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Getting over embarrassment about a fetish

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For me, and I know many others (not all of course), pee is only so strong of a fetish because of the powerful emotions of shame, discomfort, embarrassment, and disgust that bodily functions have in our puritanical society. For a long time I was so embarrassed by my fetish that I was too nervous to tell more than one other person, who I knew also liked it already. I thought I would always just be unfulfilled because I was too ashamed to say anything!

And even if I said something to my partner, I was sure they wouldn't be into it and they would just humor me. Do it begrudgingly and I'd feel bad for asking all the time like I know is the case for some of you, sadly.

But! I realized that in order to recieve the rewards of being loved you have to subject yourself to the mortifying ordeal of being known, and I asked my partner! Who was  totally down to try! I WAS embarrassed, but that's fine! I was just embarased while getting pissed on!

And far from begrudging, my partner was Into it! Thought it was really hot too once they tried it! And I of course fucking loved having my fetish tickled. It was great.

And that patern has continued. Every partner I've asked has been at least curious enough to want to try, and multiple people have now told me they think about ME whenever they take a piss which is so weirdly hot! I'm getting to fulfill fantasies I've had for years and assumed would just stay fantasies. It's amazing.

And far from it feeling like I'm asking something weird of my partners, no it's a really easy, free, healthy even, ("Stay hydrated honey!") way that THEY can use to turn me on and make me happy. Which they want to do because it's generally pretty fun to turn on your sex partners. And a partner worth their salt will WANT to make you happy!

So I guess this is just me saying, if you're nervouse about bringing up a "weird" kink, go ahead! You might be surprised and the reward is worth the risk!


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