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A Question for the Sightseers

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For those of you who regularly go hunting for 'sightings' (and i salute you), I'm curious about the times that the girls noticed you looking. How did they react? Did they just continue on or attempt to cover themselves or finish prematurely? How many were embarassed? How many didn't care? Did they realize you were staring or did they just figure you were passing through? Inquiring minds must know.

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The secret is to make them feel comfortable.  i.e. first of all don't make it obvious that you are looking.  A passing glance whilst you walk by is better than standing there staring!  Secondly, have a reason for being there - often if you walk past, say sorry or excuse me and tell them you had the same idea or say that you are there for the same reason and then go and stand behind a bin or by a wall or something and either take a pee yourself or look like you are then they will just think you are peeing and no threat.  

Another point is to try and look disinterested.  Be typing a message on your phone or look like you are otherwise engaged as you wander past.

It is best if it looks like you've accidentally discovered them.  In that case, they are more likely to be slightly embarrassed and feel that they are in the wrong, in which case, they will probably lower there eyes and cover their face, which actually gives you a chance for a better look.    Bear in mind that most of these sightings are where girls are not that well hidden.  Often it is a doorway, an alley, behind a bin or between cars, so it is not inconceivable that someone would walk past.  They are not hidden in a private place.   

Sometimes the girl(s) will make a comment such as "Sorry, I was desperate", in which case, it seems natural to respond, so that does give you a little chance to come back with "Don't worry", "Not a problem" or (particularly if pee is obviously cascading across the pavement in front of you) "Looks like you needed it".  They will often laugh in that case and it gives you a few seconds to enjoy the view - but previous comments still apply; don't overstay the few seconds required for the natural response, don't stop and stare and don't do anything that would make them uncomfortable.

The other one is sometimes you can be sure a girl is going to pee, so you are tempted to follow her.  However, only do so at a very discrete distance and again feign a lack of interest in her movements.  Look the other way and let your peripheral vision tell you where she has gone to relieve herself.  You can then follow once she is clear and chances are you'll go round the corner and find her squatting.  If you don't, ah well, you've missed that one.   However, if you make it obvious that you are following her then she won't pee and/or she will likely start shouting abuse at you for following her.  Far better to lose a few sightings than to upset people.

Remember that the more people upset girls peeing, the less likely they are to be willing to pee outdoors again in the future.

You need to accept that very few sightings are going to be full on views of the whole episode of peeing and that often you may not see anything other than a bit of pee pooling on the ground.   Sometimes you'll be lucky and get a view of well lit, fully exposed girl with a nice jet totally visible.   Sometimes you will have a shadowed view of a figure crouched down in a corner, with her actions hidden by clothing, the object behind which she is hiding and the lack of lights.   Take them all for what they are and don't be disappointed.  Sometimes you can be out for hours and see nothing.  Sometimes you'll see several sightings in a short space of time.  It is just the way it goes.

Going back to your original question - I would say the vast majority don't care - they are so desperate or drunk, they just get on with it.   Maybe 10% would try and finish early, jump up and hide what they were doing. Another 10% might make some comment telling you not to look or to go away and maybe 20% might look embarrassed, say they are sorry and hide their faces.   The percentage that get upset would be much higher if they thought I was trying to look rather than just accidentally discovering them.  



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