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  1. I've pretty much replaced using the toilet at work with pissing in the sink. I've also pissed in the trailer a few more times. Once when it was fully empty, and once I pissed on one of the tires of the equipment in the trailer. There's a bathroom somewhere else in the building that has tile floor instead of the unfinished concrete in my department, and it has a floor drain in the middle of the room. I've pissed down the drain twice now, although my aim isn't consistent enough to get it all down the drain so some piss ends up on the floor around it. Today, I sat hanging off th
  2. Yesterday I was washing my hands and accidentally left a huge puddle of water under the soap dispenser so I decided to add a little to it once I was done washing my hands
  3. I'll probably stick to just the sink for a bit. I've got a few spots I've been considering but I'd have to be confident I wouldn't get busted. There's one bathroom in another part of the building with a shower stall in it and I've sort of been eyeing the shower drain but I've got absolutely no idea if I'll be able to get away with that one. I'll try to keep you in the loop. It's fun knowing other people are following my exploits, I've never been able to share my piss fetish with anyone because my girlfriend has no interest in it so this is new to me.
  4. After the last floor piss and jerk off I kind of meant to stop doing things like that in case I was pushing my luck but today a good opportunity to push it even further got the better of me. I didn't jerk off yet (still at work, using my data on break so I don't flag the wifi filters or anything) but I did piss in probably an even more daring spot than I have before. Part of my job is dealing with trailers, and most of the ones here are fully enclosed with fiberglass walls and rubber floors and stuff but there's one big one with wood floors with space between the slats and a vinyl soft to
  5. I was for a while. I've trained my brain that it's ok to fully release my bladder into a sink, but floors still take some relaxing and even then it didn't all come out at once I kept instinctively stopping myself and having to wait until my bladder would losen up again.
  6. Totally wasn't a planned thing haha. Last time I was so in shock about what I'd done I kind of had post nut clarity even though I hadn't actually came yet. And it was the end of the day and I had nowhere to go except home. Yesterday I had some errands to run on the way home and I didn't even really mean to jerk off all the way to orgasm I just realized within about 40 seconds that I was almost there anyway and couldn't stop myself.
  7. Since I've been back at work I've done this a few more times. I've pissed on the soap dispensers wet spot a few times, I've pissed in the sink, and I pissed in the garbage can once. I also pissed in a different bathroom sink in another part of the building that doesn't lock shut once, when I thought I was alone one night when I was there a little late. It turned out I wasn't but I got lucky and didn't get walked in on with my dick in my hand. Today, I decided that I was going to empty my full bladder onto the floor. I'd emptied my bladder into the sink and into the garbage can the o
  8. This Wednesday was my last day at work before I'm off for a week for the holidays and right at the end of the day I had to piss really bad and decided fuck it, I'm going to do something naughty. I wanted to play it a little safe so I went into the bathroom and started pissing in the sink. It took me a minute to get started because the thought of pissing somewhere other than the toilet at work got me hard enough that it was a little difficult. Partway through my pee, I realized something. beside the sink, there's a soap dispenser with no tray or counter under it, with a censor that s
  9. If I do post any of my pictures they won't be of me doing anything nearly as daring as some of yours that I've seen.
  10. A few months ago while I was at a cottage I was out paddleboarding on the lake with my partner and as soon as we got 5 minutes out from the dock I realized I had to pee, really bad. I was wearing a t shirt and a pair of swim trunks, and my clothes where dry because I'd stepped off the dock onto the paddleboard. I was letting my partner lead the way so she couldn't see me, so I thought instead of paddling to the side of the lake and climbing off into the woods I'd try wetting myself. I don't get to it often because we live in a small apartment with a shared laundry room and I don't want t
  11. Hi My name's Mike, I discovered this forum back in 2020 and made an account but haven't really posted anything. I decided it's finally time to stop lurking and post, although I don't know how often I'll be active. I'm in my mid 20s and have been in a relationship with someone who's not into piss at all for years, but I will occasionally do some solo piss play. I'm working up the courage to post some pictures I took of my stream pissing in the sink and on the floor of the work bathroom recently.
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