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Ivy’s peeventures

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(Places and ppl in this fiction is not based on real events, to “authenticate “ this story on a realistic basis, study and research has been done but has room for corrective action)




Ivy was a young and bright girl, advanced in her classes who out of 1000 interns, won a work visa to work for the modern day KCom business being a junior buyer for the fast growing internet provider, all the way in Hull UK with room and board provided, an excellent opportunity for a small town girl from Saskatchewan,  Kamsack Canada 


It was a thrilling experience to look forward too, ivy did extensive research on what there is to do and that night was to excited to sleep! 

6am, she rushed to the air port, and for over 18 hours traveled long across the world, dreaming about her first day. 

It was Sunday 6pm, for her, but to the people of Hull, it was 1am, she didn’t quite adjust to the time zone differences let alone that ppl drove on the opposite side of the road and the massive double decker buses, quiet a site that even brochures couldn’t capture,


Monday she crawled out of bed, wanting to make a good first impression, dressed in her finest skirt, and dress shirt, did her hair up in a bun and put on heels, passable for an English gal, she thought to herself.


Little did the little blonde know, things weren’t gonna be as she thought, and she’ll experience things that a good normal girl would never, and that she’ll learn something about herself


Chapter 1: TBA (chapter 1 going forward becomes interesting)

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Chapter 1: The meeting

Part A of B

Ivy managed to dodge her way around the streets of hull to get to her new job, she ran without looking and bumped into a British gentlemen, little did she know will have more of an impact on her later on,

she fell flat on her ass, knocking him down as well, 

“oh great?! Not now!! I’m gonna be late!!!” She thought to herself trying to pick herself up,

”oh gracious me” he said with a smile and with a rich British accent, his voice melted her away, the gentle but stern way that commands respect!

”Mousers the name and you look like your in a hurry, be careful dear, the next poor bloke may not be as pleasant “ 

“yes, sorry, of course” she said trying to get her wording right,

she ran past him and into the building, and awaiting her was Bridget , her boss, her governor...

”Blonde?! You must be ivy! Your 2 minutes late!! Nicole take this lass to her cubicle and show her what we do!! Lickity split!”

”yes governor!” Nicole said grabbing ivy by the hand, racing down the hall,

”time is money and money is what makes this a success, to your right is the Manuels, you have 37.32 min to read them then you need to get it checked off, then go to Human Resources then start work!”

ivy was wondering if shes gonna pass out saying that all in one breath

Nicole ran off before ivy could thank her,

”so high paced, I’m sure after today, it’ll make sense, stay in rhythm, and stick it out” she assured herself , settling in her very tightly spaced cubicle, 

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