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  1. Something about movie theaters had a way of filling Shelby’s bladder up fast. She thought she probably just so absorbed in the film that she didn’t pay attention to how much soda she was drinking, or maybe the cold temperature inside the theater was what prompted her body’s processes to speed up, but whatever the reason, Shelby always wound up squirming by the time the second act rolled around. It wasn’t like she could just get up and pee, either. She didn’t want to miss anything! Better to cross her legs and endure her need than walk out for several minutes and miss out on something imp
  2. Standing up to pee was ridiculously convenient, so much better than having to find a proper toilet to sit on or a spot with enough room to squat down. Shelby had gotten much, much better at doing it, too. She rarely had any stray, leftover dribbles rolling down her legs after finishing anymore. But, she didn’t think she’d perfected it yet. The realization that there was one last hurdle to cross came when she saw Emmett desperate once more after a long day out at the park, during which he’d refused to pee in the disgusting portable toilets— Not that she could really blame or tease h
  3. Shelby was having a major emergency. This was not the kind of need-to-pee that played around. It was the kind that made it hard to walk, hard to breathe, hard to do anything other than crumpling into a ball and losing the battle against her own body. Truthfully, she was amazed she hadn’t peed her pants yet. She’d been holding it for so long she’d actually forgotten what it felt like NOT to have a painfully stretched ball of urine in her center. This had been one of the worst days of her life. Her school had recently increased the length of each class. And as a result the time allot
  4. Shelby had not even known that it was physically possible to need to pee this badly. She brought her feet up onto the seat as she pulled her knees to her chest. She had to pee so badly that tears were rolling down her cheeks. She was cupping herself tightly, every bump in the road causing pain to flare through her. She’d never felt such an intense, burning need to pee before in her entire life. Sweat dribbled down her forehead as her body shook, trying to protest against the violent call of nature. She registered every tiny pebble the car went over, even that slight bounce was trying to
  5. The comic convention had a ton of exciting things to check out. Cosplay competitions, autograph booths, and panels with voice actors and movie stars… But, after a large soda and a three hour bus ride to get there, the first thing Emmett wanted to check out was the men’s room. His bladder had been nagging him since he’d gotten onto the bus, and had been basically screaming at him the past half hour. There was a toilet on the bus that Shelby had suggested he use, but it was perhaps the most disgusting thing Emmett had ever seen so using it was completely out of the question. It was a good t
  6. This story's been popular on a couple other sites I've shared it with, so I thought I'd bring it here as well. It will contain female desperation, relief, some wetting and (as the title suggests) girls standing to pee. *** Shelby was going to be first in line when the store opened in the morning. She’d be the first to get her hands on the limited edition figurine that could only be obtained by pre-ordering the new Last Reverie game from this specific chain of stores. She’d set up a tent outside the store, and already more people were joining her and doing the same. It had
  7. Just found this site, and I'm hoping it will be a good place to share some of the writing I've done with a new audience. I've been posting pee-themed stories on other sites for a couple years now, but it's always fun to meet new people.
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