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Ivy’s peeventures ch1 pt 2 of 2

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Chapter one part 2 of 2


No sooner did she return from Human Resources did Bridget come out of no where,

“I trust your in the system girly?”

“Y-Yes” ivy responded hesitant as Bridget gotten closer.

Slammm!!! The wind of Bridget slamming down hard on her desk caused a few papers to drift off her desk. The entire office went silent, even the humming of the machines.

She gleamed closer to ivy 

“Yes, what?” She said with a snarl 

“Y-Yes governor “ ivy quickly corrected 

“Good girl” Bridget said patting her on the head.

“Be a dear and pick up these leaflets that befallen from ye desk” she said sweetly, feeling good about “taking no nonsense “


Ivy scrambled and put her office in an efficient time saving way, in fear that Bridget will come around .


“Here” a girl said passing her something weighted and small

“Paper weights, your not the first mate, names Alison, yours?”


“Umm ivy” she said quietly 

“Come join us gals after work across the street at the pub, fish n chips night mate” Alison invited 


“ARE YOU DISTRACTED ALISON?!” Bridget screamed marching over!

“Oh crap...” groaned Alison as she stood up.

“You know the policy, bend over”

No sooner Alison bent over she felt sharp pains from her butt, SPANK!!!

Not once, not twice but thrice

Ivy’s eyes widened in fear

“I’m sorry governor “ she whimpered going back to her cubical.


“Don’t get any ideas” Bridget said as she walked away.


It was 6:00pm!! Thr first day was hell and Ivy took Alison’s invite, she could definitely use some friends being so far away from home.


“Greetings ladies” a mans voice welcomed,

“Who’s the blonde?” He asked

“The new girl at work” Alison piped up, letting her hair down and inching up her skirt , un doing the top button of her blouse.

“Names Oliver but everyone calls me Griz, short for Grizzly “ he introduced himself, he seems like the tough biker you wouldn’t mess with but he was very polite and warm.

“Griz is the only person who took the yard stick from Bridget and smacked her fanny! “ Alison boasted with pride.

“Haha, you got paddled with the willow again didn’t ya?” He asked, as he checked out ivy.

“Yes yes, this is Ivy, she’s Canadian and new”

“Bonjour” ivy greeted feeling abit more comfortable.

“And a frenchy too! Anyways love, what’s your poison? Or tonic, “

“Coffee please?” She asked unsure 

“Fresh out, tea okay? Fresh from India” he offered 

Ivy sipped her tea , longing for this intern ship to be over.

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