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Tyler's Exhibition

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Feeling the warm stream in his boxer briefs, and then down his thighs through his jeans, Tyler wondered when his love of pee had even began. It had to have been at a young age because he couldn't remember a time when piss didn't make him excited. Just, as a whole, anything to do with piss usually got him the hardest he could get, even in comparison to regular vanilla sex (although he had only experienced that once to be fair). It was a close second, but still. As his hot piss flowed down around his bare feet, he stepped in place lightly, loving the feeling of his puddle on the carpet. He always used the same spot when he did this because he didn't want his whole carpet ruined or smelling like piss, and the spot was just beside/behind his bed, so any stains on the carpet wouldn't be seen unless someone came around to that side of the bed. He also usually used a towel on top of the carpet, but when he was really horny, like now, he said to hell with it and decided he would deal with any consequences later.
    'Wow,' he thought, after the 40 second mark passed. 'I really did drink a lot of water...' 
    10 more seconds passed and he felt the last little bit leave his dick which was now getting harder after his release. He moaned softly and rubbed his hands along his now 5-inch uncut penis through the jeans material. Up and down, slowly the rest of the loose piss clinging to his pants dripped off while he rubbed, and he couldn't resist. Undoing his fly, he slid his wet waistband down below his balls. With his left hand supporting his sack, his right hand went to town, his piss lubricating the inside of his foreskin; it made jacking off feel amazing. He let out an involuntary noise and gasped as he approached his climax. He tried to slow down because he wanted this to last, but it was too late. He had flown too close to the sun, and sensing that his orgasm was imminent, he started stroking his cock even tighter than before to make the most of it. 
    He heard footsteps approach his door, and the doorknob started to turn. 
    'Oh fuck, of course this happens. She has to walk in on me literally as I'm cumming.' Feeling that his orgasm had indeed started, he quickly decided he would prefer getting a little embarrassed over wasting what felt like it was going to be amazing while still getting caught. Committing to his decision, he felt the first bits of cum started to spill out of his tip, and the door fully opened. 
    His mom stood in the doorway, her eyes immediately looking down at the display her son was making beyond his bed. His left side was facing her, so she was able to see uninhibited several huge loads spurt out of his pisshole, and he couldn't help but slow down and groan while what felt like ages passed until the last of his cum dripped out. He had been looking down at his dick until about the third or fourth shot, but when he slowed his stroking almost to a stop he looked up to see her red, horrified face. Even after his climax ended, it just felt so good to keep rubbing the underside of his dick that without even realizing it, he was still jacking off as he looked at her. He was helplessly unable to leave the pleasure behind so abruptly.
    "Tyler! I'm sorry... I should have knocked, I'm sorry." She was unable to look him in the eyes as she snapped her gaze away and finally interrupted the silence.
    "It's okay, I should have locked my door," he said and now that his rational mind started to kick in, he quickly knelt down behind the side of the bed (his face right by his pile of semen on the sheets) so his mom couldn't see him exposed anymore. He didn't recognize that even now, his right hand was still slowly stroking his cock, and even though he was kneeling down, his mom could still see his arm moving as he gripped himself. "Well... I guess since you're already here, what did you need?" Tyler asked.
    After stammering a bit, she said, "Oh, it's just that- well I called your dad to see when he would be getting home, and he told me his flight is being delayed until tomorrow. He won't be getting home until late tomorrow night. Sorry again, honey." With that, she left quickly, closing the door behind her. 
    After the door clicked shut, he realized he'd still been jacking off slowly right in front of his mother. 'Man, what was I thinking? That was definitely weird, right? Is there something wrong with me?' He stopped suddenly, embarrassment and some shame filling him. 'Only some shame, though,' he thought coyly, as he felt the urge to pee start to grow again. 'There's nothing I can really do about it now; she's already walked in on me. She won't be doing it again... Might as well finish what I started.'
    His cock was now significantly deflated, maybe down to 4 inches, and he felt himself become a little harder again at the thought of pissing yet again, not even 10 minutes after the first time. As he looked down at his member, he again noticed the cum covering and soaking into his sheets, and an idea struck him that made his cock twitch. He hurried around to the other side of the bed so his ass was facing the door and leaned against the edge of the bed with his thighs. If the sheets were already a mess from his cum, he might as well fuck them up even more since he was going to wash them anyways. He could even piss away the globs of white before they crusted and really threatened to stain.
    His hand pointing his semi-hard cock, he focused on getting the stream to start which took a surprising amount of time considering the pressure he felt on his bladder. A weak stream dribbled out, first straight down from his tip, but then the stream became more forceful and started to spring out straight in front of him. His piss splashed against the sheets, making a SSSSSSS, and his stream weakened as he felt himself get a bit harder. Fighting against it, he used his muscles to continue pissing full force onto his now soaking bed. The SSSSSSS grew louder and he felt back splash hitting him. He felt about halfway done when he eased up on his force and pointed himself towards his pillows and lightly wet them. 'Don't want to get them too wet,' he thought. Next, he grabbed some loose bedsheet, and wrapped it around his dick with his head pressing into the fabric. He let go again full force and a steady stream sprang up through the sheet and cascaded down onto his bed. He moaned aloud and he took off the sheet quickly. As his dick was freed, his piss was uninhibited from barriers, and it arched up, coming down all over the wall that stood in front of him on the other side of the bed where his pee spot was. It splashed against the wall, spraying the window next to it with droplets and making a somewhat loud thrumming noise as it hit the wall. He wondered if his mom could hear it. Piss ran down the wall and seeped into the carpet below as his pee slowed, raining back on the bed until it finally abated. 
    "Goddamn," he said aloud, trying to calm his breathing. "Fuck... that felt so fucking good..."

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