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"Ellie" Part 3. What Might Have Been: A Romantic Dinner with a "Wet" Interlude.

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"Ellie" Part 3. What Might Have Been: A Romantic Dinner with a "Wet" Interlude.

By Dr. P

Summary: After our very intimate conversation, during our drive to the restaurant, we have a nice, romantic dinner, as described briefly, in Part 2. She completes it with a trip to the Ladies' room, followed by an extremely erotic, detailed account of the challenges faced by a woman trying to take a very urgent pee in a facility which is less than pristine. She shares the most intimate details of her experience with me, when she returns to our table. This incident expands our conversation into new and more intimate areas, and becomes an integral part of our story, leading to additional activities, to be detailed in a later part of this story.

We have a very lovely, romantic dinner, with cocktails before, and wine during the meal. We are sitting side-by-side, in a booth, and I caress her smooth, bare legs, discreetly, under cover of her short, wrap-around denim skirt, and the table cloth. As we finish our dessert and coffee, she crosses her legs, trapping my hand between them, and pulls it in tight against her panties. Then she looks into my eyes, and confides to me,

"I have to "go." Just keep your hand where it is for a minute, or two, and help me hold it! I'll tell you when to take it away, so I can stand up, and make it to the Ladies' room, without wetting myself!"

"OK. I'll do anything I can to help you! Hope everything comes out OK," I reply. "Wish I could come along!"

"Well, you can come along and help me find the Ladies' room! I have to go really bad! Your hand between my legs might get wet, if I don't get there soon!" she says, with a wink and a grin.

"Ooh! I'd love that!" I grin and wink back.

"Well I wouldn't! It would be embarrassing for me!"

After waiting a few minutes, I feel her thighs relax, and she releases my hand, while her panties remain dry. She stands up, and takes my hand in hers.

I ask a passing waitress, and she directs us to the nearby facilities.

"I have to "go" too," I tell "Ellie," as we separate, in front of the Ladies' room.

"Wait for me, afterward, and walk back to the booth with me," she replies.

"Sure. Glad to. Are you sure that won't be embarrassing to you?"

"Of course not! Why would I care what these people think? We're a couple, and it's perfectly natural for us to walk to and from the restroom, together. After all, you're not coming in with me!"

"That's too bad! Wish I was!"

"That wish may come true, sometime, but not this time!" (Wink and sly smile.)

I meet her in front of the Ladies' room, after what seems like a long wait, and ask, "Did everything come out OK?" with my usual wicked grin.

"Not exactly," she replies, in a hushed, confidential tone, directed into my ear, as we walk back to our booth.

"For such a nice restaurant, the Ladies' room is not very clean. The seat was all wet, and so was the floor, so I didn't dare sit down! I had to "hover," and it sprayed all over, as you can imagine, from the little secret I told you, about me. I don't know how many times I had to stop and restart, because I had to "go" so bad, and that made it worse, because it sprays and sprinkles, every time I do that."

We reach the booth, I slide into it first, while she remains standing and continues her story, in a hushed voice, close to my ear:

"It started leaking, and running down my legs, while I was still standing up! I felt it sprinkling my legs, at first, and couldn't get it to stop! I had to hold my skirt up with one hand, and take my panties off, with the other. Not easy! And it was taking a lot of time! I couldn't wait, when I had to 'go' so bad! I was trying to take my panties off, while I was holding my skirt out of the way, because a lot was starting to come out! And I couldn't even start to squat, before it gushed down both of my legs, and ran all the way down to my ankles!"



"When it finally stopped, my legs had dribbles all over them, so it took me a long time to wipe, and I still don't know if I got it all. Lucky my skirt and panties didn't get wet! Do you see any dribbles on my legs? Look at them in the back, when I turn around, OK? Can you check me out with your hand, now, and after I sit down?"

"That will be a labor of love!" I reply, with a grin, catching her eyes.

"Hope you enjoy it, but you have to do a good job! Don't miss anything!" She smiles back.

"Trust me!" I reply.

She steps away from the booth, twirls once, showing me the backs of her legs, then looks into my eyes, for my observations. After looking carefully at her legs, from my low vantage point, I reassure her, "You look dry, to me, and more beautiful than ever."

"Thanks for looking. You're very sweet."

"The pleasure was all mine," I reply, truthfully.

Then she moves closer to the booth, and stands beside me, legs separated just enough to allow my hand between them. I run my hand discreetly up the backs and insides of her legs, from her calves to her thighs, staying below her panties, for discretion, under her skirt, checking her for wetness, or dribbles, but finding nothing. Then she slides into the booth, sitting very close to me, takes my hand, and puts it between her thighs, again, tight against her panties, under cover of her skirt and the table cloth.

"I hope I'm dry!" she whispers, as she opens her legs to allow me to feel her inner thighs and panties, very carefully.

"Your legs are OK, but your panties are a little damp, toward the back. Not enough to soak through your skirt, and show, though."

"Yeah, I knew I squirted a little in my panties, when I discovered that I had to squat, and took them all the way off, so I could do it, in a big hurry, without getting them wet! I really had to "go!" I often drop them down to my ankles, if the floor is clean, but I couldn't do that, here. I knew it would spray, because I had to go so bad! If I don't have to "go" so bad, I can just pull them down to mid thigh, and let them stretch, between my legs."

"Sounds like a big hassle! Wish I could have been there to help you with your skirt and panties, and anything else you needed!" I'd love to see you squat, when you do it. It sounds very sexy!"

"I don't know if you'd like to see me do it when I have to squat! It can be awfully messy, like it was, this time! You might think it's gross, and messy, and a turn-off!"

"No way! Not at all! The messier the better, for me!"

"This time it ran down my legs, all the way to my ankles, as I said! I don't know if you'd want to see that! It doesn't happen very often, but this time, it was really bad!"


"I can squat when I pee, but I don't do very well, standing up straight, with my legs too close together! At the very least, I have to spread my legs, so they don't get wet! Lucky I got my panties all the way off, because it gushed and sprayed, and ran down my legs, before I even had a chance to spread them, which usually helps! Lucky I didn't have hose on, or they would have been soaked with pee!"

"Wish I could have been there to help you, and see that! I'd wipe all of it off of your legs, from your ankles, all the way up! I know it was a bad experience for you, and I hope you'll excuse me for saying this, but it sounds very sexy, to me!"

"I didn't think it was sexy at all, just awfully messy, gross, and embarrassing! I wouldn't have wanted you to see me, with pee running down my legs, and leaving dribbles on them, because it might really turn you off!"

"Not at all! I think I'd it find it incredibly sexy! To me, peeing is the sexiest thing a woman can do, and there's nothing sexier than seeing pee running down her lovely legs, and leaving dribbles on them!"

"I'd love to watch you squat to pee, sometime, when you can spread your legs! Hope you'll show me how you do it! After you've told me all of this, I'm very curious about you, and really turned on!"

"Well, I'll have to think about that, and get to know you better, before I let you see me do it that way. You haven't even seen me do it sitting down, yet, in any detail! Sometimes my legs, or the seat, get wet, even when I'm sitting down, and I don't know if that might turn you off. That's part of the reason I left the door half open, when I went, earlier this evening. I wanted to see your reaction. And I still don't have an answer to that!"

She locks eyes with me, with a questioning expression.

"Sorry I didn't give you a straight answer to your question, right up front! Your little demonstration, if that's what it was, was one of the most erotic scenes I've ever seen, and an incredible turn-on, for me! No chance for me to be turned off, by what I've already seen and heard from you, from a distance! I only wish I could have seen more, up close, and personal! But as I told you, I was afraid to walk in on you, or even ask, because you might think I'm some kind of pervert!"

"I loved your sexy hiss, and the way you started and stopped, several times, when I heard you "go"! Do you always do that? I think that's very sexy, because it must spray, or gush, when you restart. I would love to see how you do that, if you'll show me. I couldn't see your stream, from where I was, and that was disappointing."

"Yes, my loud hiss and the stopping and starting are caused by the same problem, and I do both, all the time. I had a pretty serious bladder infection some years ago, and it left some scar tissue inside of me, so I have to push a little bit harder to get my pee to come out. It sometimes stops my stream in the middle of my peeing, if I don't keep pushing, so I have to restart."

"And you're right that it often sprays and sprinkles sort of unpredictably, when I restart. How did you guess that? I know I didn't tell you. So it can be a little bit messy, especially at times when I have to go really bad. But that's what toilet paper is for, so I don't worry about it much. It's a lot better than having surgery to fix it, which the doctor recommends."

"I guessed that it sprays when you restart, because that's how it sounded, this evening, when I was listening to you."

"That was a good guess! You must be very interested in how women pee, or at least in how I do it! The doctor said it's all caused by the scar tissue or adhesions, from the infection, in my case. The surgery and recovery recommended to fix my problem sounds nasty, and I don't want it, so I just live with it. It isn't much of a problem, and I'm glad you like it, and think it's sexy! I've never heard that, before! My pee still comes out as strongly as ever, but a little messier, and my hiss is a little louder than it used to be."

"Yes, I'm very interested in how women pee, and especially how you do it! Seeing what parts of you get wet would add to the intimacy of watching you pee, if you'll let me. Very erotic, and a huge turn-on! Your hiss, your spray, and your starting and stopping, are incredibly sexy, over the top, for me!"

"Glad you see it that way! That's not at all what I expected from you, and I'm very relieved and happy that you're so turned on by my little pee secrets!"

We reach out to each other, side-by-side, in the booth, and hug and kiss, very affectionately. I pay the bill, and we walk back to my truck, hand in hand. We kiss passionately, and share a full body hug, leaning against the truck. We stop at another place for a drink and some dancing, to further set a romantic mood, on the way back to the hotel. She doesn't use the Ladies' room again, although she seems a little anxious, as we get in the truck, to go back to our hotel.

Dr. P


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