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  1. I am a verified creator on Pornhub and they will be demonetizing accounts that haven’t posted a 7+ minute video in the past 6 months on April 1, 2024. I have been screen recording some videos. Question is, where do I store them/ post them for you guys when all my favorites are gone?
  2. This will be a series if it is well-received but it is my first attempt at fictional story writing so please leave comments. Contains: lesbian sex, piss drinking, public sex, desperation A Wet Sports Trip I was a senior in high school and my girlfriend, Genevieve, and I both turned 18 in the summer before school started. Both of us were avid volleyball players. We had been together for 2 years but it wasn't known we were together. Everyone thought we were just close friends. It was our first volleyball trip of the year and it was out of state. It was going to be a tourname
  3. I'm a nurse and my 12 hour shifts often go a lot longer than 12 hours. I was working with EMS and we got a call 3 minutes before shift change. It had been a busy shift and I hadn't peed for 12 hours. The call didn't sound good (car accident with 5 kids on icy roads in the mountains). My partner and I climbed into the ambulance and rushed to the scene that was 30 minutes away. Another ambulance met us there. My partner took various kids into the back of the ambulance to assess them and I just waited on the side of the road for him to finish. But the cold air was getting to me. I had to pee so b
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