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No TP after Marching Band

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Back in high school we had a marching band show that went pretty late. It was about a 2 hour drive back to the school and naturally everybody wanted to pee before they left. There were about 4 porta potties in the parking lot and around 200 of us (that was just the students - we had a very large band!) At some point while we were in line the toilet paper completely ran out in all 4 porta potties and the ladies were freaking out. It wasn't long before our leaders were taking paper towel rolls and ripping off portions to pass to every lady in line. A lot of girls blushed pretty hard but my girlfriend at the time was having a pretty hard time with it. She was very innocent and I think she didn't want men knowing how ladies went to the bathroom. (I had discovered porn a few years back and while I was "sober" at the time, I had definitely seen thousands of ladies peeing before as the process fascinated me.) She tried to hide the paper towel in her sweatshirt which made me giggle a bit. But I just gently told her that "a lady's got to do what a lady's got to do." I think that made her feel marginally better. I let her go first in line, partly to be a gentleman and partly because I wanted to hear the sounds of a lady doing what a lady's got to do. She had a fairly full bladder that night and made a nice tinkling hissing sound. And the paper towel was definitely gone when she came out of the porta potty :)

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