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Road Trips, Pee Bottles, Diapers, and Hot Springs

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Author's Note: This is a new series that I have been working on that will take place in a fictional mountain town.  Hope you enjoy it.

It was a warm and sunny Sunday in the beginning of spring as three college students were making their way to Woodland Springs-a mountain town famous for its hot springs-for spring break.  Driving the car was a twenty-one-year-old female named Vanessa.  She was president of her university’s student council and well-liked by professors and students alike.  Her brains and beauty had earned her the distinction of being the most sought-after girl on campus.  Sitting in the passenger seat was twenty-year-old Daphne, who was the student council’s event chairperson.  Daphne was outgoing, athletic, and for better or worse, had a tendency to speak her mind.  She was also very much a tomboy, never one to be told what she could and couldn’t do because of her gender.   In the backseat behind Vanessa was Daphne’s younger twin sister Misty, the vice president of the student council.  Misty was a bit of a bookworm, extremely shy, and rarely ever complained or asked for help as she did not like inconveniencing people.  However, Misty was also extremely beautiful, so much so that her sister Daphne had to protect her from guys who might take advantage of her shyness.  While Misty certainly had a large pool of men from which to choose from, she wasn’t interested in any of them.  Rather the one who had stolen her heart was none other than Vanessa.  Of course being the type of girl she was, Misty found herself unable to confess her feelings and had thus opted to join the student council so as to be close to the one she loved.  Daphne had merely joined the student council to keep an eye on her sister. 

As usual, Misty appeared to have her nose in a book, although in reality her mind was elsewhere.  As she stared blankly at the pages in front of her, she thought about what had led to this little vacation.  It had been the Monday before spring break was to begin, when Vanessa had first proposed the idea of heading out of town for a hot springs vacation.  Vanessa had had the good fortune of winning a free weeklong trip to Woodland Springs and had offered to take Misty along with her.  The original plan was that the two girls would go alone, but that changed the moment that Daphne caught wind of it.  Daphne, being the overprotective sister that she was, had told Vanessa that she wouldn’t let Misty go unless she could go as well.  Despite Misty’s objections, Vanessa accepted Daphne’s terms and allowed her to come along.  Misty couldn’t help but sigh as she thought about the missed opportunities she could have had by being alone with Vanessa.   “Stupid overprotective sister,” she mumbled to herself.

“I heard that,” said Daphne as she looked back at her sister.  “How can you expect to have any fun if you spend all your time pouting?”

“I’m not pouting,” replied Misty, “I just don’t see why you felt the need to butt in on our plans.”

“Settle down you two,” said Vanessa.  “This is supposed to be a fun little getaway.  Let’s just relax and try to make the best of it.”  Despite her calm tone, Vanessa was fairly pissed.  The truth was that Vanessa was attracted to Misty and had wanted to use the time alone together to try and start a relationship with her.  Vanessa had gone to great lengths to keep her feeling for Misty a secret, and yet Daphne had somehow figured out not only her secret but her true intentions for the trip as well.  In fact, Daphne and secretly threatened to tell the whole student body unless Vanessa took her along as well.  She didn’t know exactly why Daphne despised her, but right now the feeling was pretty much mutual.

“How long until we get to the next town?” asked Daphne.   She was crossing her legs just a bit.  They had been in the car for roughly four hours and she had drank about three 16oz. bottles of water from the cooler they had on the floor near the backseat.

“With how bad the traffic is, I’d say maybe another hour, possibly more,” replied Vanessa as she stared at the mountain road ahead of her.   “Why do you want to know?  Do you need to stretch your legs or something?”

“No.  If it’s going to take that long can you please pull over to the side of the road?  I really need to take a piss,” replied Daphne, not really caring about how unfeminine she sounded.

Misty who was drinking from her fourth bottle of water did a spit take that splashed all over the back of Vanessa’s neck.  “Daphne!  The road is packed with cars.  People will see you.  Don’t you have any shame?”

“Who cares.  Guys pull over to the side of the road to take a leak when traffic is bad all the time.  What’s the difference?” asked Daphne.

“The difference is that you’re a girl.  Maybe you should start acting like one,” Misty retorted.

“Both of you shut up,” ordered Vanessa as she used one hand to steer the vehicle and her other hand to wipe the combination of water and spit off her neck with a napkin.  She then turned to Daphne and said, “If you really need to go that bad, then I’ll pull the car over.  Just don’t complain about people laughing and staring at you.”

“I won’t,” promised Daphne as she mockingly ran her fingers in the shape of a cross above her heart.

“Alright then, I’m pulling over.”  And with that, Vanessa pulled over.  As she put the car in park, Daphne got out of the car.  Misty unbuckled her seatbelt, moved over to the passenger side of the car, and unrolled the window.  At this point she was curious to see whether her sister would really do it or not.  Looking out the window, Misty saw that beneath them was dirt and gravel dotted with a few patches of weeds.  Both girls then watched as Daphne unbuckled her pants and pulled them down just below her shins.  Daphne then grabbed her panties and did the same thing.  She then spread her legs, leaned back while thrusting her hips forward, and placed one hand on the roof of the car while using the other hand to spread her labia.  Vanessa and Misty both watched in disbelief as a torrent of golden water spewed forth from between Daphne’s legs, landing in a foamy pool in the dirt some four feet the way.

“Ohhhhh god, this feels sooo goood,” moaned Daphne.  As she turned her head back towards the car, she saw both girls staring at her and could tell that they were both starting to squirm a bit.   “Why don’t you two come out and join me?  You’ll feel a lot better.”

“Thanks, but no thanks,” replied Misty.  “Unlike you, I actually have a bit of decency.  I’ll wait until we get to the next town.”

“Suit yourself,” said Daphne as she turned her head back to what she was doing.  All the while cars were slowing down a bit just to catch a glimpse of the unusual sight.

“Hey Misty, can you do me a favor?” asked Vanessa as she unbuckled her seatbelt.

“What do you need?”

“Can you hand me one of those empty water bottles on the floor?”

“Here you go,” said Misty as she handed her an empty bottle.  “What do you need it for?”

“Hey Misty, please don’t think any less of me for what I’m about to do.”  Misty watched as Vanessa lifted herself up off the seat just enough that she could reach underneath her skirt and pull her panties down.  Vanessa then removed the bottle cap and placed the bottle underneath her skirt and pressed it up against her pussy.  Within seconds, the sound of water splashing against plastic filled the car.  “This does feel good,” mumbled Vanessa as she released the yellow flood she had been holding in for the past two hours.  She then turned her head towards Misty who by this point was staring at her in utter shock.  “You sister is right you know.  If you have to go you should probably do it now.  Just use one of the empty bottles in the back…” There was a split-second pause.  “OH SHIT!  The bottle’s almost full and I can’t seem to pinch of my stream.  Misty, I need you to grab another bottle and climb into the passenger’s seat.  Hurry, there’s not much time.”  Misty quickly grabbed a bottle, exited the car, and swung open the passenger side door, almost whacking her sister in the process.    She then kneeled over on the seat to hand the empty bottle to Vanessa.  “Unfortunately, I don’t think I can cut my stream off long enough to make the switch myself, you’ll need to help me.  Just lift up my skirt and make the switch as quickly as you can.  Please, you’re the only one I would trust to do this.”

“Alright,” replied Misty as she grabbed Vanessa’s skirt and lifted it up.  As she looked down, she saw that sure enough the bottle was nearly full.  With one hand clenching the empty bottle, she prepped her other hand to receive the piss filled bottle.   Misty only had a couple seconds to make the swap and as she exchanged the bottles, a little bit of piss spilt out of the bottle and onto her hand, but other than that small mishap, the switch went perfectly.  Once Misty had the bottle of piss in her hand, she stated, “I’ll go dump this out.”  She carefully backed herself out of the car, almost bumping into Daphne who by this point in time was wiping the last few drops off her legs with a napkin.

As Daphne pulled up her pants and turned around, she noticed the bottle.  “Is that apple juice?” she asked looking at the liquid inside the bottle.  “If it is can I have some?”  Before Misty could stop her, Daphne snatched the bottle away from her and took a swig.  “Ewww, this is disgusting.  What sort of apple juice is this?”

“That’s my pee your drinking, dumbass,” yelled Vanessa as her stream petered out into drops before ceasing all together.

“Shit,” screamed Daphne as she dropped the bottle, its contents spilling on the ground.  “Why didn’t you stop me?” she cried as she began spitting on the ground.

“Because you snatched it out of my hand before I could stop you.  If you ask me you had it coming,” chuckled Misty.  Misty then leaned back in the car and grabbed the second bottle from Vanessa.  This one was about half-full.  As Misty turned to face Daphne, she held out the bottle and teased, “Would you like to sample this one too?” 

“Sure,” said Daphne as she grabbed the bottle, took a swig from it, and then dumped it on the ground.

Misty looked at her sister in disbelief.  “You know I was only…,” but before she could finish her sentence, Daphne grabbed her face and pulled her into a kiss.  As Daphne kissed her sister, she forced the swig she had taken from the bottle into Misty’s mouth before quickly pulling away.  The incident happened so fast that Misty was unable to spit it out and ended up swallowing it.  “Oh my god!  You’re fucking disgusting,” she gagged.

“And now you know how I felt,” replied Daphne as she spat on the ground once again.  “Now we’re even.”  Daphne then leaned next to Misty and whispered into her ear, “By the way, if it was your piss in those bottles I would have gladly drank every last drop.”

“You’re a freak,” muttered Misty as she stepped back, still gagging on the aftertaste.

“I was only kidding,” teased Daphne as she got back into the car.  “Now let’s get this show on the road.”

“Fine,” said Misty as she hopped into the backseat once more.  And with that, the group was once again on the road.


Forty minutes passed and the group had hardly made any progress.  Both Daphne and Vanessa were doing okay because they had been able to relieve themselves, but Misty was now in desperation hell.   Desperately holding her crotch, she leaned forward and asked, “How long until we get to the next town or gas station?”

“Probably another thirty minutes or so.  If we’re lucky,” replied Vanessa.  “Would you like me to pull over?”

“No, I’m okay.  I can hold it a bit longer.”

“Don’t lie,” said Daphne.  “We’re twins so I can tell when you’re in pain.  Just admit that you need to go so we can pull over.  Hell, I’ll even grab a blanket and hold it up like a curtain if you need me to.”

“I already told you, I am not going to pop a squat on the side of the road while people stare at me.”

“Then why don’t you use a bottle like I did?” asked Vanessa.  “I mean it should be easy since you’re wearing a skirt.”

“I’m not doing that either, I can wai…..” but before Misty could finish the word, she felt a small warm spurt hit her panties.

It seemed her sister must have sensed it as the next thing she said was, “You just pissed yourself a little, didn’t you?”  Realizing that she could not get past her sister’s sixth sense, Misty nodded her head.  “Look, there is one more thing we can try.  Why don’t you just put on one of your adult diapers and use that?”

“I don’t wear adult diapers,” denied Misty, her face flushed with embarrassment.

“Maybe not during the day but you do at night.”

“Is that true?” asked Vanessa.

Daphne decided to speak up before Misty could deny it any further.  “It’s very much true.  Now don’t get me wrong, she doesn’t wear them because she’s incontinent, rather there is another reason she wears them.”

“And what it that reason?” inquired Vanessa, her face becoming a bit red herself.

“Daphne please don’t,” begged Misty, but it was too late.

“Misty wear’s adult diapers at night because she is such a deep sleeper that she sometimes cannot wake up in time to go to the bathroom.  It’s been that way since we were little kids.”

“DAPHNE!!!” screamed Misty, tears of shame and embarrassment staining her cheeks.  Misty couldn’t believe that her sister could so openly embarrass her in front of the woman she loved.  Burying her face in her hands, she cried out, “How could you do this to me?”

Suddenly Misty felt a hand grip her knee and give it a soft but reassuring squeeze.  As she looked up she saw that the hand belonged to Vanessa.  “Look Misty, that’s nothing to be ashamed of.  You’re not the only one who has that problem.  In fact, I was in a similar situation until I was eighteen years old.”

“Really?” asked Misty as she began rubbing the tears from her eyes.

“Yes,” replied Vanessa.  “Now I want you to listen to me carefully.  It is apparently obvious that there is no way that we can make it to a bathroom before you explode.  That said, since you didn’t like the first two options, then we should probably go for the third.  Honestly though I don’t care which one you pick, so long as you don’t wet the backseat of my car.”

“I vote for the third option,” declared Daphne, “after all she would probably make a huge mess if she peed in a bottle.”

“That’s probably true,” admitted Misty.  “I guess I’ll use the diaper.”  Misty then unbuckled her seat belt and reached back for her bag.  She then unzipped the bag and pulled out one of the adult diapers she had so carefully tried to conceal.  Misty then lifted up her skirt just enough so that she could remove her panties and replace them with the diaper.  “All right.  It’s on.”

“Hold on a second,” ordered Vanessa.  “Before you let loose, I want you to reach inside my bag, grab my swim towel and place it on the seat beneath you just in case there are any leaks.”

“Got it,” said Misty as she did as she was told.  A couple minutes later she was sitting on the towel, lifting her skirt above the diaper so as not to accidentally soil that as well.  Minutes passed but nothing happened.  The pain in her bladder became so bad that Misty resorted to pushing but still nothing came out.

“What’s the hold up?” asked Daphne as she turned around.

“I’m trying but it won’t come out,” whined Misty.  Suddenly a sharp burst of pain slammed her bladder.  Misty let out a bloodcurdling scream as she slumped forward, clenching onto her crotch for all she was worth.

Misty’s scream almost caused Vanessa to lose control of the vehicle.  As she corrected herself she yelled back, “Are you alright?”

“It hurts.  It hurts. It really hurts,” whined Misty, no longer able to straighten herself into a proper sitting position.

“Just keep trying,” replied Vanessa who at this point was feeling utterly helpless.  Then out of the corner of her eye, she noticed that Daphne was acting strangely.  Turning her head slightly, Vanessa could see that Daphne was clutching her lower abdomen, tears beginning to roll down her eyes.  “What’s wrong with you?”

“I can feel it,” sobbed Daphne.  “I can feel her pain through our twin link and its bad.  If something doesn’t happen soon I think her bladder might burst.”

Since she was not a twin herself, Vanessa didn’t know whether twins really had a link that allowed them to feel each other’s pain, but she could tell just by their reactions that the situation was serious.  “Just hold on a little longer.  I’m going to try to pull over.”  It took a couple minutes for her to find a place to pull over, but the moment she did, she ordered Daphne to get into the backseat with Misty and hold her up in a sitting position.  Daphne did as she was told.  Vanessa then climbed into the backseat with them.  She then lifted up Misty’s shirt and to her shock saw that her bladder was seriously bulging.  “This is not good,” she said as got up and fished into one of the other bags for another towel.  Vanessa then placed bunched up the second towel as much as she could and placed it under the diaper.  Looking up at Daphne, Vanessa said, “I’m going to need you to hold onto her as tight you can.  What I’m about to do is going to cause her serious pain.”  Vanessa then proceeded to place her hand down in the diaper, right up against Misty’s bladder and using two fingers, began gently applying pressure.

As Misty began screaming in pain, Daphne held onto her tightly and sang to her, “Let it go, let it go…,” but her singing was drowned out by Misty’s screams.  Unable to take Misty’s screaming, Vanessa leaned in and before Daphne could stop her from doing so, planted a passionate kiss on Misty.  The shock of Vanessa’s tongue passionately caressing her own, shocked Misty’s body enough that a spurt of urine came out.  A second spurt came out seconds later, followed by another and then another until the dam finally burst, releasing a golden tsunami into the diaper.  Misty’s body went limp as it finally began to relax.  The moment that Vanessa pulled her lips away from Misty’s, she looked down and watched in utter amazement as the front of the diaper, which had been a pinkish white less than a minute earlier, was beginning to yellow.  It was then that Vanessa felt the wet warmth running through her fingers.  While she thought it was disgusting, she had to keep her hand down there to apply pressure.  However, it soon started to feel good, so good in fact that Vanessa soon lost herself in thought.

“Hey Vanessa, I’m all good now so could you please get your hand off my crotch?” asked Misty.  Her question brought Vanessa back to reality.

“I’m so sorry,” she said as she yanked her hand out of the diaper.  By this time her hand, just like the diaper and rolled up towel, was completely soaked.   “I think I have some paper towels and trash bags in the back, I’ll go get them.”  She then exited the car and walked to the back.  Just as she was getting ready to open the hatch, she stopped and looked at her piss stained hand.  Without really thinking, she lifted her hand to her nose and inhaled deeply.  While it reeked like ammonia, it also had a trace of a sweet smell.  Unable to control herself, Vanessa put the back of her hand to her mouth and licked it.  Her body shuddered in ecstasy.  As she prepared for another lick, she was startled by a cough coming from a few feet away.  Looking up from her hand, she saw that it was Daphne.

“Wow, you truly are a freak,” said Daphne, her eyes staring daggers into Vanessa.   “I’ve spent my entire life protecting my sister from freaks and perverts so I knew exactly what kind of person you were the moment I met you.”

“I can’t deny that what I just did wasn’t perverted, but I am telling the truth when I say that I am not one of those creeps who would take advantage of her.  I truly do love her, although you probably don’t believe me.”

“Of course I believe you, but I still cannot allow you to be with her.   You see she and I have been together even before we were even born.  We have a bond that you could never hope to achieve, let alone understand.”

“I know that,” replied Vanessa.  “I’ve always known that.  But I don’t care.  The heart wants what the heart wants.  I will make her mine one day with or without your blessing.  If you’re with me good, if not, then you best stay out of my way or come at me with everything you’ve got.”

Daphne burst out laughing.  “You’ve got guts.  I like that.  But don’t think I’ll let you have my sister so easily.”  She then opened the hatch, grabbed the paper towels and a trash bag and went to help her sister clean up.

Vanessa was left alone outside the car once more.  She looked down at her hand and clenched it.  “If she wants a fight, then it’s a fight she’s going to get and I always fight to win.”  Vanessa then gave her pee stained hand one more good lick before she got back in the car.


To be Continued… 

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Part 2

The sun was beginning to set as the trio finally made it into Woodland Springs.  They had just spent the last several hours in traffic, so the town was a sight for sore eyes.  Misty’s eyes opened wide with excitement as she looked out the car window.  “I can’t believe there’s still snow on the ground,” she exclaimed.  Misty had always loved the snow and to see it sparkle in the fading light of the setting sun was amazing.

“Of course there’s still snow on the ground,” replied a bored Daphne.  “We are in the mountains after all.”  Unlike her sister Misty, Daphne hated the snow.  Just seeing it was enough to put her in a bad mood.  Turning her attention to Vanessa, she asked, “How much longer until we get to where we’re staying?  My legs are starting to cramp up.”

“According to my car’s GPS, it should be just a couple miles more,” answered Vanessa as civilly as she could.  In truth, her mind was still on the heated exchange she had had with Daphne outside the car a few hours earlier. 

Several minutes later, the trio arrived at their lodging.  As they exited the car, they noticed that it was not a normal hotel.  Rather than having one single building with a bunch of rooms clustered together inside of it, the property was instead dotted with a dozen or so small cabins.  The trio proceeded to enter the check-in building only to find that there was no one at the front desk.  “Is there anybody here?” yelled Vanessa as she leaned over the desk.

“I’ll be right there,” shouted a voice from a room in the far back of the building.  Seconds later, an elderly gentleman came to greet them.  “Why hello ladies, what can I do for you today?”

“We reserved a room for a week and would like to check-in please,” answered Vanessa.  “It should be under the name Vanessa Clark.”

“Let me see,” said the man as he began typing away at the keyboard.  “Ah yes, here you are.  And according to our files, you are also the winner of our contest.   Before I give you the key to your cabin, I must inform you that your party will be the only one staying with us this week as all the other cabins are currently under renovation.  I assume that this will not be a problem.”

“We don’t mind,” smiled Vanessa.  In fact, this was way better than what she could have hoped for as it would give her more chances to be alone with Misty. 

“Alright,” said the man as he grabbed the paperwork for Vanessa to sign.  “Each of the cabins come with two queen-sized beds, a T.V. with several cable and movie channels, a small kitchen area, and a bathroom with a tub/shower.”

“What about Wi-Fi?” asked Daphne.

“All our cabins have it.  You will find the username and password inside the room.  Are there any other questions?”

“What facilities do you offer?” questioned Misty.

“For recreation, we have a fitness center equipped with a heated indoor swimming pool and hot tub.  We also have additional hot tubs outside.   As for other facilities, we have laundry building that can be used by any guest.”

“That sounds great,” replied Vanessa as she finished filling out the paperwork.

“Please enjoy your stay,” said the elderly gentleman as he handed Vanessa three pairs of keys for the cabin.  “And if there is anything we can do to make you’re stay more pleasant, please let us know.”  Vanessa thanked the man and took the keys.  The man watched as the three girls left the building.  “Such nice girls,” chuckled the man as he walked into the backroom.


The trio had been assigned to cabin number eight.  After pulling the car into the designated parking spot, the three girls got out and began unloading their stuff.  By the time they entered the room and put their stuff down, it was almost 7:30 p.m.   “Hey Vanessa, what are we going to do about the sleeping situation?” asked Misty.  There were only two beds which meant that two people were going to have to share.

“That’s obvious,” interjected Daphne.  “Since Misty and I are sisters, it would make the most sense for us to share a bed.”  Daphne noticed a brief flash of jealousy cross Vanessa’s face.  “You don’t have a problem with that, do you?”

“I don’t,” lied Vanessa.  She hated the fact that Daphne was stealing a precious opportunity from her, but she knew it would look weird if she protested against Daphne and Misty sharing a bed.  However, Vanessa had another thing on her mind that concerned her more than the sleeping arrangements.  Ever since Vanessa had kissed Misty earlier in the day, hardly a word had been exchanged between the two.   It was almost as if Misty were walking on eggshells around her.

“That’s great,” said Daphne as she threw her stuff down on the bed on the right side of the room.  “Because of Misty’s nighttime problems, it would be best if she and I took the bed closest to the bathroom.”

“Daphne!” screamed an embarrassed Misty.

“What?” answered Daphne.  “She already knows about you’re nighttime wetting problem.”

“That’s enough,” stated Vanessa, as she set her bags down on the bed.  “I’m going to head over to the laundry room and wash the towels that got dirty on our way up here.”  She then turned her attention to Misty.  “While I’m doing that, I think you should probably take a shower.  I can imagine that you’d probably want to clean yourself up properly considering everything that happened in the car earlier.  We can order pizza or something when I get back.”  Misty nodded her head in agreement, but refused to meet her gaze.  Vanessa’s chest tightened a little.  Not wanting to be in the room any longer, Vanessa turned and grabbed the trash bag containing the soiled towels and left for the laundry room.

“Vanessa’s right,” said Misty as she began rifling through her own bag before pulling out a pair of pajamas.   “I really need a shower.”  Daphne watched as Misty went into the bathroom and closed the door.   A couple minutes later she heard the shower running.

“What to do, what to do,” smiled Daphne as she flopped on the bed.  After seeing how Vanessa had reacted earlier to having Misty’s urine on her hands, Daphne was unsure of whether it was a good idea to leave Vanessa alone with a bunch of towels soaked with Misty’s piss.  On the other hand, Daphne didn’t want to leave her sister by herself either.  “This is going to be a long week,” she said as she removed her phone from her pocket and began typing a text message.


Vanessa entered the laundry room only to find that it was completely empty.  Living in the school’s dorms, Vanessa was used to doing laundry in the presence of others, so being alone felt different.  She proceeded to begin prepping one of the machines.  As she pulled the towels from the bag, she couldn’t help but stare at them.  These towels were soaked with Misty’s fluids after all.  Before she could stop herself, she pressed one of the towels up against her nose and inhaled deeply.  She reveled in the intoxicating smell for several seconds before realizing how bad it would look if someone like Daphne came in and saw her.  Doing her best to avoid any further temptation, she hurled the towels into the washing machine and slammed the door.  Vanessa watched as the washing machine came to life, destroying her little memento of the wetting incident.

Just as she was getting ready to walk away from the machine, she happened to look down and saw something bunched up and lying on the floor.  She quickly bent down and scooped it up.  Her face lit up as she unbunched it.  What she held in her hands was none other than Misty’s slightly stained panties.  Vanessa figured that the panties must have gotten mixed up with the towels when Misty was cleaning herself up.  Just looking at the yellow stained panties was too much for her.  Within seconds, Vanessa succumbed to her desires and began sniffing the soiled cloth as well.  Her body trembled in ecstasy as she inhaled deeply several times.  Unlike the towels that smelled of piss, the pair of panties contained an additional aroma.  It was sweat.  Misty’s sweat.   As Vanessa inhaled deeper, she found herself wanting more.  In that instant, she knew she could never be truly satisfied until she had all of Misty for herself.

Naughty thoughts began to race through her head until she was nearly consumed by them.  Suddenly her phone began buzzing, bringing her back to reality.  As she pulled her phone from her pocket, she noticed that she had one unread text message.  It was from Daphne.  Vanessa opened it and read it out loud.  “Just because I’m not there to watch you doesn’t mean I don’t know what you’re doing.”  Vanessa jammed her phone back into her skirt pocket, her face flush with embarrassment.

Looking down at the used panties in her hand, she said to herself, “I guess I should probably wash these.”  As she prepared to open the door to the washing machine, she found herself hesitating.  She looked down at the panties once more.  “It would probably be better if I wash these by hand.”  She then walked over to a sink located in the far corner and began the task of washing the cloth.


Ten minutes had passed by since Daphne had sent the text.  As she lay on the bed, she found herself lost in thought over how to keep her sister and Vanessa apart.  Daphne was brought back to reality by a sudden burst of pain in her bladder.  As she jolted into a sitting position, she felt another surge of pain.  It had been several hours since she had lost gone, and now the urge to go was remerging.  Stumbling to her feet, she hobbled over to the bathroom and knocked on the door.  “Misty are you almost done in there?  I really need to go.”  No response came.  She tried a couple more times, but to no avail.  Daphne pressed her ear to the door and in doing so realized the reason why.  Misty was too busy singing to hear the pleas of her sister.

Unable to take it anymore, Daphne tried turning the doorknob and was pleasantly surprised to find that the door wasn’t locked.  Now on the verge of wetting herself, Daphne threw open the door and hustled to the toilet and lifted the toilet lid.  She was so desperate that she didn’t even care that she had left the door open.  With time running out, she desperately unbuttoned her jeans and yanked both them and her panties below her knees.  She just barely had time to sit down before a golden flood came gushing out.  In fact, a little bit spurted out just as she was sitting down, partially wetting the front part of the toilet seat.  “Thank god,” she moaned as her body began to relax.  The sound of her urine splashing against the toilet water soon drowned out Misty’s singing.

The bath curtain suddenly flung open as Misty peeked her head out to see what was causing all the racket.  She received quite the shock when she saw her sister sitting on the toilet.  “What the hell Daphne?  Haven’t you ever heard of knocking?”

“I did knock, several times in fact, but you didn’t hear me.  I was about to wet myself, I didn’t have a choice,” replied Daphne.  “Besides it’s not like it’s a big deal anyway, we’ve both seen each other naked.  I don’t get why you’re so mad.”

“I’m mad because you’re constantly invading my privacy,” snapped Misty.

“Me using the toilet while you’re showering is not an invasion of privacy.  An invasion of privacy would be me taking my clothes off and jumping in the shower with you,” declared Daphne.  She paused for a moment and with a playfully wicked smile said, “I’d be more than happy to do that if you want me to.”

“You’re awful!” screamed Misty.  Suddenly the sound of footsteps filled the room outside.  Misty turned her head towards the door and with great shock saw someone standing in the doorway.  The shock of seeing someone standing there caused her to let go of the curtain which had been blocking her from view.  She was now standing naked for all to see.

“Hey Vanessa, you ready to order that pizza yet?” asked Daphne as she stared at the girl frozen in shock outside the open bathroom door.  Vanessa said nothing, all she could do was stare at the sisters.  “Why don’t you take a picture?  It’ll last longer.”

“GET OUT!!!” shrieked Misty as she grabbed a tiny shampoo bottle and chucked it in Vanessa’s direction.

Vanessa snapped out of her trance just in time to dodge the bottle.  “I’m sorry!” she screamed as she slammed the door in front of her.  Vanessa’s face was beet red.  This had been her first time seeing Misty naked, and what a sight it had been.   The look of Misty’s soft supple breasts still covered with soap residue and the sight of a small patch of black just above her nether region was more than enough to drive Vanessa crazy.  A couple minutes passed before the door opened again and Daphne walked out.  As she closed the door, the two girls heard a clicking sound on the other side of the door.  Both girls decided to move away from the door in order to give Misty some space.

“Considering the kind of pervert that you are, I do have to ask whether or not you actually took a picture while my sister and I were distracted,” stated Daphne.

“First off, I’m not a pervert,” cried Vanessa.  “Secondly, I would never do something like that.”

“But you are the type of person who’d go around licking someone else’s pee off your hand.”   Vanessa, unable to deny Daphne’s assertion looked the other way.  Before Daphne could say anything more, her phone began buzzing.  Removing her phone from her pocket, she said, “I’m gonna step outside to take this call.  We can finish this conversation when I get back.”  Just as she was getting ready to leave the cabin, she turned and glared at Vanessa.  “You better not try to do anything to my dear sister, or else you’ll have to face me.”  With those parting words, she walked out into the chilly night.

As soon as she was gone, Vanessa knocked on the door.  “Misty, are you all right?”  No response came.  “Look, I understand why you probably don’t want to talk to me right now.  After all I did kiss you without your permission and then I stared at you while you were naked.  While I didn’t plan on doing those things, I won’t apologize for them either.  The truth is that I like you a lot.  In fact, the real purpose of this trip was so that you and I could potentially become more than friends.”   Vanessa paused for a moment and listened for a response, but none came.   “I just want you to know how I feel.”  

As she stepped away from the door, she began to feel a twinge in her bladder.  Just like Daphne, Vanessa hadn’t gone in several hours and it was now starting to catch up with her.  She was soon hopping from one foot to another as she thought about what to do.  Vanessa figured she had four options: she could knock on the door and hope that Misty would let her in, she could run out to the bathrooms in the fitness center, she could use the sink, or she could wet her pants.  The third and fourth options were out of the question as they were both extremely embarrassing, especially if either of the other two saw her do it.  That left only the first two options.   Out of those two, Vanessa reasoned that she would have a better shot at using the bathroom in the fitness center than getting Misty’s permission to enter the bathroom.  She made it halfway across the room before she felt the first drops hit her panties.  Then much to her horror, she felt something wet running down her legs.  Lifting her skirt, she saw that her bright pink panties had begun to yellow.  Bending down even further, she could see slightly golden droplets running from her inner thighs down to her legs.  The dam was leaking, but it had not yet burst.  However, Vanessa knew that deep inside her bladder, a tsunami was building, one strong enough to tear through the dam as though it were a piece of tissue paper.  It was at this point that she came to the conclusion that even if she ran for it, she would never make it to the fitness center in time.

Vanessa spun around and hobbled over to the bathroom door.  Banging her fist against the door with all her might, she cried, “Misty please let me in!  I really need to go!”  There was no response.  “Please Misty, a little bit has already leaked out.  If I don’t go soon, there is going to be a puddle on the carpet the size of one of the Great Lakes.”  The room was silent for a moment.  Suddenly Vanessa heard a click and watched as the bathroom door opened slightly.  “Thank you,” she said as she rushed into the bathroom.  As she looked down at the toilet, she couldn’t help but notice the few piss droplets scattered along the front of the toilet seat.  Her attention suddenly shifted back to her bladder as she felt herself spring another leak, this one stronger than the last one.  Glancing down at the floor, she noticed that a tiny yellow puddle was beginning to form beneath her.  No longer caring about the piss covered seat, Vanessa lifted up her skirt, yanked down her panties, which at this point were almost completely drenched, and sat down.  Her body shivered as her bare skin touched the piss droplets.   Unable to hold it back any longer, she unleashed a torrential waterfall.  The sound of her stream as it collided with the toilet was almost deafening.  For years afterwards, the sounds of her piss would be likened to that of Niagara Falls.  Vanessa covered her face in embarrassment.  It was bad enough being forced to pee in front of her crush twice in one day, but the fact that it was so loud made it all the worse.

“Hey Vanessa,” said Misty as she peeked her head from behind the curtain, “if you keep peeing like that you’re going to make me have to go too.”

“I can’t help it,” whined Vanessa as she placed her hands above her crotch in an attempt to give herself some feeling of privacy.  As Vanessa looked at Misty, she saw a look of desperation begin to etch itself along the poor girl’s face.  “Do you need to go too?”

“Yes,” answered an embarrassed Misty.  “But I can wait until you’re done.”

“That could be a while.  If you need to go, just use the shower.”

“I can’t.  That’s absolutely gross!”

“Hold on a second.  Are you trying to tell me that you’ve never peed in the shower before?”

“Of course, I haven’t peed in the shower.  No matter how many times experts say that people should do it to conserve water, I still find it extremely unsanitary,” cried Misty.  Vanessa could tell from the curtains movement that Misty was beginning to dance a bit in desperation.  Suddenly Misty did something completely unexpected.  She threw open the curtain and stepped over the tub.  “Spread your legs and scoot back or move over,” she demanded, her face now completely red.  Vanessa chose to spread her legs and scooted back as much as she could.  Misty still facing Vanessa, proceeded to straddle her lap and threw her arms around her for balance.  The feeling of Misty’s wet skin against hers turned Vanessa’s face a new shade of red and caused her heart to race.  Unable to control herself, Vanessa looked down at Misty’s crotch which at this point was hovering above the toilet right next to hers.  Seconds later, a golden geyser spewed forth from between Misty’s legs, colliding with Vanessa’s waterfall before crashing down into the greenish-yellow water below.

As Vanessa redirected her attention upwards, she noticed that Misty was panting heavily, almost erotic even.  Their eyes met for a few seconds, but that was all it took to get each of their hearts racing to the point that they could explode at any moment.  Misty was the first to look away.  “Don’t look away,” said Vanessa as she grabbed Misty’s chin and forced her to look at her.  “Even if it is just for these few precious moments, you belong to me and me alone.”  Misty whimpered, her heart pounding so hard that she was afraid that Vanessa might hear it.  Vanessa gently placed a finger on Misty’s lower lip and gently pulled it down.  Before Misty could react, Vanessa pressed her lips against Misty’s.  While the kiss only lasted a couple seconds, it felt like an eternity.  Parting her lips from Misty’s, Vanessa softly whispered “Now you know how I feel about you.  How do you feel about me?”

The kiss and the question caught Misty off guard.  Her head was spinning.  She didn’t know what to think anymore.  The room grew painfully silent as both girls’ streams dissipated into a few scattered drops.  Misty sprang to her feet and wrapped a towel around herself.   “I don’t know,” she whimpered, her legs growing weak and her mind going fuzzy.

Vanessa merely smiled.  “Then I will do my best to wait for your answer.  But be warned, I am not a patient woman.”  Misty nodded her head.  She then grabbed her clothes off the tank of the toilet and ran out of the bathroom, slamming the door behind her.  The moment she was gone, Vanessa buried her face in her hands and quietly screamed to herself, “What the hell did I just do?!”  She sat there for another minute as she tried to gather herself.  Vanessa then stood up.  Removing her slightly stained skirt, she hopped into the shower and hosed herself down.  Before leaving the bathroom, she wrapped up her drenched panties in her skirt before wrapping a towel around her naked lower half.  By the time she exited the bathroom, Misty was already in her pajamas.  Luckily Daphne had not yet returned.  Doing her best to avoid eye contact, Vanessa grabbed her duffel bag and a trash bag before reentering the bathroom.


Ten minutes passed before Vanessa emerged from the bathroom.  This time she was wearing a purple tank top and a pair of pajama shorts.  As she looked around the room, she saw that Misty was now engrossed in a book and that Daphne was still nowhere to be found.  Placing the duffel bag back on the bed, she said “Misty, I’m going to go check on the laundry.  I’ll be back in a bit.”  Misty merely looked up from her book and nodded.  With another bag of wet clothes in hand, Vanessa left for the laundry room.


Daphne was waiting for Vanessa in the laundry room.  “How was your phone call?” asked Vanessa as she moved the towels from the washer to the dryer before placing her dirty clothes in the now empty washer.

“It was just my parents worrying about how the trip was going.  You know how it is,” answered Daphne, never once taking her eyes off of Vanessa.  “On another note, I sincerely hope you listened to my warning about not doing anything with my sister.”

Vanessa turned around, her usual calm demeanor replaced with anger.  With frightening speed, she slammed Daphne into the wall.  “Listen up and listen good.  What your sister and I do is none of your goddamn business.  Threaten me again and I swear to God that I will let you have it without holding anything back.”  Feeling as though she had said everything that needed to be said, Vanessa backed away from Daphne and left.

The moment Vanessa was gone, Daphne’s legs gave out and she fell to the floor.  She wrapped her arms around her shoulders in a desperate attempt to stop her shaking.   Daphne’s heart was racing.   Never before had anyone instilled in her such an intense sense of fear and helplessness.  “This isn’t over, not by a long shot.”


To be continued…

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