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  1. Another good one that has a lot of desperation and wetting material. http://desperatebunny.tumblr.com/
  2. http://burstingprincess.tumblr.com/ This is one of my favorite. She will do a hold every now and then and post the progress on that. She also has links to even more tumblrs on her page.
  3. I wanted to share a memory of my girlfriend peeing her pants. We had been out at the mall seeing a movie and checking some stores. We shared a large soda at the theater, and not being a fan of public restrooms, didn't use the theater one. She had been a little squirmy on the way home and she told me that she really had to pee. When we did finally get home we went in and we both immediately head to her room, which has a small bathroom attached to it. Our 6 month old kitten Domino was playing in the sink. She hopped down and then jumped on the toilet seat, and fell in the toilet. My girlfriend
  4. Damn, while I have emailed a fetish model before I can only imagine what it must be like to know one
  5. For me the place I see a lot is right after a concert or sporting event is over. The people tend to flood(no pun intended) the streets and have stumbled across many girls popping a squat in the alleys. My girlfriend did so more than once, which she knows makes me happy
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