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Toilet on the beach

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7 hours ago, Keri said:

This is a short story from yesterday. I was at the beach by the lake when I wanted to pee. I know there are no contraindications for peeing in the water, but I go to the toilet to listen to other people's pissing. While I was in the cabin, someone entered the adjoining cabin. I didn't know if it was a woman or a man because the toilet was unisex. After a while I heard someone peeing very hard. You could hear the stream hitting the water and it took quite a long time. When I heard that the door in the neighboring cabin opened, I also stepped out of mine to see this person. It turned out to be a very short, slender woman. It surprised me a bit, although I know from experience that small people can also pee long and hard.

sometimes the sound of girls peeing is so loud that other people can hear it
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