm pretty ambivalent about feet. I neither love them nor hate them. I definitely have given foot massages, but view it as the first step (ha ha - see what I did there?) to something more. I really do not like to have my feet touched as I am intensely ticklish. Good topic!

    Yeah, as with most things I'm totally not into like my own feet being touched or anything like that. And I hear what you're saying how part of the allure of giving a foot rub is the implication of what it could lead to. I always felt that's a big part of what draws people to like feet. Like girls aren't often barefoot unless they're somewhere comfortable, somewhere where intimacy would likely be appropriate. Like while hanging out at home and watching TV or in bed.

  11. I was never too big into computer/video gaming after the 90s. I got more into being one of those card game geeks (Magic the gathering and what not) after the first playstation came out games weren't just side scrolling anymore.

    The only computer games I ever played sorta often were the old Kings Quest games in the early 90s and the Diablo series. I get really put off by war sim/FPS kinda games. They just kinda depress me.

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