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    landscape gardener
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    middle england
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    I,m a laid back sort of guy.Like to be out with friends,and generally enjoy life.I,m a good cook,and i do enjoy a good bottle of wine,or two,also like to play golf,and fish when i get the chance.

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    I especially love to watch women pee.
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    Sitting on a park bench,after a long cycle ride having a cold can,when a woman in her 40/50s approached the ladies toilet,which at the time was closed due to refurbishment.She walked over to where i was sitting which was within the cover of some bushes,and said when you,ve got to go.She asked me to keep an eye on the main path,which was relatively quiet,and said i was welcome to watch her if i wished.With that she turned around with her back to me,no more than 2mtrs away,lifted her skirt,and bent forward as if to hover over a toilet.With little ceremony she began a piss which can only be described as a torrent.I was transfixed,not only by the volume of pee,and the incredible noise that accompanied it,but also the size of that womans cunt.Iswear i have never seen a gaping maw as huge.After what seemed a good couple of minutes,she pulled a tissue out of her bag,gave that monster pussy a good wipe/pulled her knickers up,walked up to the bench,and dropped the sopping tissue in my lap walked away without even looking back,and just muttered hope you enjoyed that.That tissue stayed with me for over a week.

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  1. About two weeks ago.I took a walk to my local cemetery,to tend my parents graves.It was a decent day,and i took a couple of cans of fosters with me.After sorting out the graves.I went to sit on a bench about 20 mtrs away,to have a drink and a ciggy,and pass the time in peace.Directly behind me was some sparse undergrowth,which surrounds the public toilets.The gents is the only one open,as work is in progress to upgrade everything within the grounds,and most of the ladies is demolished.As it was a Saturday,the place was pretty busy.The toilets can,t be easily seen because of the high shrubbery.
  2. Some months ago.A woman,in her forties or so.Moved into the aparment directly above me.On the first evening,around 10pm i heard an amazingly loud outpouring of water.I paid little attention,as i thought she was in the process of cleaning,and sorting her place out.But later that evening,when i was in bed reading,it was late,as i was having trouble getting to sleep.I heard her moving about,and switch on the light in her bathroom.What followed was the most amazing noisy long piss,i,ve ever heard.I swear,if anyone aimed a hose on full pressure down the pan,they couldn,t be noisier.It wasn,t just t
  3. I was visiting a relative in hospital some years ago,and needed to pee.The only public wc on the ward,was a single unisex one.I opened the door,and to my amazement.There was a woman,easily in her 60s,hovering in full flow.It sounded like someone emptying a bucket.I couldn,t tear myself away,and all she said was,hang on,soon be done.The fact i was watching,didn,t faze her at all.She wiped her fanny,smiled,and said.Your turn.I had to wait for a bit.Otherwise,i would have pissed in my eye.I still re-live that experience quite regularly.
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