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  1. Thanks. That means a lot as I am still very new to sharing. I’m not sure about fiction - I might give it a go at some point. I was able to write in detail about these two because they were real experiences and so I didn’t have to make anything up. I do have some more real experiences that I can share but won’t spoil you all by sharing them all in one go! Now there’s a teaser! But mainly, thanks for your encouragement and the encouragement I have had from everyone so far 🙂
  2. Believe you me, that is often retrieved from the memory banks. It is such a vivid memory for me I can recall a lot of detail!
  3. Thanks everyone for being so encouraging. I will share another genuine experience below. I hope you like. It’s a long story so please let me know if I have included too much? It all means something to me and is all part of my memory of the experience though! On a plane with a work colleague: A few years ago I was flying home to the UK from the US (I don’t remember where as my main memory is of the below experience but was probably somewhere in the west coast e.g. LA) with a female work colleague of a similar age. We would have both been mid to late 20s. We were flying premium economy
  4. I have a few more to share if people are really interested in my experiences. I am still nervous that they were great experiences for me but might be not other people’s thing…
  5. Hi everyone. This is my first ever post apart from in the “introduction” bit. My name is Charlie and I am very new to this forum and to being confident with others about my interest in peeing. My confidence is growing though and I thought I would share my hottest pee experience that I have also summarised in my bio. A girl at university and me were both desperate to pee halfway through a long seminar where there were no breaks and we were in a building we didn’t know. We were already good friends (but had never talked about peeing!) and she whispered to me that she was bursting for a wee
  6. Thank you so much for making me feel so welcome 🙂
  7. Hi. I just wanted to say hi and that I’m new here. I don’t really understand how it works but I hope to learn. I am a straight guy, 32 and from the UK whose main interest is female desperation and mutual holding but seeing any girl (over 18) pee makes my day!
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