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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, do you have any experiences in pissing with the opposite sex in unisex toilets? What did you feel with both men and women are using the same toilet together for pissing?
  2. If we are into peeing I'm sure you have other kinks that you enjoy along with your peeing let's hear what they are. I will start off. For me I have a panty fetish. So peeing and panties is what really makes it all work for me . Panties are as much of a turn on as seeing a woman pee. And a woman peeing her panties omg it sends me over the edge.
  3. Japanese beauties are pissing, long video clip. https://xhamster.com/videos/japanese-sluts-pissing-compilation-7906161#mlrelated
  4. if theres any girls at all here add my kik undertaleislife333 all guys will be blocked
  5. So this is just a hypothetical situation that I came up with that I think would be interesting to see how community members would react. So we'll here's the situation. Your driving home on the freeway and your not sure how long the trip will be due to the intermittent traffic on the roads. In the passenger seat a friend of yours is driving home with you. Youve known her for around 8 months. You both work together, are the same age, and happen to live in nearby neighborhoods. As your driving she suddenly says that she really has to pee. You look over and you see her either her legs tightly crossed and bent forward. What do you do? 1) exit the freeway and find a gas station or some nearby facility with a bathroom 2) ask if she can hold it and if so just try and drive home as fast as possible. 3) intentionally take a detour to "avoid traffic" hoping to make her pee 4) do nothing 5) worry about your seats getting pee on them 6) something completely different
  6. When I was out one summer evening I met a tall, attractive girl named Jenny through a mutual friend when we were at a random bar. Tall girls are an absolute weakness of mine. Looking her up and down she had long, firm legs leading up to a nice tight ass. She was wearing a black top like Lara Croft which showed off her toned arms and nice shoulders. Beautiful eyes, irresistible smile, and long brown hair. Needless to say I started chatting her up immediately... Along the way to another bar Jenny and I got separated from our group of friends. I was flirting with her a lot and once it was just the two of us really started vibing with me. "You're pretty cute", she said. I returned that by telling her "You're really hot". It was bold of me to say that to someone I just met but she giggled and bit her bottom lip when I told her. "Why thank you" she playfully said back to me. Making our way to the next bar we both started feeling natures call. If you ready my stories on here you know I'm usually the one who instigates these situations that result in me and others peeing outside. Well, we were coming up to this parking area close to the next bar we wanted to go to and I remember seeing some cars around these buildings which were shielded by two smaller buildings. I said "Hey I gotta pee, hang on a second while I ditch between these cars". Jenny laughed and said "Ha, wait. right here? Well hang on, don't leave without me"! To my delight Jenny was following me up over the sidewalk in to this cluster of parked cars. With any luck, to pee as well. I went up to the side of the building next to the cars, whipped out my dick, and started peeing against the building. Jenny was still giggling, saying "Oh my god, you're crazy". I was turned away from her. She was giving me privacy yet still curiously glancing over as my stream was hitting the wall. Doing a slight pee-pee dance and bending a little at the waist Jenny couldn't wait any longer. I turned my head and could see that she walked behind a truck to pee. With the back of the truck shielding my view from her waist down I saw her undo her zipper, and slowly lower herself down to pee. As she was lowering herself she gave me a smile. She disappeared for a moment but she was poking her head around the side of the truck. I heard her strong torrent of piss hit the ground, we both laughed when we noticed her pee puddle began to expand around her feet. As I finished up I gave my dick a few shakes to finish up. While doing this I turned to look at Jenny while shuffling my feet to move closer to her. I flirtatiously asked "Hey, ya need any help over there". She giggled and said “Ahhh look away, my pants are still down Hahaha”. I was so turned on and I could tell she was too. I doubt she had a pee fetish but I was willing to bet she was turned because she was trying to get a look at my cock when she was trying to get a peek when I first started peeing. With that in mind our eyes met and I turned to face her. With my pants still opened. and my dick hanging out in all it's glory! She gasped, put her hands over her mouth, and giggled with excitement. Still in her squat she nearly lost her balance! Her mouth hung opened for a few seconds. Still in shock she told me "Holy shit... you gotta a big dick". I'm 8 inches when erect and pretty thick. Now, being so turned on I was chubbed up and hung rather impressively. She began to stand but before she pulled her pants up all the way I put my hand on the top of her shorts just to see if she would stop me. Now face-to-face we kissed and I slid her shorts down. Jenny was still wet from peeing as I slid my hand down the front of her stomach to her vagina. She was kissing my hard then whispered in my ear "I want you to fuck me...". At this point I was so damned turned on and it began to show! Now hard as a rock she gently grabbed my dick and said "It.. it's so big". I couldn't take it any more, it was so fucking hot. In one move my hands slid around her hips and I grasped her ass with both hands. I proceeded to hoist her up in to position then slid inside of her. She moaned heavy, her mouth hung open for deep breathes. There we both were leaning up against the back of a truck fucking each other like crazy. I'm not sure what got into me but I then remember picking her up and turning around, putting her up against the wall behind us. I held her up as her legs were wrapped around my waist, her arms wrapped around the back of my head pulling me in so close I almost couldn't breath. I let out a deep grunted and we panted as we both climaxed together. "Oh my god, you felt amazing", Jenny said. "You were incredible, that was amazing" I said in return. We then took a moment to compose ourselves and "button up" before we reemerged. Jenny and I were in a blissful state of euphoria after that experience. We spend the rest of the night together on the patio of this bar hardly saying anything to each other, just exchanging smiles back at each other after what we did. Laughing to ourselves that none of our friends or people around us had any clue what we just did. There's not to much else to say, It was just incredible! The End.
  7. https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/peeing-on-carpet-outside-33481912 me taking a piss on the carpet
  8. This question is for ladies here, when you are peeing how far that you can spray the stream? I mean the distance.
  9. theres tons of hot vids here huge collection probably never seen b4
  10. Free Pee Dating. Put an ad up, you never know!! Cascade Free Pee Contacts
  11. Actual pee sightings reports, some with pee puddle pictures, well written and full of detail of women caught pissing iin alleys and car parks in the USA.
  12. Sports women are collecting pee for examination. Downloadable links https://www5.javmost.com/DVDES-436/ http://javfull.net/dvdes-436/ http://javcum.win/dvdes-436-womens-physical-education-college-student-in-the-country-to-be-compliant-while-blushing-confusion-the-experience-of-operating-the-tournament-for-the-first-time-doping-test-are-forced-to-land.html https://hpjav.tv/5958/dvdes-436_watch-online
  13. There are urinals in public female toilets in China. These are squatting urinals with channels. https://voyeurhit.com/videos/voyeur-rtv07216/
  14. sathuta

    Pee blog

    This is one of blogs I found dedicated to pee. https://zonavoyeur.blogspot.com/
  15. Sexy pissing gifs
  16. Janice woke up to the sounds of her sister stirring in the bunk above her. She opened her eyes and looked around the room, cursing the sunlight peeking through the blinds. She could just barely see her sister Tammy’s legs hanging over the edge of the top bunk. A few seconds later she heard the expected sigh and then a clear stream of her sister’s pee dribbled down to the carpet below. Janice giggled. This was a common thing, but she was always amused by her sister’s various ways of relieving herself first thing in the morning. Janice snuggled deeper into her bed, pulling the covers over her and up to her neck. She really didn’t want to get up yet, but she continued to watch Tammy’s stream splash down to the dark carpet, making a very audible splashing sound. What was also audible were Tammy’s moans, and the messiness with which the stream fell made Janice think her sister was probably masturbating, as well. Janice reached beneath the covers and removed her panties, smiling as she did so. She rolled over on her side and scooted her bottom back until she could feel the cold of her bedroom wall against her cheeks. She smiled again and closed her eyes as she sighed and emptied her bladder, enjoying the soft hiss as her morning pee sprayed out of her and all over her inner thighs and her bedroom wall. She could hear it running down the wall to the carpet under her bed. She licked her lips and slid her hand between her legs as she continued to pee. It only took a few light strokes of her slit before she was moaning, and soon a small orgasm overtook her. Wetting had been a common thing for the girls since they were kids. Their parents were laid back about pretty much everything, including nudity, sex, and obviously peeing. Her parents were unfortunately deceased after a drunk driver ended their life in a devastating crash just a few years ago. It was still a painful memory, but most of the trauma was over and done. Now, Janice, Tammy and Tammy’s twin brother Tommy lived together in their parents’ house, mostly because no will had been left, and they did not want to sell it. So rather than fight over who would live in it, since they were all three single without any kids they decided to share it. Janice’s parents were wealthy and the house itself was 2 ½ floors with a full basement, as well. Janice could remember the earliest days of their wettings in which there was no dry room in the house. She could vividly remember her mother kneeling down beside her in the living room as a warm jet of pee sprayed out of her and onto the carpeted floor, or her mother standing in the kitchen cooking dinner as a clear stream snaked down her slender legs, making a puddle at her feet. When Janice had to go, her mother would say, “Well, go on,” and allow her to squat right where she was. A few times her mother also wet her pants, rarely saying anything before sighing and making a dark stain in her crotch. Janice would soon replicate her mother’s actions and soak her pants, as well, enjoying the soothing warmth that collected between her legs. As she got a little older, while shopping with her mother she almost squatted right in the middle of the aisle and her mother had to remind her that their peeing was only to be done around the house and not out in public. Her father would be a little more modest around her and would maybe step away or turn around, but Janice could still see or hear the tell-tale stream. This changed, though, after the twins were born and her father finally had a son. Soon, he was teaching his little boy subtle but effective ways to relieve himself in the house. Janice would often walk by her little brother and see him relieving himself all over his bedroom wall or peeing on the carpet in the corner of his room. Her little sister, Tammy, would join her and her mother as they squatted in the hallway or let their pee dribble down their legs or soak their pants. These habits continued into young adulthood. There were some struggles, of course, like friends who were grossed out, rumors that floated around school, but Janice and her siblings didn’t mind. The most common story was their wealth, and this often made it easier to make friends in spite of the rumors. Janice even recalled a few friends over the years who were into it and joined them as they wet themselves. There were even a few sexual encounters that included wetting, as well. After dozing back off for a few minutes, Janice could hear Tammy moving again and she watched her crawl down the ladder leading from the top bunk. “Hey sis,” Tammy said. “Good morning,” Janice said. She had scooted back into the bed, and as she talked to her sister she felt a little more pee seep from her bare bottom and to the mattress under her. “What are you getting into today?” Tammy asked. “I don’t know. I need to make some phone calls for work, and then my friend Susan is coming over.” “Boring,” Tammy said. Janice laughed. “Well, what did you have in mind?” Janice asked. “I don’t know. I was thinking we could go for a drive, and then maybe we can invite some people over for a party later?” “A drive where?” “Anywhere,” Tammy said. “I’m bored.” Even though she was 22, Tammy was still childish in a lot of ways. It was cute most of the time but could also be annoying. “Let’s go make breakfast,” she said. “I’m thinking pancakes!” She tapped Janice’s foot. “Come on, sleepyhead, let’s go!” Janice sat up and got out of bed, not bothering to put her panties back on. As she stepped out into the hallway, she spotted her brother Tommy, who was facing away from them and clearly relieving himself onto the wall. His head was lifted in an obvious gesture of relief, and although they could not see his dick they could definitely see and hear the strong stream that flowed from him and sprayed the hallway wall. “Good morning, Tommy!” Tammy yelled. He mumbled his reply as the girls continued down the hall to the steps. Janice paused at the top of the steps as she had a vivid memory of her mother sitting at the top step, skirt lifted and legs parted, soaking her panties. Janice remembered being fascinated by the dark stain that started at her mother’s panties and flowed down the carpeted steps. “You okay?” Tammy asked. “Yeah,” Janice said. “Just remembering Mom again.” “Good memories?” Tammy asked. “Of course,” Janice said, smiling. She followed her sister down the steps and to the kitchen. They worked together to make breakfast, talking about minor things such as school and work, but then Tammy changed the subject. “What were you remembering?” Tammy asked. “About Mom?” Janice smiled. “I was remembering a time she pissed down the stairs,” she said. “She did that a lot,” Tammy said. “Dad did it, too.” Janice chuckled as she remembered. As she flipped a pancake on the skillet, Tommy walked into the kitchen. “Morning,” Janice said. “Yes, it is,” he said, smiling. He walked across the kitchen and joined Tammy at the table. Janice turned back to the pancakes and soon felt a slight urge in her bladder again. She relaxed as a few small dribbles trickled quietly down her legs. Her siblings didn’t seem to notice as they started talking about some television show. When Janice finished peeing, she dropped a dish towel on the floor and wiped up her small puddle. Janice smiled as she had another flash of memory of her mother walking around the house in a short nightgown and no panties, much like Janice was now, until she would stop, smile, and spray warm urine down her legs. “Are those pancakes almost done?” Tommy asked, bringing Janice back to the present. She laughed and scooped the pancakes off the skillet and onto a plate. She carried the plate to the table, and as soon as she sat it down her brother and sister both forked a few pancakes onto their own plates. After a playful reach for the syrup, Tommy nabbed it and slathered some all over his pancakes then handed the bottle to Tammy. Tammy stuck her tongue out at him. Janice joined them and forked a couple onto her plate, as well. They were eating quietly before Tammy scooted back in her chair. Seconds later they could all hear the tell-tale hiss and dripping sounds as she emptied her bladder and let it drip to the kitchen floor. Tommy chuckled and shook his head. “What?” Tammy said. “I had to go.” “You know Janice has a friend coming over. That means we’ll have to behave.” “Well, I was going to keep her in the guest room, which is still clean. So as long as you all don’t pee there, I think we’re okay.” “Orrrrrr,” Tammy said, “you could tell your friend, and then it’s not a problem.” Janice laughed. “Yeah, I could do that, but we haven’t been friends long, and I’m not sure how she’d react. She’s a friend from work, so I’d rather not have her running off and telling all my other coworkers that we openly piss all over our house.” “Whatever,” Tammy said. “Guess I’ll get it out of my system now, then,” Tommy said. He reached under the table and fumbled with his boxer shorts. Janice noticed that he was taking his penis out of the front of them. This was not the first time she had seen her brother’s penis, and thank goodness it never excited her the way any of her lovers’ had. Not that it was bad looking, but it was her brother’s penis. He sighed and they could hear his warm pee splashing up, back down onto his lap and onto the kitchen floor. Tammy peeked and then giggled. For a while Janice had suspected that Tammy was more attracted to her twin brother than she admitted, but she never brought it up. “Wow, that feels good,” he said. “Well,” Janice said, “I need to make some phone calls, and I need to get things ready for her. Can you two clean up?” They both groaned but agreed. Janice rinsed her plate off, set it in the sink, and walked out.
  17. After making some arrangements, it was for sure that Susan was going to spend the night with the siblings. Janice agreed to let Susan borrow some of her night clothes if necessary and even a change of clothes for tomorrow. As they talked, Tommy stepped down the hall. All three girls peered at him, smiling. They could also see that Susan could not hide the redness in her face. “You sly dog,” Janice said. Tommy grinned, and he surprised all of them by taking a seat on the couch right next to Susan. She looked shocked until he touched her hand and she slipped her fingers between his. “So, Susan,” Tammy said. “Now that the ice is broken and you’ve had sex with my brother, I think we should drop the act. Tommy and I planned the whole thing to get you to piss yourself.” “You… what?” Susan said. “Yeah, I’m sorry. Janice is sometimes ashamed of what we do, and from what she tells us she really likes you and didn’t want your friendship screwed up. So we had to find a way to let you know that this kind of thing happens around here and hope that you wouldn’t run screaming.” “Well… I didn’t did I?” “No,” Janice said. “You didn’t. Thank you.” “You’re welcome. Honestly, there aren’t a lot of people around the office I care to talk to or spend time with. They’re all boring. You… are most definitely not boring.” Janice smiled, and Susan returned it. “Well, now that that’s settled,” Tammy said. She scooted forward in her seat, lifted her bottom and slid her shorts down to her feet but kept her panties on. She sat back in her seat and a few seconds later she sighed, and a dark stain appeared in the crotch of her panties. Tommy and Janice both just shook their heads, but Susan watched, enraptured, as Tammy’s flow increased and hissed loudly through her panties, soaking into the seat cushion. “So you really just… pee in your seat?” she said. “Mmm hmm,” Tammy said. “I told you. We… ohhhh… really enjoy wetting. It’s so warm. Mmm…” Susan looked at Janice. “Do you do this?” Janice cleared her throat. “Sometimes, yes. If the mood strikes me.” “And you?” Susan asked, looking at Tommy. “All the time,” Tommy said. “I’ve even pissed right here on this couch. Obviously, the feeling is different for me than for you girls, but I still really enjoy the warmth and the relief. And of course, the naughtiness of peeing somewhere you shouldn’t.” Tammy’s flow was dwindling to a trickle and Susan watched as she pulled her panties aside and let the last little bit dribble straight into the chair cushion. “But what about the mess?” Susan asked. “We clean it up,” Janice said. “And all three of us drink more water than anything, so usually the smell and the color isn’t so bad. Plus, if the mess is too big we can afford cleaning services.” “This is all so…,” Susan said. Janice closed her eyes waiting for this whole thing to finally come tumbling down. “I mean, it’s a lot to take in, but it’s also kind of… hot.” Janice’s eyes snapped open. Susan was smiling and still looking at Tammy, who was licking her lips and enjoying the last tiny droplets of warm pee through her panties. “Really?” Janice asked. “Yeah, really. Before today I haven’t had sex since my husband left over a year ago. This is the most excitement I’ve had recently that didn’t include chasing toddlers through a toy store. I kind of feel like I needed this.” Janice felt like crying tears of joy. “I think we just became best friends,” Janice said. Susan laughed. “I think I want to try pissing on your couch,” Susan said. All three siblings looked surprised, but Susan smiled and unsnapped her jeans. She was still going commando, so all she had to do was slip her jeans down. She kicked them completely off and was now sitting on the couch naked from the waist down next to Tommy, who was watching her and had a clearly growing erection. “So, do I just sit here and do it?” she asked. “You do it however you want,” Tommy said. His voice was low and encouraging but also had that husky tone she heard in the hallway earlier. “It might be easiest for your first time if you sit like you’re on a toilet.” “Okay,” Susan said. She scooted back on the couch and sat up straight. All three siblings watched as she closed her eyes and let out a breath. Then she gasped and they all heard a hissing sound. “Oh!” Susan cried and looked down to see the small wet spot beneath her. “Just a little spurt,” she said. “But ohh, you’re right Tammy, it’s warm. I think I need to…” She leaned back a little more, relaxing as she spread her legs a little further apart. Then she sighed, and a steady spray of warm pee started from her and hissed loudly into the couch cushion. “Ohh, holy… Mmmm!” She looked down at her flow and opened her mouth in both pleasure and surprise. “Oh my god it’s so… ohhh… so warm, and it’s splashing against my clit… Ohhh!” As Susan peed full force now, Tommy moved closer to her, and she looked to see that he had removed his penis from his shorts and was openly stroking himself. Tammy was also rubbing her vagina without shame. And to her right was Janice, her new best friend, who had pulled her own jeans down to her thighs and was also clearly rubbing herself. The best thing about this is that she didn’t find any of it inappropriate or gross or upsetting in any way. She was deeply turned on by it. These three siblings could have asked her for anything, and she would have said yes without hesitation. As Susan smiled at Janice, her flow was dwindling, but she could see a fresh spray of pee falling from between Janice’s legs and soaking the seat cushion. Janice moaned as she rubbed herself while peeing. Tommy leaned closer to Susan. “Do you want me again? My sisters won’t mind.” Susan looked at Janice who bit her lip and nodded at her through half-lidded eyes. “Yes,” Susan said. Tommy knelt on the floor in front of her and in a quick motion had her bottom scooted to the edge of the couch. She could feel the tip of his penis right at her vulva. Before he entered her, though, he smiled. “I have to pee,” Tommy said. Susan thought she knew what he was getting at, and she smiled. “It’s okay,” she said. Tommy smiled at her and sighed. Soon, a warm stream sprayed messily from his penis and splashed against her lower tummy. She gasped at the warm feel of his pee as it dribbled down her slit, making her even wetter than she already was. This must have stirred more in her as he felt another squirt of pee flow from between her legs and wet the edge of the couch. Tommy groaned, and his spray reached as far as her shirt, which she quickly yanked off and sat up to unsnap her bra. Now she was completely naked and to her surprise didn’t feel the least bit ashamed or self-conscious. This was made better by Tommy’s admiring gaze as his flow of pee eased to a trickle. Tammy stood up from her chair, walked over to the couch, and sat next to Susan. As Tommy moved his pelvis back again to where Susan could feel the tip of his penis at her vulva, Tammy removed her own shirt and bra. She leaned close to Susan and smiled. Then Susan watched as Janice also stood up, stepped out of her jeans, yanked off her shirt, and removed her bra and walked over to sit on the other side of the couch. Susan now had Tommy in front of her, Tammy to her right, and Janice to her left, and they were all watching her lustfully. “You can stop us anytime,” Tommy said in that comforting, husky voice of his. She nodded, and soon Tammy’s mouth was on her right breast, licking her nipple and sucking at it gently. Susan gasped as Tommy slid his penis just to the edge of her labia and moved it around. She could feel the head of it rubbing her clitoris. Janice leaned in now and started to kiss her neck and shoulder while Tammy continued to suck on her breast. As Tommy entered her, Susan felt two hands touching her upper labia and clitoris and looked to see that both Tammy and Janice were rubbing her. “Mmmm!” she cried out. “Oh my god, this is so amazing. I’m not going to last long.” “It’s okay,” Janice whispered. “This is for you. Just relax and let go.” Susan obeyed and soon she could feel her orgasm building as Tommy continued to move in and out of her and the girls continued to kiss and rub her. “Oh! Oh! I’m gonna… OOoooooohhhhhhh!” Susan came loud and hard, writhing and bucking her hips as best she could with Tommy still inside her. He pulled out of her and scooted back as her breathing slowed to normal and all three of them looked at her, smiling. Susan sighed as another steady flow of pee fell from her and dripped gently onto the edge of the couch and the floor. She giggled. “I always have to pee after I orgasm.” They all laughed with her. “How was that?” Janice asked. “Incredible,” Susan said, still sounding a little out of breath. “I’m glad. Because I really like you. And obviously so do my siblings.” Tammy and Tommy both nodded, wide-eyed, at the exact same time. “Good,” Susan said. She sat up but did not bother getting dressed. She could feel the wetness of the cushion under her getting cold and wished she could warm it up, but she was tapped out. “Why don’t we get dressed and then go out and have some drinks?” Tommy asked. “That sounds like a great idea,” Susan said.
  18. The siblings and Susan spent some time cleaning up the furniture cushions and floor as best they could and spraying some Febreze to cover the slight smell. Janice led Susan to her room to help her find some clothes. Both women had a similar figure, a little round in the bottom with curvy thighs and breasts to match. Janice smiled as she found a low-cut silver shirt with some kind of sparkly design on it and a short black skirt. She handed these to Susan. “Do you need panties?” Janice asked. Susan smirked. “That depends on how short the skirt is. I don’t want be flashing my lady bits to some stranger.” Janice laughed. “I think it’s long enough to cover, but it’s up to you.” Susan took the skirt and slid it on, noting that the bottom of it reached her knees. “Yeah, I think this will work,” she said. Janice ruffled through her clothes and removed a red dress with thin straps, and like Susan she did not bother with panties. “And now for another test,” Janice said. She stood still, and it took Susan a moment to figure out what she meant. Then a few seconds later she could just barely see a trickle of warm pee snaking down Janice’s shapely legs and dripping to the carpet. Janice looked down at the crotch of her dress. “Nothing. What about the back?” she asked. Janice turned around to show Susan her back side. “Nothing,” Susan said. “Should I try mine out, too?” “Go for it,” Janice said. Susan stood still and closed her eyes. She didn’t know how much she could go after the events of earlier, but she breathed out and relaxed. Soon, a small dribble fell from between her legs and trickled down her thighs and to the floor. She let go completely and opened her eyes. Other than a soft hissing and the dribbling down her legs, there was no sign that she was peeing herself right now. “Yeah, girl, you’re ready,” Janice said, smiling. There was a knock at Janice’s door, so she opened it. Tammy and Tommy both stood, smiling. Tammy was wearing a black dress with a similar style as Janice’s and Tommy had put on a pair of black jeans and a snug blue polo that flattered his muscles. Susan stared for a few seconds before Tommy caught her eye and smiled. She blushed and looked away. “Are you two ready?” Tammy asked. “As ready as I’ll ever be,” Susan said. They all piled into Janice’s car with Janice and Susan up front and the twins in the back, and they were soon on the road. “So where are we going?” Susan asked. “A little place up the street called Kirby’s,” Tommy answered. “It’s our favorite place. It looks like one of those old redneck bars most people avoid because they think all that happens there are bar fights and people getting thrown out. But it’s chill, and the drinks are good.” “Kirby knew our parents,” Janice said. “He was a friend of our father’s, so we’ve been going there since we were kids. He lets us drink for free, so it’s perfect.” “Does he know about…?” Susan started to ask. “Yes,” Janice said, “but his customers don’t, and he’s asked us to keep it that way.” “We have our own booth in the back corner beside the bar,” Tammy said, smiling. “With vinyl seats and a tile floor. As long as none of the customers see what we do, Kirby doesn’t mind. He mops the place up several times a day anyway, spilled drinks and all, so no big deal.” “That’s incredible,” Susan said. She noticed Tammy had sat upright in her seat and was spreading her legs until Susan could see she also had gone commando. Tammy smiled and then looked down. Susan followed her gaze and saw a tiny dribble of pee fall from between Tammy’s legs through her dress and to the seat of the car. Susan’s eyes widened, but she smiled. So much had happened in such a short time that Susan was no longer surprised by anything these siblings did. Or so she thought. “Is she peeing?” Janice asked. Susan laughed. “Yes, she is,” Susan said. Janice shook her head, but she was smiling. Tommy chuckled. “So now you know it’s also okay to pee in my car,” Janice said. “The seats, as you can see, are vinyl and the floor mats are rubber. This was our parent’s car.” Janice saw Susan’s eyes widen. “Wait… were your parents…?” Susan asked, looking shocked. “Where do you think we got it?” Tammy said. “Wow.” “Yep,” Janice said. “I sat right where you are more than a few times while out with mom and watched her wet this seat. She would just…” Janice paused and lifted her bottom enough to slide her dress back until it was no longer under her, “… move her dress out of the way like this… and then…” Just a few seconds later Susan could hear the tell-tale hissing. She looked down between Janice’s legs and saw the puddle forming and the swirl as her spray of pee continued to add to the puddle. “That looks amazing,” Susan said. It pooled between Janice’s legs until it started to flow over the edge of the seat. Janice smiled and scooted forward just enough to push the puddle of pee into the floor. Then she sighed and continued to dribble her pee to the floor. “It feels amazing,” Janice said. Susan smiled as she watched the last few drops seep down the edge of the car seat. Then she sat up and started to adjust her skirt, as well. “You know, since your skirt is black you don’t have to do that,” Tammy said. “That’s why I just peed through mine.” Susan looked at Janice who just smiled. “She’s right,” Janice said. “I mean, if you don’t want to be wet all evening then I understand, but it won’t be visible if you are.” Susan bit her lip, trying to think about it. She did a quick check of how badly she needed to go. It was noticeable but maybe not enough to leave her soaked. And even if it was, did it matter much to her anymore? “Okay,” Susan said. She relaxed in her seat and just looked out at passing cars. After only a few seconds, she could feel the pressure building. She could also hear Tommy moving in his seat as he leaned forward until his head was right next to hers. “Just relax,” he said, “and let it all go. You’ll be glad you did.” This was all the encouragement Susan needed. She sat back in her seat and relaxed. Then she felt the first dribbles of her warm pee against her inner thighs and felt it soak into her skirt. At the same time, she felt Tommy’s lips softly on her neck. “I can hear it,” he whispered. “That’s so fucking hot.” He kissed her neck again, and she moaned and completely let go, feeling the warm spray of her pee as it pooled between her legs, making a dribbling sound and soaking the crotch of her skirt. “Mmm, that does feel amazing,” she said, sighing as the last of her flow dribbled into the puddle in her seat. She sat there even after it finished and enjoyed the warmth of it against her bare pussy. Then, in a bold move, she slid the front of her skirt up and started to rub her slit. “Oh my god,” Tommy said. He sounded like he was about to lose his mind, like if he could safely crawl over the seat and screw Susan right then and there he would. It only took about thirty seconds of rubbing herself before Susan moaned and had a small but satisfying orgasm. “You go girl,” Tammy said. Susan could feel Tommy’s lips on her neck again. “You’re mine later,” he said. Susan nodded.
  19. [Short and sweet, but I think it will make some of you very happy.] Janice waited for Kirby to leave the office, and then she quietly opened the office door. She could feel tendrils of Kirby’s semen creeping down her inner thighs, so she stepped into the women’s restroom. The bathrooms at Kirby’s were about what someone would expect from a bathroom in a bar, but they weren’t the worst Janice had ever seen. The floors were concrete and there were two drains, one on each side. There were three stalls with doors that actually locked, and the toilets were usually clean. Janice stepped into one of the stalls, happy to be alone as she sat on the toilet and grabbed a wad of toilet paper. She sighed and emptied her bladder completely. It wasn’t much, but she wanted to be empty before going back outside. She wiped herself, trying her best to get as much of Kirby’s semen out of her as possible. Since she was going commando, she didn’t want to be leaking it all over his seats. After a few more wads and a few more wipes, Janice was sure she was clean. She dribbled a little more pee into the bowl and sat there, processing what just happened. As she was sitting, the door creaked, and she could see four sets of feet enter the bathroom. The girls who entered were giggling. “Shit,” one of them said. “One of the stalls is occupied.” Janice thought about speaking up and telling them she was almost done but hesitated. She wanted to see where this was going. “So?” another girl said. “Well, there’s four of us and three stalls. One is used up, so that leaves four. And I really have to go, so…” The set of feet closest to the stalls tried to run to the open one beside Janice, but a second and third set of feet rushed past her until both stalls were occupied. “Oh no you don’t,” a third voice said. There was a lot of laughter. “Damn you Kiki,” the first voice said. But she didn’t sound angry. Janice smiled and stayed where she was. “Well,” a fourth voice coming from the last set of feet said, “I guess we know what we have to do then.” Janice still couldn’t see their faces, but there was something more calming and mature about this last voice. It was soothing, almost motherly. Janice tried to put a face with the voice, but she was distracted by a soft pattering sound coming from the stall next to her. Janice looked and could see a stream of pee falling between the girl’s legs and to the floor. “Why did you even go in there if you were just going to piss on the floor anyway, Kiki?” the first voice said. Kiki just laughed in reply as her flow eased to a dribble. There was a knock at Janice’s stall door. “Hey, are you going to be much longer?” “I’m almost finished,” Janice said, smiling. “Well, I can’t hold it,” the last voice said. “What are you going to do, Cheryl?” the first girl asked. “Well, I guess my usual.” Janice watched as the last set of feet stepped together, and she gasped as she knew what was about to happen. A few seconds later she heard a sigh, and then the familiar trickle of pee down this woman’s feet to the floor. She was wearing flat sandals, so the pee just flowed over her feet and made a puddle on the floor that started to run towards the drain. “Well, I’m wearing jeans, so…” The first voice walked over closer to one of the drains, and Janice watched as the girl moved around and then dropped her jeans and panties around her ankles. Janice had a near perfect view of the girl’s bottom as she breathed out and was soon spraying a messy stream onto the floor. “I can’t believe you three already got me pissing on the floor, and we literally just got here.” “Does it feel good?” the woman, Cheryl, asked. “Yes,” the girl said. Her flow finally stopped, and she stood up and pulled her panties and jeans back up. The other two girls exited their stalls, and Janice watched all four sets of feet walk out of the bathroom. She grabbed another wad of toilet paper and wiped herself one more time and then stood up and walked out.
  20. What the heck is taking Tammy so long?” Susan asked. Tommy chuckled. “Well, what took us so long?” he said. “You don’t think…?” “I do,” he said. “Two of those girls from the table over there left around the same time as Tammy, so my guess is they’re either in the bathroom messing around or in the hallway. Or they may be in Kirby’s office, which is probably where he and Janice fooled around.” He laughed and Susan smiled. “I’m feeling kind of jealous,” she said. She was feeling more than just jealous. As they sat there, she was picturing what might be going on between Tammy and the two girls who got up. Were they having fun pissing all over the bathroom, soaking the floor and maybe the walls? Maybe one of them was sitting over the sink, emptying her bladder all over the white porcelain. Or maybe they were in the back hallway where her and Tommy had been, squatting or standing as they sprayed their pee all over the floor. “You think you could go again?” Tommy asked. “I don’t know,” she said. She had a thought, though, and bit her lip, still picturing Tammy kneeling and spraying pee all over the bathroom floor. “Tell you what,” Susan said, “if you’re bold enough, meet me in the women’s bathroom in about five minutes.” She nudged him, and he scooted out of the booth to let her out. As Susan walked towards the hallway, Tammy and the other two girls passed her. They all looked flushed, but they were smiling wide. Tammy even winked at her when they walked by. Susan smiled and again felt that twinge as she imagined what they might have been doing. This time, her thoughts were a little lewder, picturing one of the girls knelt between Tammy’s legs, her face buried in her crotch while also dribbling pee onto the floor. Susan cleared her throat and walked to the bathroom. It was empty, and the first thing she looked at when she walked in was the floor. It was concrete with two drains, one near the door and one on the other side. Just as Janice described, there were three stalls and three sinks. Susan looked around and right away noticed several puddles on the floor, one leading to the drain closest to the door. Susan was about to step over to the sink when the door opened. It was Tommy, of course. He closed the door and grinned at her. “I’ve always wanted to be naughty and just piss all over a public bathroom,” Susan said. “I thought you might want to watch.” Tommy’s grin widened. “I would love that,” he said. Susan lifted her skirt and stepped backward as she carefully eased her rear end over the sink. She licked her lips and closed her eyes. Soon, a warm stream of pee dribbled out of her and splashed into the sink. She giggled as she heard it gurgle down the drain. Tommy stared at her with his lustful gaze. She cut off her flow and slid back down off of the sink. Then she stepped closer to the middle of the bathroom. Susan sighed and let more pee go, feeling it trickle down her legs and drip to the floor at her feet. She lifted her skirt so Tommy could see her steady flow as it splashed against her inner thighs and streamed down her legs. Tommy couldn’t resist any longer as he unzipped his fly and released his penis. Susan was still peeing, but it did not stop him as he stepped up to her and rubbed his growing erection along her slit. She moaned as her flow dwindled but still dribbled warmly along his shaft. Just then the door opened behind Tommy, and before they could react the older woman who was at the table across from them stepped in. Susan dropped her skirt and Tommy stepped back, but there was no hiding the puddle at her feet, and some of her pee was still leaking down her legs. “Oh, excuse me,” the woman said. Tommy’s face reddened, and he started for the door, but she held a hand out to stop him. “It’s okay, you don’t have to go.” Tommy seemed confused, but he stayed. “You can finish, sweetie,” the woman said. “Don’t mind me.” They both watched her as she walked over to the drain closest to the door. Then she hiked up her skirt and they both saw that she was wearing lacy red panties that were already very dark in the crotch. She pulled the gusset aside and was soon spraying her own stream of pee onto the bathroom floor. Susan looked at Tommy and saw his erection pulsing. She might have felt jealous, but she was also feeling herself getting wet just watching this older woman spray the bathroom floor freely, as if it were a perfectly normal thing to do. The woman looked at Susan and smiled. “It’s okay, really. I saw you two messing around at your table. And I saw what you did. And I’m pretty sure I just caught you in the act again. The good news is that I and those girls with me, we like wetting, too.” Susan’s jaw dropped. Her mind bounced to more thoughts of Tammy and the two other girls and she blushed. Then the bathroom door opened again and in came the fourth girl who had been sitting next to the older woman. “My name is Cheryl,” the older woman said, “and this is Tara.” Tara looked confused as she noticed Tommy in the women’s bathroom, but Cheryl smiled and winked at her. “Hello,” Tara said. “It’s okay,” Cheryl said, “we were right about them.” “Really?” Tara said. “Mmm hmm,” Cheryl said. Tara smiled. “That’s good news,” Tara said, “because I have to go.” She leaned against the door and unsnapped her jeans. Then she tugged them and her blue panties down to her ankles and sank into a sitting position. Seconds later, a strong flow of pee sprayed out of her and splashed loudly onto the bathroom floor. It was over quickly, and she pulled her jeans back up. Then she smiled at Chery who was now smiling at Tommy and Susan. “Well, I guess we’ll leave you two to finish.” They both started for the door. “Wait,” Susan said. Cheryl stopped and looked back at her. “You don’t have to go.” Tommy smiled at Susan, giving her a look of both shock and adoration. He walked to her and embraced her. She unsnapped his jeans and then yanked them and his boxers down. She lifted her skirt off completely, and then removed her top. She stepped forward to allow him to enter her again and then heard a click as one of the two ladies behind them locked the main door. Tommy slipped his penis against Susan’s slit again, rubbing slowly and gently but not yet entering her. He heard movement behind him, and soon he felt fingers run along his back under his shirt and then maneuver his shirt off completely. “If you want us to stop,” Cheryl said, “just let us know.” Tommy looked at Susan for an answer, and she nodded. Cheryl’s lips were on Tommy’s and her tongue touched his. She had removed her clothes, as well. He felt a hand touch his shaft and testicles and heard Susan moan. He slipped inside of her for a few seconds and then pulled out again. Cheryl stopped kissing him and directed Susan to turn around. She obeyed and lifted the back of her skirt, inviting Tommy to take her from behind. He slipped easily into her and she leaned back against him. He kissed her neck and shoulders. Cheryl moved in front of Susan and was soon kissing her. Meanwhile, Tara, who was also naked now, had stepped behind Cheryl. Susan was moving her hips slowly and tenderly while still kissing Cheryl. Tommy could see that Susan was also rubbing Cheryl’s slit. Cheryl took Susan’s hand away and then knelt down in front of Susan. Tommy watched as Cheryl started to lick at Susan’s slit. Tara was also reaching and had one hand between Cheryl’s legs and the other between her own, rubbing furiously. He didn’t know how much more of this he could take before he would blow his load. But he wanted to hold out, so he pulled out and just stood behind Susan, watching Cheryl pleasure her. Susan was gasping and looked as if she might fall over, so Tommy held her, caressing her arms and kissing her neck and shoulders. “Oh my god,” she said. Tommy laughed and nibbled at her ear. “Lay down,” he said. Cheryl stopped licking Susan long enough to allow her to lay on the bathroom floor. She could feel the wet concrete under her but did not care as Cheryl knelt over her and continued to lick her slit. Tommy watched Cheryl and noticed that she had stuck her rear end out just enough for Tara to continue rubbing her, as well. Susan looked at Tommy, and she saw the hunger in his eyes. “It’s okay, Tommy,” she said. “I know you want her.” Tommy nodded, and he looked down at Cheryl who stopped licking Susan and smiled at him. Tara stepped away and walked over to Susan. Tommy eagerly walked behind Cheryl, staring lustfully at her round bottom that showed both her maturity and her alluring womanhood. He knelt down and scooted forward just enough for the tip of his penis to touch her labia. Cheryl moaned, and to Tommy’s surprise a warm stream of pee splashed from between Cheryl’s legs and trickled over his penis. “Oh my god,” Tommy said. He felt her warm stream run down over his testicles as he scooted forward more and entered her as she still dribbled pee. She gasped as Tommy grabbed her round bottom and thrust in and out of her. Tommy looked up and to his surprise, Tara moved her left leg over Susan and was soon knelt over her, placing her pussy right over Susan’s face. Susan moaned and started licking Tara’s slit. “Oh, wow,” Tara said, “you’re… really good at that.” Cheryl stopped licking Susan and sat up just far enough to place her lips on Tara’s, who was still moaning. Then Tara reached her hand down to Susan’s slit and started rubbing while bucking her hips, kissing Cheryl, and moaning from the pleasure of Susan’s tongue in her slit. With Tommy still inside of her, Cheryl sat up, straightening her back while Tommy reached around and rubbed her breasts. He looked at Susan again, who was still hungrily lapping at Tara’s vagina. “Oh,” Tara cried, “I’m gonna cum… oh… ohhHHHHHHHH!” Tommy watched as Tara moved forward so that her bottom was over Susan’s breasts and released a strong spray of pee as she obviously climaxed. Most of her warms spray went all over Susan, but some of is splashed against Chery’s lower tummy. Cheryl groaned, and Tommy increased the strength of his thrusts. As Tara finished and moved off of Susan, Tommy looked down at Susan as she watched him continue to screw Cheryl. Susan bit her lip and sat up, then moved close to Cheryl. She pressed her body against Cheryl’s, their breasts touching and rubbing together with the movements of Cheryl’s writhing. Susan brought her head just over Cheryl’s shoulder and kissed Tommy deeply. Then he heard her moan and looked down to see that Tara had stepped behind her and was rubbing her from behind. “Oh, god, Tommy,” Susan said. “This is so… good… I have to… ohhhh.” Then a loud splashing filled the room as Susan emptied her bladder. Tommy could feel the splashes and the flow of it under his knees. Tara did not stop rubbing her, though. Cheryl’s gasps were becoming cries now, so he thrust his hips harder, feeling himself getting closer and closer to the edge. Susan was almost screaming with pleasure now as Tara rubbed more furiously. “Oh, I’m gonna, huhh, huhh, ohhhhHHHHHHH!” Susan screamed as she climaxed and fell forward against Cheryl again. Tommy moved more deeply into Cheryl and kissed Susan on the lips again, parting them and feeling his tongue against hers. As Cheryl’s cries became screams, Tommy felt his orgasm building. “I’m about to cum,” Tommy said breathlessly. “It’s okay,” Cheryl said. Tommy pushed in as deeply as he could, and Cheryl writhed her hips and bottom back against him until he groaned and ejaculated inside of her. Susan kissed him deeply and intimately. “Thank you,” she said. “Thank you for sharing this with me.” Tommy chuckled. “You’re welcome,” he said. “And thank you ladies,” Susan said, smiling at Cheryl and Tara. They both smiled back. “It was our pleasure,” Cheryl said, “and yours, of course. They laughed as they gathered their clothes and got dressed. “We should exchange numbers and maybe do this again sometime,” Tara said. “That’d be great,” Susan said.
  21. Tammy knew what she had seen. The mother had leaned forward and whispered something to the girl across from her, and the girl turned and looked directly at Tammy, smiled, then winked. Tammy was surprised when she felt her face get flushed, but she smiled back. Soon after, her brother and Susan returned, their faces also a bit flushed. She smiled at them but didn’t say anything because she was still thinking about the look the girl had given her and the wink. Kirby arrived with their burgers. Kirby’s version of the bronco burger was an all-beef patty, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, onion rings, a few fire-roasted red peppers, and some house-made barbecue sauce. Even the siblings did not know Kirby’s barbecue sauce recipe. Tommy dug into his burger pretty quickly, probably hungry after his hallway romp with Susan. Janice winked at Kirby as he walked back to the bar, and Tammy found herself feeling a little left out. But there was the girl at the table. Tammy looked over again, but the girl’s back was to her again, and the mother was talking to the other girl next to her. Tammy finally picked up her burger and took a bite of it. It was juicy and very tasty, especially with the zest of Kirby’s sauce. As she chewed her food, Tammy watched the girl stand up. Then the girl looked over her shoulder at Tammy again and walked down the hall towards the bathrooms. Tammy sat her burger down and chewed what was left in her mouth. “Did that girl just check you out?” Janice asked. “I think so,” Tammy said. Janice laughed. “Guess it’s your turn.” “But… what if that was nothing? I don’t want to walk in there and feel like an idiot.” “It’s the bathroom,” Tommy said. “If she’s not interested, it’s not like you don’t have other reasons to be in there.” Tammy sighed and placed her hands on the table. “Okay, I’ll go.” She stood up, and as she did the mother looked at her and smiled the same smile she had shown earlier. Tammy returned the smile and walked down the hallway to the women’s restroom. When she stepped in, the girl was standing at the mirror, and she turned to look at Tammy. “Hey there,” she said. “Hey,” Tammy said, her voice choking a little. “My mother said you were watching her earlier. What did you see?” “What do you mean?” Tammy asked. “Don’t be coy. I know you saw her. But I want to hear you tell me what you saw.” “She was peeing in her dress,” Tammy said. “Yes, she was,” the girl said. “And when we first sat down, you probably didn’t know it, but we saw you wet your skirt.” Tammy blushed. “And I’m pretty sure that was your friend or sister that was in the bathroom earlier.” “Sister,” Tammy said. “The guy is my twin brother, and the other girl is my sister’s best friend.” “Well, you’ve seen my mother. The girl beside me is my best friend Danielle, and the other girl is a friend from school, Tara. And I think it’s obvious we all share the same fetish. Am I wrong?” Tammy paused, but then she bit her lip. “No,” she said. “Well, I know you were checking out my mom. She kind of feels like she’s a bit old for you. But, if you’re looking for someone more around your age…” The girl moved closer to Tammy. “My name is Kiki.” “Tammy.” “Well, Tammy, how long have you been wetting?” Kiki touched Tammy’s hand gently, their fingertips touching. “Most of my young life,” Tammy said. “Our parents were wetters, and they were really laid back. They didn’t really encourage us to do it, but they didn’t stop us, either.” “Hmm, you’re a lucky girl,” Kiki said. She reached her other hand up and ran her fingers through a strand of Tammy’s hair. “And beautiful,” she said. “Thank you,” Tammy said. Just then the bathroom door opened, and Tammy was about to move away before she realized it was the other girl, Danielle. Kiki smiled at Danielle who walked over to them. “We were right,” Kiki said. “They’re wetters, too.” Danielle’s face lit up, and she moved closer to them. “Really?” she said. “That’s awesome.” “You don’t know this,” Kiki said to Tammy, “but we’ve had our eye on you since we walked in. That’s how we caught you peeing in your skirt. We were checking you out.” “Really?” Tammy said. “Yes, really.” Kiki leaned in now to kiss Tammy, and Tammy surprised herself by not pulling away. As their lips met, Tammy could also see Danielle moving to her left side. “Have you ever been with a woman before?” Kiki asked. “Yes,” Tammy whispered. “What about two women?” Danielle asked. “Yes,” Tammy said. “Well, well, we found our girl,” Kiki said, smiling. She kissed Tammy’s neck as Danielle moved closer and started kissing Tammy’s shoulder. “Do you want to do this here?” Kiki asked. “No,” Tammy said. “I know somewhere else.” “Well, while we’re in the bathroom,” Kiki said. She stepped back and unsnapped her jeans, then tugged them and her panties down to her ankles. She stood just like that, closed her eyes, and soon a steady stream of pee sprayed out from between her legs and splashed onto the concrete floor. Tammy watched amazed as the stream sprayed out far, completely missing Kiki’s jeans and panties. She stopped after only about ten seconds. “Save some for later,” she said, winking at Tammy. “So where is this place you talked about?” Tammy led them out of the bathroom and down the hall to the door at the end, into Kirby’s office. She locked the door behind them. “Okay, we can have privacy in here.” When she turned around, Kiki and Danielle were already embracing each other and kissing passionately, their tongues occasionally extending and touching. Tammy walked to them, and as if acting through some wild impulse she leaned in and placed her lips close to theirs, adding her own tongue to their kisses. Her right hand went to Kiki’s arm and her left found one of Danielle’s buttocks. Kiki stepped back and removed her shirt. Then she unsnapped her bra. Danielle followed suit, and Tammy pulled at the straps of her dress until it dropped to the floor at her feet. Then she removed her bra, as well. Kiki had unsnapped her jeans and was now tugging her jeans and panties off as Danielle also removed her capris and panties. All three girls stood in front of each other, fully nude and smiling. “Are you sure you want this?” Kiki asked Tammy. “Yes,” Tammy said. The girls moved in close again and returned to kissing. Tammy could feel Kiki’s left breast brushing against her right one and Danielle’s right one against her left. She pulled away from the kiss and instead started to kiss down Kiki’s neck and then to her left breast. Kiki moaned, and soon Tammy could feel a hand rubbing her outer labia. She wasn’t sure if it was Kiki or Danielle, but she didn’t care. Tammy kept kissing Kiki’s breast, and she gradually worked her way down to Kiki’s tummy. As the hand moved away from her labia, Tammy knelt down to go lower until she was kissing just above Kiki’s slit. “Wait,” Kiki said, giggling. “Let me sit down or I’ll fall.” Kiki sat on the floor, which was faux hardwood like the rest of the place, and she opened her legs and smiled at Tammy. Danielle was still behind Tammy, and as Tammy knelt down Danielle joined her on the floor. Tammy stared lustfully at Kiki’s vagina, hairy but not too hairy, and so open. She knelt down to bring her mouth closer, and again felt a hand between her own legs, then fingers, and then a tongue. Tammy moaned and finally brought her mouth to Kiki’s awaiting vagina. She licked around Kiki’s pussy, flicking her tongue across her clitoris, all while feeling her own vagina being licked by Danielle. Tammy lifted her bottom a little more and reached down to rub her own clitoris as Danielle licked her. She could feel her first orgasm building, but then Danielle stopped. “Lay on your side,” Danielle said. Tammy stopped licking Kiki and did as she was told, laying on her right side. “Now go back to what you were doing.” It took more effort, but Tammy was able to turn her head just enough to get back to licking Kiki’s vagina. As she did, Tammy soon felt her left leg being lifted as Danielle eased her shapely legs between Tammy’s. Tammy knew what was next, and she adjusted her hips to meet Danielle’s awaiting vagina. When their pussy lips touched, Tammy could not stifle a moan. “Oh, god, you’re good at that,” Kiki said as Tammy kept working her tongue through Kiki’s vagina. As both Tammy and Danielle bucked their hips together while Tammy continued to lick Kiki, Tammy felt the pressure in her bladder growing. She started to say something, but as her first orgasm started to really build, she decided to just let go. A tiny dribble came out, and right away Danielle moaned. “Oh my god, that’s… ohhhhhh. You’re gonna make me go, too,” Danielle said. “Oh, wow, that’s so hot,” Kiki said as she sat up and watched them while Tammy still licked at her vagina. “Okay, I can’t hold it. Aaaaahhhh!” As Danielle cried out, a strong blast of pee sprayed from her and splashed all over Tammy’s vagina. They did not stop tribbing, though, as the strong flow continued, dripping loudly to the floor and making splashing noises as they bucked their hips. Tammy had to stop licking Kiki because she needed to breathe as her climax built. Kiki took over with her own fingers as she watched Tammy and Danielle, whose flow was ending but had still created a sizable puddle between them. Danielle started to cry out, and as Tammy’s orgasm was reaching its peak she looked at Kiki, who was now also dribbling a steady flow of pee onto the floor while rubbing herself. Tammy screamed as she climaxed. Tammy and Danielle finally stopped, and they lay in the wet floor for a little while, catching their breath before laughing with pleasure.
  22. Janice walked to their usual table and right away noticed the smirk on both Tommy and Tammy’s faces. She ignored them, though, and sat down next to Tammy. “You’ll never guess what just happened,” Janice said. “Oh, that’s probably not true,” Tammy said and she giggled. “Shut up,” Janice said, elbowing her. “Seriously, though.” As she started to share the story, Janice looked over and saw four girls who seemed to resemble the four she heard and saw in the bathroom. If they were the same, she was correct about the one. She was definitely older, maybe 40+, and looked very motherly but in an attractive kind of way. “See those four girls over there? Don’t stare, but see them?” They all nodded. Then she shared the story of what happened. Tammy’s eyes widened, and she smiled. “So it would seem we’re not Kirby’s only wetting customers,” Tammy said. “Was it like a convenience kind of thing because the stalls were all used?” Susan asked. “No,” Janice said, “because the girl in the stall beside me just pissed in the floor. And the other two really seemed to enjoy what they were doing. Especially the older woman. She peed down her legs! I think she’s their mom or something.” “That’s incredible,” Susan said. “There really are more people that I thought into this kind of thing.” “Oh for sure,” Tommy said. “Just Google it sometime.” As they talked, Tammy glanced over at the four ladies. As she did, she caught the eye of the older woman, who smiled at her. She was wearing a black sun dress with flowers along the trim. It hugged her womanly curves, and Tammy could not help but stare. She noticed the woman had lifted the bottom of her dress just a bit, and her legs were apart slightly. As she looked, a few seconds later Tammy could see a shiny dribble falling from between the woman’s shapely legs and dripping discretely down the edge of her seat. She thought about saying something to the rest of the table, but the woman was still smiling at her. “Tammy, are you okay?” Tommy asked. “Huh? Yeah, sorry. That woman just… she reminds me of Mom.” Tommy turned and looked. “Yeah, I can see that,” he said. Janice smiled, as well. “Now that I get a closer look, yeah. But let’s stop staring.” They agreed, and Janice waved Kirby to their table. He came over, and she tried to hide her reddening face. “Can we get four of your signature bronco burgers, please?” “Coming right up,” Kirby said, and he winked at Janice. “Holy shit,” Susan said. “You really did fuck him, didn’t you?” Janice blushed. “Oh my god. How was it?” “It was great,” Janice said. And she meant it. “Wasn’t it weird, though, since he was, like, friends with your parents?” “A little,” Janice said. As she said this, she also felt a little pressure in her bladder. She just let go and felt the warm wetness between her thighs as it soaked her dress and the seat and dribbled quietly to the floor. “But he’s a real gentleman,” she said. “He made it clear that he wanted me, but he didn’t force me or anything.” “Because you wanted him, too,” Tammy said, smiling. “You have for a while.” Janice smiled back. “I have,” Janice said. Tommy stood up from the booth and smiled at all three of them. “My apologies, ladies, but I have to go, and as I said I can’t just whip it out here.” He leaned down and kissed Susan on the head. She smiled as he walked away. Tommy followed the path he had taken many times before, down the bathroom hallway and then turned to the left. He could have just as easily used the restroom like hundreds of other men would do, but since his first visits to Kirby’s Tommy had been sneaking down this back hall and relieving himself there. Just as he turned to face the wall and was about to unzip his fly, he heard footsteps. He stepped a little further down the hall into the dark. “Tommy,” he heard a voice whisper. Then he saw Susan step around the corner. He reached out his hand and pulled her to him, and she gasped in surprise then giggled as he pulled her into the darker part of the hall and stood her against the wall. “So is this like your secret place or something?” “It is,” he said. “And now it’s our secret place.” He leaned in and kissed her. “I thought you had to pee,” she said. “I do,” Tommy said, and he kissed her again. Their mouths opened and tongues touched as he moved closer to her. She reached down, unzipped his fly, and slipped his penis out with ease. She guided it to her slit, which he noticed was very wet and ready for him. “So do I,” she said. Then she sighed, and he felt a warm stream dribble onto his shaft and trickle down his scrotum and testicles. “Oh my god,” he said. Then he let go of his own bladder, but because of his erection the flow wasn’t much. She gasped, though, so it must have been enough for her to feel it. He kept his penis right against her slit and tried to pee more as she moaned. Meanwhile, her warm flow continued to flow down him and drip to the floor. He could feel some of it absorbing into the crotch of his jeans, but he didn’t care. When they were both finished peeing, Tommy moved just enough to enter her as she writhed her hips. He reached under her skirt and grabbed her bare ass, pulling her closer and entering her more deeply. Her moaning changed to a pleasurable whining, and Tommy could tell it wouldn’t be long for either of them. He leaned in and kissed her neck and shoulder as she moved more quickly and was soon screaming. He placed his lips on hers to keep her scream from being too loud as her orgasm built. Tommy felt his own climax building, and then seconds later he groaned as he kissed her and ejaculated into her. Her screams had eased, so he stopped kissing her and continued to thrust until he was completely spent. “Oh my god, that was better than the first time,” Susan said. Tommy laughed. “Now I have to pee again,” she said. Tommy watched as she just stood there with her legs together and sighed as she emptied her bladder down her legs. It flowed to her feet and over her sandals to the floor. She giggled and shook it off her feet. “I guess I should go to the bathroom and clean up.” Tommy leaned in and kissed her again. “See you soon,” he said.
  23. They finally pulled into the parking lot of a building that resembled a double-wide trailer with a wooden siding and a full porch that rand the length of the building. Susan also saw a few posts sticking out of the ground on both sides next to the entrance, each with a longer post running across. “What are those?” she asked, pointing to the posts. Tommy laughed. “Those are hitching posts for horses. Kirby thinks he’s some kind of cowboy, so he had those put in when he opened the place. Wants it to look authentic.” Susan smiled as she also noticed two wagon wheels, one on each side, propped against the porch. The porch itself held several wooden rocking chairs, and even the lights near the door resembled lanterns. The only “modern” touch was the neon sign at the top that advertised the name “Kirby’s.” “It’s tacky,” Tammy said, “which is why we love it.” Once inside, it was just as they siblings has described it, a lot of country-themed odds and ends hanging on the wall, including a few mounted game animals. The lighting was dim, and there were even some faux oil lamps hanging along the bar. The floor was tile just as they said, but its style was made to look like wooden flooring. The booths were made of actual wood but with burgundy vinyl backings and seat cushions. There were also some round wooden tables and matching chairs. When they passed the bar, a man with pepper-gray hair smiled and waved. “Hey there!” he said. He finished pouring a drink for another man at the bar and then stepped to the end of the bar to greet them. “Hey Kirby,” Janice said. “This is my friend Susan.” “Well, howdy Susan,” Kirby said. The siblings laughed and shook their heads. “Told you so,” Janice said. “We’ll take our usual, Kirby.” “You got it, little lady.” Janice and the twins led Susan over to a booth at the end of the bar. She directed Susan to sit on the inside and Tommy squeezed in next to her. Then Tammy sat across from Susan and Janice took the other outside seat. Almost as soon as they sat down, Kirby showed up with four frothy mugs of beer. “On the house, as always,” Kirby said, smiling. He winked at Janice, who smiled and winked back. “I’d better make room for this,” Tammy said. Susan looked at her, confused, until she saw Tammy sit up straight and then heard a soft hissing sound. Susan started to look, but Janice shook her head. “Discrete, remember? The customers don’t know.” Susan nodded. “It’s actually one of the hottest things about this,” Tommy said. “The fact that right now my sister is pissing herself and no one knows but us.” “So, what are you going to do?” Susan asked. “Are you going to wet your pants, or…?” “Well,” Tommy said and took a sip of his beer. “Maybe not because even though these pants are black, they’re denim, so it would still show. But yeah, I have before. I spilled a drink on myself one night and then decided later, what the hell, I’m already wet, so…” Susan smiled at him and then looked him up and down, imagining what he might look like with wet jeans. Tommy smiled back. “And you can’t just whip it out right here because you’re on the end seat, so what then?” Tommy winked at her. “You’ll see.” Meanwhile, Janice had made eye contact with Kirby several times. Every time, he smiled at her, and it wasn’t just a cordial, friendly smile but something deeper. Janice remembered admitting to her father when she was nineteen and met Kirby for the first time that she thought he was attractive. Her father had laughed and said, “Well, he’s not a bad looking fella for a wannabe cowboy.” Now, almost a decade later, Kirby was just a few years younger than her father but almost twenty years older than her. Should she still be feeling this way? Kirby’s own wife had died of cancer a few before her parents’ accident. He still wasn’t bad looking, even with his blue button up shirt and brown vest. Kirby also had a cowboy hat that looked cute enough on him to work. As she looked at him again, he smiled once more and then motioned subtly with his head for her to come over to the bar. Janice could feel her face redden. “Hey, I’ll be back. Kirby wants to talk to me.” As she stood up, she tried not to look at her siblings, but she caught sight of a naughty smirk on Tammy’s face. Janice could not help herself and she returned the smile. “You’re going to leave me here alone with these two?” Susan said, but it was clear from her tone that she was faking it. “No… please… don’t.” She giggled. Tommy leaned close to Susan and kissed her on the cheek. Janice walked to the bar, which was now surprisingly empty. There were about five other patrons in the bar, three of them at a table and the other two shooting pool in the far corner. “Hey there,” Kirby said. “Hey.” Susan smiled, and he returned the smile, but it seemed a little more nervous than before. “What’s up?” she asked. “Hell, I might as well be honest with you,” Kirby said. “Ever since you walked in that door I haven’t stopped looking at you.” “I know,” she said, smiling. “I saw you looking.” “You favor your mother,” he said. This hurt her heart a little, but she knew it was intended as a compliment. “Thank you,” she said. “You have prettier eyes, though,” he said. He smiled and poured her a glass of beer. “Looks like your new friend is fitting in well.” Janice turned around and looked back at their table. Susan was sitting with her head back as Tommy kissed her neck. She wondered if Susan was also wetting herself at that point and assumed she probably was. “Yeah, she is,” Janice said. “Would it be inappropriate if I asked you to meet me in the back office in about five minutes?” Janice looked at him and her eyes widened, but his expression made her pause. It was lustful, but also loving. Was it possible he had been thinking about her all these years, as well? She was an adult then, so it’s not like he would have been a pervert if he had. And she was definitely old enough now. Still, their age difference might turn some heads if anyone found out. But the back office… “No,” she said after a long pause. “I understand,” he said and sighed. “No, I mean… it’s a bit forward, but… not inappropriate. Five minutes?” Now Kirby’s eyes widened. “Yes. You remember where it is? Down the bathroom hallway, last door at the end.” “I remember. Tammy and Tommy and I used to hang out back there because we weren’t yet old enough really to be in a bar, and you didn’t want someone calling ‘the law’ on you. That’s literally what you said, ‘the law.’” She laughed, and he shook his head. “It was cute,” she said. “Five minutes,” he said. He walked out from behind the bar and to the group of three at the table. She heard him mumble something, and they nodded. Then he checked on the two at the pool tables, turned to look at her over his shoulder, smiled, and walked down the hallway. Janice walked over to their table. “Hey, I’m heading to the bathroom. I need to do more than pee.” All three of them looked at her, and Janice could tell from Susan’s expression that something was up. As she looked closer, she could see that Tommy had his hand between Susan’s legs and was obviously rubbing her slit. Janice smiled as she saw a few droplets of Susan’s pee dribbling onto the seat. “Mmmkay,” Susan said, obviously trying to maintain her composure. “Have fun,” Tammy said, and she winked. How did she always know? Janice left them and walked to the hallway where the bathrooms were. She passed the bathrooms and finally reached the door at the end. She hesitated for just a few seconds but then turned the knob and walked into the familiar back office. Kirby was sitting behind his desk, but as soon as she entered he stood up. He made a sound like he was clearing his throat. “I didn’t know if you’d actually come,” he said. “I told you I would.” “No, you just said it wasn’t inappropriate to ask. I’ve spent the last three minutes agonizing over whether you would come.” Janice looked at him. He was genuinely nervous and apprehensive. This made him ever cuter. She closed the door behind her and turned both locks. “I’m here, aren’t I?” she said. He nodded then stepped out from behind his desk and walked to her. Janice stood still as he approached her. He reached out his hands and rubbed her arms gently while looking into her eyes. “Those eyes,” he said. Then he cleared his throat again. “Can I… kiss you?” She nodded, and he leaned in and placed his lips on hers. Then both of their mouths were open and their tongues touching. Janice moaned involuntarily at the pleasure as he kissed her. “I want you,” he said. “But I haven’t done anything since… since Mary passed.” “I know,” she said. “It’s okay.” Janice moved closer to him and reached down to unzip his fly. He made a grunting sound as she reached in and slid his penis through his zipper. She rubbed it gently with her fingers, feeling it grow and pulse in her hand. She looked down at it and her eyes widened. It wasn’t the biggest she had ever seen, but it was considerable and definitely the biggest she had ever had. She lifted her dress up and guided his penis closer to her until the tip of it was touching her slit, which was already very wet and ready for him. He looked into her eyes again and moved even closer until he slipped all the way inside of her. She gasped when he entered her, and her eyes rolled back. He chuckled as he moved his hips slowly, sliding in and out of her. Each time he pressed against her, Janice could feel the pressure in her bladder getting stronger. “Kirby,” she said, “I have to pee.” He chuckled and pulled out and looked into her eyes. “Let’s go to the desk,” he said. She nodded, and he led her across the office to his desk. Then he pulled his office chair out and pointed to it. Janice smiled as she obeyed him, hiking her dress up as she sat down. He stood next to her, still smiling and looking into her eyes. Then his eyes dropped down lower to her exposed vagina, and his expression changed to pure lust. Janice closed her eyes and sighed. Her flow started as a soft trickle as she only let a little bit go. “Oh my god,” he said. “That is incredible.” Janice giggled. She was about to let more go when Kirby knelt down closer, his penis in his hand. “I need you right now or I’ll explode right here.” “But I still need to go,” Janice said. “I don’t care,” he said. Janice bit her lip and reached out to pull him closer. They kissed again, and soon he was inside of her. She moaned and knew she couldn’t hold back any longer. She kept kissing him as he slowly moved in and out of her. She felt the first few drops trickle out of her and he groaned, obviously feeling them, as well. “That feels so good,” he said. His movements became quicker and quicker and he pushed deeper. She could feel his weight against her bladder, and with each thrust she squirted more warm pee. It dribbled over his penis and down his testicles and tickled her lower labia. “Oh, my god, yes,” she said. She had an idea and cut off her flow. Then she pushed him back and motioned for him to stand up. He slid out of her and obeyed. She stood up from the chair, and then directed him to sit. As he turned, he unbuckled and unsnapped his jeans and tugged them down to his ankles. She giggled as she wrapped her legs around his waist and straddled him in his office chair. He started to slip his penis back inside of her, but she stopped him. “Let me do this,” she said. He nodded as she scooted up just enough to put his penis right along her slit but not inside her. Janice sighed and let go completely. The hissing sound of her warm pee as it sprayed out of her and splashed against his penis and lower stomach was loud enough that they both laughed. But their laughter quickly turned to moans as Janice moved her hips, rubbing her soaking wet labia along the shaft of his penis while still peeing. He looked at her again with hungry, lustful eyes and she leaned forward and finally gave him what he wanted as she slid down onto him. Janice knew it wouldn’t be long as she wriggled her hips and he gripped her bare ass. “I’m not going to last much longer,” Kirby said. “It’s okay,” Janice said, smiling. She pulled the straps of her dress and bra away and freed her breasts, and he leaned in to kiss them, starting with her cleavage and working his way to her left nipple. She squealed and moved her hips quicker. “Oh, that feels… so good,” she said. “Oh, I’m gonna… oh, ohhHHHHHH!” She screamed, not caring if anyone heard, and he joined her as she felt him ejaculate into her. Janice stopped moving, but she stayed on top of him as he continued to kiss her cleavage and shoulders. “Thank you,” he said. “That was incredible.” “It was,” she said and kissed him. “So which one of us walks out of here first?” They both laughed.
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