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I come bearing a gift and questions! I think.


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Well then, Title names are not my strong point. 

But firstly let me share a nice vid from youtube before we going into the rest. (Vid related)


Somehow I find those types of scenarios much more of a turn on then most other videos.
Simply the fact that they are somewhere where they can't just pee. Sometimes my imagination is much better then any video.

Lately I have seen a lot of MrBeast videos, amongst them the videos of day long hide and seek games, or people buried mostly in sand, etc.
Tis gave me the thoughts about such situations, that it would be really hot to see how the girls (for me) handle having to pee while buried, or hidden without being able to leave their hiding spots. Of course that stuff is never shown (sad for me)
But as such my questions, anyone any stories to tell about that, any videos to share? Or just any thoughts along the same lines?

Btw, excuse my all over the place writing, been a while since I used english to write anything more then chat messages 😛


p.s this stuff also includes being stuck in car, or riding bikes etc. mostly girls tho, as for guys its mostly a easy solution.

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