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  1. (this story contains themes of piss vandalism, naughty peeing, mind control, humping, face riding, etc. if you’re not a fan of that then please click off) A few days ago I had found such a strange device on the ground with for me. “For Anna, become your best self.” It was weird, what if this was one of those tactics those kidnappers used? I ultimately decided to take it all the way to my house. Once home, I took a closer look at the device and some instructions fell out. I bent down to pick it up. ”Piss in this drawer to control the whole population.”
  2. includes: pee vandalism, naughty peeing Mia walks through the economy isle all the way to first class as some stare while some do not care. Mia observed the plane planning on some naught actions later. Mia was a 25 year old girl with a stunning figure. Her silky black hair and her perky tits were eye catching. Her outfit was also stunning, with her cute blouse and medium length skirt she looked so sweet and innocent, but that’s what she wanted them to think. She sat in a pod as she waited for the flight to begin. She was watching the boring tape they play before the flight begins.
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