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Wetting while paddleboarding

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A few months ago while I was at a cottage I was out paddleboarding on the lake with my partner and as soon as we got 5 minutes out from the dock I realized I had to pee, really bad. I was wearing a t shirt and a pair of swim trunks, and my clothes where dry because I'd stepped off the dock onto the paddleboard. I was letting my partner lead the way so she couldn't see me, so I thought instead of paddling to the side of the lake and climbing off into the woods I'd try wetting myself. 

I don't get to it often because we live in a small apartment with a shared laundry room and I don't want to be going down there as a grown man with my wet underwear (so usually once a pair of underwear has worn out so bad I don't want them anymore I'll wet them before I throw them out) and this seemed like a perfect opportunity. 

I've got a bit of a shy bladder so it took a while to get started even though I really had to go, but once the floodgates opened it took some real self control to not piss so hard she could hear it hitting the fabric of my swim trunks and dripping against my paddleboard. I had to slow down the speed of my stream a little bit and angle my leg just a little so that my piss dripped onto my leg and ran down there to keep it quiet. Luckily I was wearing a black pair of trunks so they didn't show the wetness too much, and the sun pretty much dried them out by the time we got back to the cottage and I jumped in the water. (And then suddenly, I guess because my bladder got too shy pissing in the open, the floodgates opened all over again and I pissed for about a minute straight while treading water)

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