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Marking Your Territory

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Author's note: The theme of this story is about acceptance and finding someone who loves you despite whatever kink you may have.
Artemis was a twenty-two year old college graduate.  She was extremely beuatiful but she was the type of girl who didn't think she was.  She had a kind personality to the point that she was pretty much a pushover.  She was off to a private lakehouse where her boyfriend Jim had just moved into.  Artemis and Jim had been friends practically since they were in diapers, but became lovers their junior year of high school.  Jim had always been the handsome and popular jock that the girls loved, the guys envied, and everyone idolized.  That is why it came as such a shock to Artemis that he had chosen her even though there were girls far prettier than she was.  Despite being in a relationship for almost five years, the farthest they had ever gone was some kissing and light petting.  It wasn't for lack of trying on her part, for every time she tried to get closer to him he would always say that he wasn't ready or that it wasn't the right time.  Artemis was especially excited today because it was their five year anniversy and she was bound determined to get him to punch her v-card.
She finally arrived at the house after an hour long drive from the city.  Jim had told her that the door was unlocked and  to come in when she got there.  As Artemis entered the house, she called, "Jim are you in here?"
"I'm in the kitchen," replied Jim.  Artemis walked into the kitchen and saw him busy preparing lunch.
"Whatcha makin?" asked Artemis as she came up from behind him and threw her arms around him.
"Chicken casserole because I know its your favorite," replied Jim.
Artemis kissed his lips and exclaimed "You're the best boyfriend ever!"  She then felt a small twinge in her bladder, a sign that nature was calling.  "Do you mind if i use your bathroom?" She asked.
"Go right ahead," said Jim.  "Its down the hall, second door on the right.  Also please do no open any of the other doors in that hallway.  I'm still unpacking and i don't want you to see how cluttered everything is."
"Alright," said Artemis as she walked down the hall.  Just as she was getting ready to open the door to the bathroom, she noticed a light coming from one of the closed doors on the left side of the hallway.  Thinking that Jim must have forgotten about it, she decided that she would turn the light off for him.  As she opened the door, her mouth dropped open as a loud gasp escaped her lips.  The room was filled with S&M paraphenalia from leather whips to  ballgags and even a wooden horse.  Realizing that she had seen something she wasn't supposed to, she began to back out of the room.
"What are you doing in here?" screamed a voice from behind her. The shock of which caused her to jump forward. As she turned around, she was quickly pinned to the wall by an angry Jim.  "I told you not to open any of the doors!" he screamed.
"I'm sorry," cried Artemis.  "I didn't mean too, its just that the light was on and I thought I would turn it off for you."  The look of rage on Jim's face subsided into one of sheer disappointment.
"Well now you know the truth," said Jim.  "I have an S&M fetish and now that you know, I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave and never come back.  You and I are done."
"Why?" asked a teary eyed Artemis.  "I promise I won't tell anyone."
"That's not the problem," said Jim.  "To tell you the truth, I'm glad that you found out because it makes ending our relationship so much easier.  You see I've always had the fetish but the reason I held back is because you're too soft too ever be my partner and honestly I'm tired of hiding who I am."  In reality, the reason he hid this side of himself was because he was afraid that he might force Artemis into doing things she didn't want to do and thay he might accidentally injure her in the process.  Also he was scared that if he started doing these sorts of things with her, he might lose control of himself.  Thus, in his mind it was better to push her away for her own safety.
"Please don't leave me," sobbed Artemis.  "I love you regardless of what your into and I'll doing anything you ask so long as we can stay together."  Seeing that words were not going to get through to her, Jim decided that he would need to use his fetish to force her to leave of her own accord.
"Anything, huh?" said Jim, a wicked smile coming over his face.  "I'll tell you what, if you can prove that your capable of being my S&M partner, than I won't break up with you.  However, I warn you that it will be humiliating and that if you fail to follow my instructions, then you fail my test."
"I'll do anything," replied Artemis.
"Then start by stripping naked," said Jim.  Artemis did as she was told. Once she was naked, Jim told her to turn around and as she did, he strapped a fake dog tail to her backside, placed a set of dog ears on her head, and placed a leather dog collar atound her neck.  "From this moment until the test ends, you are my bitch and will follow my orders without talking back."  He took her back to the living room and told her to sit and stay while he finnished cooking.  Ten minutes went by and Artemis began squirming as she remembered that she had not had a chance to use the bathroom.  Another five minutes passed before Jim returned with a  rolled up magazine in his hand.
"I still need to use the...," but before Artemis could finish her sentence, Jim slappped her bare ass with the rolled up magazine."
"Don't speak unless I tell you to," said Jim.
"But I...," and once again he swatted her bare ass,  this time with enough force to cause her to release a jet of piss all over the tile floor.
"You dirty little bitch," said Jim as he grabbed her by  her hair and then pushed her face into the puddle of piss.  "The only way to teach a dog not to mess in the house is by rubbing their nose in it."  Tears began streaming down Artemis's face as she could smell and taste her own piss.  "Crying already, how pathetic.  You know that you could make this end by admitting defeat.  What do you say?"
"Arff!" cried Artemis defiantly, tears still streaming down her face.  Jim proceeded to let go her go, went to the kitchen, and came back with a roll of paper towels and a trash bag.  Artemis was embarrassed as she watched Jim get on his hands and knees and clean her piss.
After Jim was done he said, "Now I'm gonna have to give you a bath."  Aretmis began walking on all fours for the hallway until Jim yelled at her to stop.  "You must have misunderstood me.  Dogs don't get bathed in the bathtub, they get bathed outside."  He opened the door to the back and ordered her to wait outside while he got the materials.  A few minutes later he came out with shampoo and soap and proceeded to wash her with the hose.  It was a humilating experience for Artemis as Jim lathered her breasts and nether regions.  However, she couldn't  help but be turned on by the way he was gently scrubbing her most sensitive areas.  Jim noticed that it was turning her on and commented, "You play the role of a bitch in heat rather well."
After he finished washing and drying her, he brought her back in for lunch.  Artemis was half-expecting for Jim to make her eat a bowl of dog food but was pleasantly surprised to see a bowl of casserole placed in front of her.  She then stuck her face in the bowl and ate the way a dog would as knew that that was what Jim expected of her.  She then drank from the water bowl he provided her and waited for the next order.  Not long after lunch, she began to squirm again.  "Looks like someone needs to be taken for a walk," said Jim as he leashed her up.  As soon as they were outside in the grass, he said, "Well what are you waiting for?  Go ahead and piss." Artemis began to tremble at the thought of pissing infront of her boyfriebd, but the desire to pass his test was stronger than her fear.  She proceeded to squat forward as much as she could, just as she had seen female dogs do and released a golden stream of piss into the grass.  Jim watched as the grass and dirt beneath Artemis began to look foamy.  While on the outside he tried to appear cold, on the inside forcing Artemis to piss like a dog was eating away at him.
As soon as she was finished Jim proceeded to take her for a walk around the forest surrounding the lake.  Part way through their walk Jim noticed Artemis squirming again.  "I see that the diuretic I slipped into you food is working."  Before he could say anything else he felt his own bladder call out to him that it was time to go.  Jim then proceeded to walk over to a tree, unzipped his pants, and let loose.  Artemis watched in fascination as she had never seen a man pee infront of her before.  As Jim zipped up, he turned to Artemis and removed the leash.  "This is the perfect time to act like a dog and mark your territory," he said pointing to the tree he had just relieved himself on.  Artemis crawled over to the tree and proceeded to sniff Jim's piss, much to Jim's embarrassment.  She then proceeded to lift her leg and began watering the tree.   
"Don't use it all in one place," ordered Jim.  "You need to move around and mark as much territory as you can."  He watched in amazement as Artemis began crawling from tree to tree, each time lifting her leg up and splashing a bit of piss on her target.  Each tree she watered caused Jim to feel a stabbing pain in his chest at he realized he was doing to her the things he had been trying to protect her from.  As Artemis finished her eighth tree, Jim yelled at her to stop as he could no longer bear watching her humiliate herself.  He walked over to her and removing her collar he said, "The test is over, you failed."
"But I did everything you said," cried Artemis. She watched as Jim turned his back on her and began making his way towards the house.  She screamed for him to stop and as he turned around to  face her,  she tackled him to the ground and pulled the collar from his hands.  As she put it back around her neck she said, "I'm not done yet."  She then proceeded to release the last bit of piss she had over Jim's legs.
"What the hell are you doing?" screamed a surprised Jim.
"I am marking my territory," replied Artemis.  " I honestly don't care what sort of fetish you have.  I always have and always will love you for you, kinks and all.  I can see it in your eyes that you were trying to push me away in order to protect me, but I don't want to be protected.  I want to like what you like, because I love you and I want to get closer.  If I didn't I would've left the moment you told me.  I am your bitch and you are my master."
Jim looked at her teary eyed and said, "It's true that I was trying to drive you away in order to protect you.  That's also why I tried to keep you at arms length throughout our relationship beacuse  I was scared of what I might do if  I lost control.  But the truth is that deep down I always wanted to be more intimate with you and for you to accept me even with my kinks."
"You idiot," said Artemis smiling.  "I've always accepted you for who you are just as you have accepted me for me.  As for being more intimate, we can start here and now.  I am naked after all."  Jim smiled at her as he proceeded to remove his clothes.  It was on that day five years in the making that the two made passionate love for the very first time.  From that day forward they became more honest with each other and their relationship only grew stronger.
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Really good , I envy ur ability to write with length, I would check your spelling on a few words but all in all , I liked it

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