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  1. Hi, I am really getting into being photographed peeing - there are so many possibilities, it can be so creative and I'm going to try to take my time exploring. Okay, some advice would be welcome here! I want to sell them, but OF don't allow pee content. There's also Fansly which allow pee, but it seems to be a bit quiet. Where would be the best place to sell high quality, studio-level pee photos? Here's an example, for your pleasure - and thank you for any advice! Kerstin x
  2. Hi, I've just joined Peefans. I've been getting into pee play for a few years, and being an exhibitionist I love being photographed peeing and being peed on. I love creating really erotic photos of peeing (although if I post, my face is blurred or I'm in a mask) I'm gonna have a look round the forums in time when a get a quiet moment; in the meantime, Hi! and I look forward to getting some even wilder ideas!
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