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A Holiday Selfie. Part 2. (Very short)

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A Holiday Selfie. Part 2 (Very short)

By Dr.P

Summary: This story relays my phone conversation with her, in which she reveals the most intimate details of how she took and chose the pictures and video, of her peeing in a toilet, which she sent to me, in Part 1. Those details, and her willingness to talk about them openly with me, are at least as erotic, as the pictures and video, themselves.

I begin by thanking her for the pictures and video,

"Thanks for the lovely, sexy pictures that you sent me. They are beautiful, and your video is over the top, hot!"

"You're very welcome! Glad you liked them. You keep those to yourself, now! I don't want them all over the 'net!"

"No worries! They're locked away on one of my USB drives, which only I can see."

"How did you take them? I didn't know you had such a good camera."

"I took them with my new phone! The family got me a phone for Christmas, which can do practically everything. And Tom and Johnny showed me how to take pictures and videos with it."

"Thank you again! That was a huge surprise! How did you happen to think of doing that?

"Actually, it was kind of an accident, almost a wet accident, if you get my drift!"

"Ooh, I'd love to hear about that!"

"I thought you would, so I'll tell you the story."

"A couple of days ago, I had to go to the bathroom, really bad, and one of my room mates was in there for the longest time. I was playing with my phone, trying to take my mind off of how bad I had to go."

"As soon as that door opened, I went for it, taking my phone with me, because I was so desperate, that I forgot to put it down. I lifted up my new nightie, from you, pulled down my panties, and sat down, just like you saw me do, a hundred times, when we were together."

"I started going immediately, and it was hissing very loud, because I had to go so bad. It was embarrassing! I was afraid that people would hear it, outside the bathroom."

"Ooh, I love your hiss, which I can hear in the video. I wish the still pictures had sound. I think your hiss, and other sounds that happen, when you pee, are very sexy. Why do you think your sounds are embarrassing?"

"Because anyone who's listening can hear exactly what I'm doing, while I'm doing it, and even guess how I'm doing it, like whether I'm sitting down or squatting, and if it's going in the toilet, or on the seat, or on the floor. It can be a very intimate, personal thing, which I don't like to share with anyone, except maybe you. I think that's why you like it so much, right?"

"Right! I love to hear it, because it adds to the intimacy, and makes me feel very close to you."

"I'll send you another video, with sound. I don't mind sharing my pee sounds with you, since they turn you on, so much!"

"Looking forward to that! Thanks, in advance."

"Anyway, before I even thought of taking the picture I am going to tell you about, and sending it to you, I tried to look down between my legs, to see where it was going, like I always do, so I don't get the seat, or my clothes, or my legs wet, and make a mess. By the way, that's getting to be harder to do, as I get older, and I could use your help with the cleanup even more! But I happened to be holding my phone above my lap, so I couldn't see anything, directly. It was blocking my view."

"But somehow, my phone happened to be in camera mode, and I could clearly see my stream, coming out between my legs, in the viewer. I thought of you, in a flash, and took a picture, to show you. I thought you would like it. I kept on watching myself go, in the camera. It seemed like it went on forever."

"It started to spray, and it got my leg wet, like you've seen happen, a few times, when you were with me. I remembered how much you used to like that, so I snapped a picture of it sprinkling my leg, and leaving dribbles on it, just for you to wipe or lick, like you used to. I wished that you were here to help me, by actually doing that."

"When I was finally done, I spread my legs, to see how wet I was, getting ready to wipe. It had hissed and sprayed a lot, so I was pretty wet, and I remembered how much you loved seeing that. The wetter I was, the better you liked it! So I snapped another picture, just for you, before I wiped myself completely dry, which took a while. I honestly wished you were here to help me, and I would have liked it even better, if you used your tongue!"

"Sounds delicious to me. Sorry I had to miss that part of it. I can taste you, in my memory, I swear!"

"After I got myself all dry, I took a picture, sitting on the toilet, with my legs apart, like I do, when I go, to show you what a good job I did."

"Oh, I thought you took that one before you started going."

"No, I took it after I went, and wiped myself. Then, just for fun, I took one, sitting on the toilet, with my legs together, like I used to do it, when I first let you in the bathroom with me. I thought you might enjoy that memory, too. And I also took a couple of pictures of me, in my new nightie, both sitting and standing, as I promised you I would. Hope you still like my legs."

"All the pictures were beautiful, and I treasure them. Of course I still love your legs! I'd like to kiss them from your ankles, all the way up, and I will, when I see you! Thank you so much!"

"How did you happen to take that fantastic video?"

"That was the next day. Both of my room mates were away for tests or therapy, and I had the room and bathroom to myself, for a while. No worries about sounds, or how long I stayed in the bathroom. I could even describe what I was doing, to you, while I was doing it. Glad you liked it so much. I thought you might."

We continue talking about other things, for quite a while. She tells me that she is doing well in her physical therapy, her legs are much stronger, and she is able to do more things, on her own. As we conclude our conversation, she teases me, saying,

"I may have a surprise for you, if I continue to get better. Watch your e-mail for another video!"

"I can't wait!" I reply.



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