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Dysfunctional stressincontinence

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Neurological incontinence also called dysfunctional stress incontinence , is quite different from ordinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence is not in itself a disability or illness but only a serious symptom that the term implies, neurological and very common with congenital nerve diseases. It is incurable and lifelong which for some people can be very difficult and embarrassing to live with.Neurological incontinence occurs suddenly , very quickly and without warning anywhere and at any time and works very quickly in any situation at any time and anywhere . I therefore have to use diapers daily and see this as part of my lifestyle, but despite the sexual satisfaction that I can experience of soaking diapers , there are still many things that are socially embarrassing , such as I can never enjoy sexual satisfaction from the opposite sex , it would be terribly embarrassing if an accident happened during the sex act.

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I would have to say . That you might be wrong about having an accidentally peeing while trying to engage in having sex with some one . Depending on whether you are a male . I can see the embaraassement in maybe not getting an erection for pentration . Though if you are a male . Some women . Who enjoy having a pee fetish and want pee included in their sex play . Might be turnes - on more if you just happed to start peeing right as you enter them or in having fore play before inter course begins . now if you are a female . The same thing applies . Some guys like to watch a woman pee while just laying in bed wetting themselves The person they are with when ever . Plus if it happens during inter course . It might prove to enhance the feelings and sensations a lot more !

it all depends on how you approach the subject with the opposite sex . Communication between the two of you is vital in getting to know one another more in indulging in being intimate with them .

I would like to know what sex you are . To better understand and maybe address this issue a lot more precisely , if I can .

Your thoughts on this are important to know . With respect to who you are as a person .

Thank You

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