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  1. When I visited the UK in 2013 my dad and I took a train on the East Coast Mainline to Edinburgh and these were the exact toilets.
  2. Hi everyone, I’ve got a question for all of us out there. What are some of the hottest pee experiences you’ve seen of someone by accident? I’d like to hear some stories from you all. I’ll share one of mine below. In my sophomore year of high school there was this cute blonde chick in my biology class named Ava. She was about my height (5”10) with a great body, something about her face and blue eyes really got me. One day when we were doing a lab I went to use the bathroom. My school was unique in the sense that some areas of the building only had two unisex bathrooms each with one toilet
  3. Hello everyone, new user here. I’m happy to have found this community and am happy to be able to share a few amazing stories about girls I’ve heard peeing in my life. I’m 19 and I’ve basically had this pee fetish ever since I was kid. The thought of girls relieving themselves and releasing something that’s supposed to be nasty is just so arousing to me and something I think about during masturbation frequently. Anyways with that aside I’ll share you a few erotic scenes I’ve witnessed in my life involving attractive girls, mostly from my middle to high school years. My university c
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