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Desperation Game

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This is my first post here although I have been around for a while and spent quite a bit of time on Peesearch.

I am lucky enough to have a wife that is completely open to any pee related fun I want to have. In fact, she will voluntarily incorporate peeing into our sex life based on what she knows I like. However, I am always looking for some ways to expand our horizons. We have a weight loss challenge going on with some sexual fantasy milestones and one of the ones on my list is a pee desperation game. I know I am going to end up hitting that goal shortly before we go on a cruise this summer so I think I want to incorporate our game while we are on it.

That leads me to my reason for this post. I know I want the game to culminate with her wetting herself in private. Private is a bit subjective because it could mean in our room, a bathroom, a dark corner outside, etc. I am respectful of any cleanup that would have to be done so I am going to stay away from having it happen in an area where it would cause an issue.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what I could do to make the process of getting to the point of wetting herself fun for her? She does like teasing me and she is always up for a bit of playful tickling or pressing on her bladder. Ideally, I want the wetting to be a result of her not being able to hold it at all anymore and not something she has to force.

Any advice and discussion is welcome. Thank you!

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