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  1. When I visited the UK in 2013 my dad and I took a train on the East Coast Mainline to Edinburgh and these were the exact toilets.
  2. Hi everyone, I’ve got a question for all of us out there. What are some of the hottest pee experiences you’ve seen of someone by accident? I’d like to hear some stories from you all. I’ll share one of mine below. In my sophomore year of high school there was this cute blonde chick in my biology class named Ava. She was about my height (5”10) with a great body, something about her face and blue eyes really got me. One day when we were doing a lab I went to use the bathroom. My school was unique in the sense that some areas of the building only had two unisex bathrooms each with one toilet in them. As I opened the door to the bathroom (which wasn’t locked) I accidentally walked in on Ava and caught a perfect glimpse of her squatting over the toilet with a strong pee-stream and squirking sound. As hot as it was I ended up screaming “OH FUCK MY BAD” and quickly backed out. Although this incident may seem hot, it was kinda disappointing because I was planning on asking Ava out but I felt so embarrassed after that situation. Nonetheless, I still think about this sometimes when jacking off. Share some of your best encounters on this thread!
  3. Hello everyone, new user here. I’m happy to have found this community and am happy to be able to share a few amazing stories about girls I’ve heard peeing in my life. I’m 19 and I’ve basically had this pee fetish ever since I was kid. The thought of girls relieving themselves and releasing something that’s supposed to be nasty is just so arousing to me and something I think about during masturbation frequently. Anyways with that aside I’ll share you a few erotic scenes I’ve witnessed in my life involving attractive girls, mostly from my middle to high school years. My university classes are online because of COVID-19 and I’m literally stuck in my basement all day so there’s been no experiences in college so far. The first experience was with my first childhood crush Hannah. We were neighbors and we would often play with each other. We were close enough to the point where we would sometimes see each other naked and take baths together. As we got older though that started to become a thing of the past and she personally started getting more attractive the older she got. She eventually moved away after her parents divorced. I remember one day right before she moved when I was like 12 and she was 13 we were doing homework together after school. Her sister was in the bathroom doing her makeup at the time. As we were doing our work Hannah started to say she had to go to the bathroom really bad. She got up and went to the bathroom door but her sister was still in there and said she would be for another 10 minutes. I remember Hannah getting so desperate that she almost sounded like she was about to cry. Finally as her sister got out of the bathroom Hannah ran in and locked the door. Her sister had gone back to her room and her parents weren’t home, meaning I was the only one in the hallway. I was so hard that I went next to the door just to hear all the action. The toilet seat went up and a few seconds later a hard stream of urine could be heard hitting the water. Her stream lasted about 30-45 seconds IIRC. She flushed the toilet and I quickly ran back to her room where we were doing our work. When Hannah came back in she literally told me that she just felt the best feeling she had ever felt. This was before I started jacking off but it’s still a story I sometimes think about even though we were still young. My second experience was when I was 14 in 8th grade with this girl named Rhienna. She was a blonde girl with the cutest ass and freckles about 2 in taller than me who I had crushed over since 3rd grade. The crush was actually mutual according to other people but she always pretended not to pay attention to me. One thing that also got me besides her looks was how she always told everyone when she needed to pee which always seemed to be 2+ times during the day. One day during the last weeks of school before summer vacation we were having a free period in class during the last block of the day where we could study for final exams. That day I was already thirsty for Rhienna, she had already used the bathroom twice today and was wearing short shorts (barely longer than our school dress codes rules), sandals and a headband which really turned me on. I overheard her giggling to her friends she had to pee and not being able to contain myself any longer, I decided I couldn’t pass the opportunity to hear it this time as I had wanted to for years. The teacher was out of the room at the time so I decided I’d ask her to use the bathroom as soon as she got back. We were in a section of the building that only had one classroom so there was hardly anybody else from other classes who used the restrooms in that area of the building. I got permission and slowly went into the girl’s bathroom and went into one of the two stalls and put my feet on the toilet seat and locked the door. If I got caught being in there I just figured fuck it, I’ll claim I’m having a gender-identity crisis and that I was sacred to tell anyone. A short amount of time later I heard footsteps and the bathroom door opened. I peered through the stall cracks to see Rhienna walk in. She went into the stall next to me and pulled her shorts down and sat down. I heard the pee start to ooze out of her pussy slowly and eventually go full-blast with it hitting the water very loudly. I could’ve sworn I heard her moaning in there too as she let it loose. After a solid minute the urine-flow subsided and I could hear her reach for some toilet paper. I then heard her try and flush the toilet but it wouldn’t flush so she just washed her hands and left. I quickly ran out of the stall and into the one where Rhienna just peed and locked it. Her pee was still there and it was really yellow and smelly. I was so turned on I sat down on the seat pulled my pants down and jacked off, I literally came after about a 30 seconds of rubbing and shot quite a load in the toilet itself and on the floor. I wiped up my jiz from the floor and threw it in the trash can next to the toilet. I almost even considered putting my hands in her urine and licking them but I chickened out at the last moment. I still think about Rhienna to this day. I went to an all-boys school for the first two years of high-school so there was basically zero times I encountered any girls peeing. The summer after my sophomore year in high school I was volunteering at this swim camp for children and had to go to this training session for instructors. I remember we were outside on the beach listening to a lecture about something. Me being 16 and not really having any contact with girls except through social media for a few years, I was naturally checking the girls wearing bikinis out. I really had a soft spot for this girl named Sarah who was a brunette who looked about my age about 5”4 with a really pretty body, blue eyes, big tits, and her hair in a ponytail. As the instructor was lecturing us she asked to use the bathroom which instantly made me hard. She walked pretty fast to the port-a-potty that in my best luck was right behind me. She looked like she was really holding it in. “Excuse Me” she said to me as she went to open the door to the port-a-potty. I said sorry to which she smiled at me and said “you’re fine!”. I leaned backwards towards the door as I heard her start to pee. It wasn’t that loud but it was long, at least 90 seconds of it. As she came out my eyes were glued to her as she strolled back to where she was sitting. After the lecture was over I asked to use the bathroom. I jacked off in the toilet and this time I actually had the guts to put my hand in her pee and rub it on my crotch. I was going to try to talk to her and maybe get her snap/number before I left camp but unfortunately I couldn’t find her at the end of the meeting. Finally, this last story happened happened whilst I was volunteering at a food pantry during the summer of the following year. There were these three girls I worked with named Jillian, Julia, and Christina. All three of them were very attractive. Jillian was a little chubby, but beautiful blonde with long hair, gleaming blue eyes and tits on the smaller side. Julia was a Polish-blonde cutie who wore glasses, had freckles, and was thin but only had average tits and ass. Christina was an Italian girl who had long brown hair, golden-brown skin and nice body. All were about 5”4 in height about 6 inches shorter than me. For whatever reason the bathrooms at the pantry were unisex with multiple stalls and urinals. One day I saw Jillian and Julia both head in the bathroom together and go into two different stalls. With nothing to lose I pretended to have to pee at the urinal just to listen to them. They both started peeing at the same time to which I heard giggling between the two of them. I jacked off in the urinal and jizzed right at about the moment they finished peeing. I flushed the urinal and left the restroom where I could then hear them asking each other if there was any toilet paper. They both said no. After they came out of the bathroom they then chatted about what they should do to which Jillian explained that they should just go and find some leaves near the outside of the building. I pretended not to notice them as they went outside and soon came back in and headed back to the bathroom. I heard the toilets flush and them come out of the bathroom giggling hysterically. They then told me everything that just happened. Later in the day I saw Christina head into the bathroom alone and I performed the same sacred ritual as last time. To be quite honest I never heard a girl pee as loudly as her, it was almost as if she were trying to say “look how loud I can pee!” Well that wraps up a couple of stories I’ve experienced. If you want I can share you some more stories or even pictures of some of these girls if you’d like. What are some other stories you guys have had about hearing pretty girls pee or have to pee?

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