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Danny and Selena were normal college seniors until the day they volunteered to undergo a science experiment for extra credit. The experiment was to see if it was possible to teleport two people at the same time from one pad to another. While the experiment was successful, there was an unintended sideaffect: Danny and Selena had switched bodies.  While the scientists were trying to figure out what went wrong, the two unlucky college students were told not to leave the building.  Five hours after the body swap, Selena (in Danny's) body was desperately feeling the call of nature.  "Hey Danny,", said Selena nervously. "Do you think you could show me how to use the bathroom in this body?"

Danny's (in Selena's body) face went bright red at the thought that Selena would both have to see and handle his junk in order to do the deed. "I'm sure that the scientists almost have things figured out.  Can't it wait a while longer?"

"No it can't," whined Selena. "I think your body already leaked a little."  Not seeing another alternative, Danny grabbed Selena and took her to the men's room. Luckily for them, this men's room was not typically used, however that meant it also wasn't cleaned all that often either.

After taking one look at the stalls, Selena said,"There's no way in hell that I'm using those stalls even if I am in your body."

"Well then i guess you don't have any other choice but to use the urinal," said Danny.  Selena turned to look at the urinals.  They were the kind that extended to the floor and hand bowl shaped bottoms.

"So how do I do this?" asked Selena.

"Normally, i would just unzip my pants and whip it out," repied Danny. "However, i think that you would mess it up and end up soaking my pants.  So instead i'm going to ask that you strip my bottom half naked."

"Alright," said Selena blushing.  She removed Danny's pants and underwear.  She was so used to seeing a vagina so to instead see a dick sprouting from between the legs was quite a shock.  Truthfully it was her first time seeing a man's dick in real-life.  "Would you say that you are well endowed?" asked a curious Selena.

"I'm slightly above average," replied Danny.  "Now let's get this over with.  The first thing you need to do is stand at the urinal and spread your legs a little.  Next you need to grab hold of the dick with both hands and use it to aim," said Danny doing his best to pantomime the action.  Danny watched as Selena did as he told her.  A couple minutes passed but nothing happened.  "What's the problem?"

"It's gone rock hard," said Selena. "The pee just won't come out." 

Realizing that Selena was experiencing the thing that many guys dread occuring when they need to pee, Danny said, "Try thinking of the least sexy thing you can imagine."  Selena did as she was told and within a minute she was peeing.  The only problem was that she had no idea how to control Danny's dick and was now spraying piss all over the place.

"It's going everywhere!" screamed Selena. "Help me!"  Danny quickly told her to pinch off the stream.  As she did Danny walked over to his body and proceeded to grab the dick.  He then proceeded to aim while Selena did the rest.  It felt weird for Danny to be touching his dick while in someone else's body but at the same time it was sort of turning him on.  After Selena was finished, she put Dann'ys cloths back on and went to wash her hands.  "We should probably head back now," said Selena.

"Hold on a sec," said Danny. "Now i gotta go too." He proceeded to take off Selena's skirt and was shocked to see black lace panties.  He never pictured her to be the type to wear this type of underwear.  As he took of the panties, he caught a glimpse of a patch of blonde hair which confirmed to him that Selena was indeed a natural blond.  He walked over to the urinal that was not covered in piss and proceeded to squat down until he was just barely hovering over the bowl of the urinal.  He took a deep breath and with a great push, a golden jet burst forth from Selena's pussy.  He watched as the stream hit the white porcelain and the red urinal cake at the bottom.  This was the first time he had ever seen a girl pee and he could tell that it was turning him on as he could feel Selena's nipples getting harder.

As he was finishing up, Selena handed him a piece of toilet paper.  "Be sure to wipe really well down there." As Danny took the toilet paper, he couldn't help but notice that  his own body had developed an erection, a sign that Selena was turned on as well.  He decided not to say anything as he put the skirt and panties back on.  The two then left and within a couple of hours they were back in their own bodies, leaving only their memories as proof of the time they had spent using the bathroom in each other's bodies.

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An interesting concept.  I am sure many people have wondered what it would be like to pee in an opposite gender's body.

There is an Interesting scene in the film Jumanji - Welcome to the Jungle.   The story is that each of the players of a computer game select a character and are then pulled into the game, taking on the physical attributes of the characters that they have selected.  One of the girls playing the game ends up in the body of a male character and the scene in the clip below shows how she (now he) needs to pee and discovers that she has a penis.


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I saw that scene and thought it was funny as all hell.

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