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  1. So i have been on here a while mainly curious at first but it is clear that that pee fun is such a turn on now I cant ignore it. My relationships up to now have all been in very vanilla relationships but now newly single and what has been deep down and suppressed in me for a long time came out. I was working at this milfs house divorced and obviously sexily frustrated and she was proper flirting and for whatever reason I decided to pick up her knickers that were left on her bedroom floor and go into her toilet and put them on I carried on the work as normal and taking every opportunity to engage her thinking she does not know ive got her dirty underwear on. In conversation with her She said im desperate for a wee and went to the bathroom but left the door wide open and I could see and hear everything im not if this was on purpose but this was such a turn on i had to pull one off and cum in her knickers that i was wearing with not a care about how i was going to put these spunk filled knickers back. well in for a penny in for a pound they might as well have my piss in as well so into her bedroom while she was downstairs and pulled out some more of her underwear for her chest of drawers stripped off and put them on and and had some lovely wetting on her bed I have no idea what I would of done if she had walked up the stairs at that time. Now I cant really help myself I have just been to the supermarket and bought a 3 pack of girls nickers and going to put them on they are all going to be wet very soon and probably going to put it up on eroprofile. I am not really sure what I am thinking of doing next but really anything goes at the moment I am quite happy to meet up or share videos, pictures with any like minded people. So PM me lets see what we can get up too :-)