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  1. After making some arrangements, it was for sure that Susan was going to spend the night with the siblings. Janice agreed to let Susan borrow some of her night clothes if necessary and even a change of clothes for tomorrow. As they talked, Tommy stepped down the hall. All three girls peered at him, smiling. They could also see that Susan could not hide the redness in her face. “You sly dog,” Janice said. Tommy grinned, and he surprised all of them by taking a seat on the couch right next to Susan. She looked shocked until he touched her hand and she slipped her fingers between his. “So, Susan,” Tammy said. “Now that the ice is broken and you’ve had sex with my brother, I think we should drop the act. Tommy and I planned the whole thing to get you to piss yourself.” “You… what?” Susan said. “Yeah, I’m sorry. Janice is sometimes ashamed of what we do, and from what she tells us she really likes you and didn’t want your friendship screwed up. So we had to find a way to let you know that this kind of thing happens around here and hope that you wouldn’t run screaming.” “Well… I didn’t did I?” “No,” Janice said. “You didn’t. Thank you.” “You’re welcome. Honestly, there aren’t a lot of people around the office I care to talk to or spend time with. They’re all boring. You… are most definitely not boring.” Janice smiled, and Susan returned it. “Well, now that that’s settled,” Tammy said. She scooted forward in her seat, lifted her bottom and slid her shorts down to her feet but kept her panties on. She sat back in her seat and a few seconds later she sighed, and a dark stain appeared in the crotch of her panties. Tommy and Janice both just shook their heads, but Susan watched, enraptured, as Tammy’s flow increased and hissed loudly through her panties, soaking into the seat cushion. “So you really just… pee in your seat?” she said. “Mmm hmm,” Tammy said. “I told you. We… ohhhh… really enjoy wetting. It’s so warm. Mmm…” Susan looked at Janice. “Do you do this?” Janice cleared her throat. “Sometimes, yes. If the mood strikes me.” “And you?” Susan asked, looking at Tommy. “All the time,” Tommy said. “I’ve even pissed right here on this couch. Obviously, the feeling is different for me than for you girls, but I still really enjoy the warmth and the relief. And of course, the naughtiness of peeing somewhere you shouldn’t.” Tammy’s flow was dwindling to a trickle and Susan watched as she pulled her panties aside and let the last little bit dribble straight into the chair cushion. “But what about the mess?” Susan asked. “We clean it up,” Janice said. “And all three of us drink more water than anything, so usually the smell and the color isn’t so bad. Plus, if the mess is too big we can afford cleaning services.” “This is all so…,” Susan said. Janice closed her eyes waiting for this whole thing to finally come tumbling down. “I mean, it’s a lot to take in, but it’s also kind of… hot.” Janice’s eyes snapped open. Susan was smiling and still looking at Tammy, who was licking her lips and enjoying the last tiny droplets of warm pee through her panties. “Really?” Janice asked. “Yeah, really. Before today I haven’t had sex since my husband left over a year ago. This is the most excitement I’ve had recently that didn’t include chasing toddlers through a toy store. I kind of feel like I needed this.” Janice felt like crying tears of joy. “I think we just became best friends,” Janice said. Susan laughed. “I think I want to try pissing on your couch,” Susan said. All three siblings looked surprised, but Susan smiled and unsnapped her jeans. She was still going commando, so all she had to do was slip her jeans down. She kicked them completely off and was now sitting on the couch naked from the waist down next to Tommy, who was watching her and had a clearly growing erection. “So, do I just sit here and do it?” she asked. “You do it however you want,” Tommy said. His voice was low and encouraging but also had that husky tone she heard in the hallway earlier. “It might be easiest for your first time if you sit like you’re on a toilet.” “Okay,” Susan said. She scooted back on the couch and sat up straight. All three siblings watched as she closed her eyes and let out a breath. Then she gasped and they all heard a hissing sound. “Oh!” Susan cried and looked down to see the small wet spot beneath her. “Just a little spurt,” she said. “But ohh, you’re right Tammy, it’s warm. I think I need to…” She leaned back a little more, relaxing as she spread her legs a little further apart. Then she sighed, and a steady spray of warm pee started from her and hissed loudly into the couch cushion. “Ohh, holy… Mmmm!” She looked down at her flow and opened her mouth in both pleasure and surprise. “Oh my god it’s so… ohhh… so warm, and it’s splashing against my clit… Ohhh!” As Susan peed full force now, Tommy moved closer to her, and she looked to see that he had removed his penis from his shorts and was openly stroking himself. Tammy was also rubbing her vagina without shame. And to her right was Janice, her new best friend, who had pulled her own jeans down to her thighs and was also clearly rubbing herself. The best thing about this is that she didn’t find any of it inappropriate or gross or upsetting in any way. She was deeply turned on by it. These three siblings could have asked her for anything, and she would have said yes without hesitation. As Susan smiled at Janice, her flow was dwindling, but she could see a fresh spray of pee falling from between Janice’s legs and soaking the seat cushion. Janice moaned as she rubbed herself while peeing. Tommy leaned closer to Susan. “Do you want me again? My sisters won’t mind.” Susan looked at Janice who bit her lip and nodded at her through half-lidded eyes. “Yes,” Susan said. Tommy knelt on the floor in front of her and in a quick motion had her bottom scooted to the edge of the couch. She could feel the tip of his penis right at her vulva. Before he entered her, though, he smiled. “I have to pee,” Tommy said. Susan thought she knew what he was getting at, and she smiled. “It’s okay,” she said. Tommy smiled at her and sighed. Soon, a warm stream sprayed messily from his penis and splashed against her lower tummy. She gasped at the warm feel of his pee as it dribbled down her slit, making her even wetter than she already was. This must have stirred more in her as he felt another squirt of pee flow from between her legs and wet the edge of the couch. Tommy groaned, and his spray reached as far as her shirt, which she quickly yanked off and sat up to unsnap her bra. Now she was completely naked and to her surprise didn’t feel the least bit ashamed or self-conscious. This was made better by Tommy’s admiring gaze as his flow of pee eased to a trickle. Tammy stood up from her chair, walked over to the couch, and sat next to Susan. As Tommy moved his pelvis back again to where Susan could feel the tip of his penis at her vulva, Tammy removed her own shirt and bra. She leaned close to Susan and smiled. Then Susan watched as Janice also stood up, stepped out of her jeans, yanked off her shirt, and removed her bra and walked over to sit on the other side of the couch. Susan now had Tommy in front of her, Tammy to her right, and Janice to her left, and they were all watching her lustfully. “You can stop us anytime,” Tommy said in that comforting, husky voice of his. She nodded, and soon Tammy’s mouth was on her right breast, licking her nipple and sucking at it gently. Susan gasped as Tommy slid his penis just to the edge of her labia and moved it around. She could feel the head of it rubbing her clitoris. Janice leaned in now and started to kiss her neck and shoulder while Tammy continued to suck on her breast. As Tommy entered her, Susan felt two hands touching her upper labia and clitoris and looked to see that both Tammy and Janice were rubbing her. “Mmmm!” she cried out. “Oh my god, this is so amazing. I’m not going to last long.” “It’s okay,” Janice whispered. “This is for you. Just relax and let go.” Susan obeyed and soon she could feel her orgasm building as Tommy continued to move in and out of her and the girls continued to kiss and rub her. “Oh! Oh! I’m gonna… OOoooooohhhhhhh!” Susan came loud and hard, writhing and bucking her hips as best she could with Tommy still inside her. He pulled out of her and scooted back as her breathing slowed to normal and all three of them looked at her, smiling. Susan sighed as another steady flow of pee fell from her and dripped gently onto the edge of the couch and the floor. She giggled. “I always have to pee after I orgasm.” They all laughed with her. “How was that?” Janice asked. “Incredible,” Susan said, still sounding a little out of breath. “I’m glad. Because I really like you. And obviously so do my siblings.” Tammy and Tommy both nodded, wide-eyed, at the exact same time. “Good,” Susan said. She sat up but did not bother getting dressed. She could feel the wetness of the cushion under her getting cold and wished she could warm it up, but she was tapped out. “Why don’t we get dressed and then go out and have some drinks?” Tommy asked. “That sounds like a great idea,” Susan said.
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  3. Janice woke up to the sounds of her sister stirring in the bunk above her. She opened her eyes and looked around the room, cursing the sunlight peeking through the blinds. She could just barely see her sister Tammy’s legs hanging over the edge of the top bunk. A few seconds later she heard the expected sigh and then a clear stream of her sister’s pee dribbled down to the carpet below. Janice giggled. This was a common thing, but she was always amused by her sister’s various ways of relieving herself first thing in the morning. Janice snuggled deeper into her bed, pulling the covers over her and up to her neck. She really didn’t want to get up yet, but she continued to watch Tammy’s stream splash down to the dark carpet, making a very audible splashing sound. What was also audible were Tammy’s moans, and the messiness with which the stream fell made Janice think her sister was probably masturbating, as well. Janice reached beneath the covers and removed her panties, smiling as she did so. She rolled over on her side and scooted her bottom back until she could feel the cold of her bedroom wall against her cheeks. She smiled again and closed her eyes as she sighed and emptied her bladder, enjoying the soft hiss as her morning pee sprayed out of her and all over her inner thighs and her bedroom wall. She could hear it running down the wall to the carpet under her bed. She licked her lips and slid her hand between her legs as she continued to pee. It only took a few light strokes of her slit before she was moaning, and soon a small orgasm overtook her. Wetting had been a common thing for the girls since they were kids. Their parents were laid back about pretty much everything, including nudity, sex, and obviously peeing. Her parents were unfortunately deceased after a drunk driver ended their life in a devastating crash just a few years ago. It was still a painful memory, but most of the trauma was over and done. Now, Janice, Tammy and Tammy’s twin brother Tommy lived together in their parents’ house, mostly because no will had been left, and they did not want to sell it. So rather than fight over who would live in it, since they were all three single without any kids they decided to share it. Janice’s parents were wealthy and the house itself was 2 ½ floors with a full basement, as well. Janice could remember the earliest days of their wettings in which there was no dry room in the house. She could vividly remember her mother kneeling down beside her in the living room as a warm jet of pee sprayed out of her and onto the carpeted floor, or her mother standing in the kitchen cooking dinner as a clear stream snaked down her slender legs, making a puddle at her feet. When Janice had to go, her mother would say, “Well, go on,” and allow her to squat right where she was. A few times her mother also wet her pants, rarely saying anything before sighing and making a dark stain in her crotch. Janice would soon replicate her mother’s actions and soak her pants, as well, enjoying the soothing warmth that collected between her legs. As she got a little older, while shopping with her mother she almost squatted right in the middle of the aisle and her mother had to remind her that their peeing was only to be done around the house and not out in public. Her father would be a little more modest around her and would maybe step away or turn around, but Janice could still see or hear the tell-tale stream. This changed, though, after the twins were born and her father finally had a son. Soon, he was teaching his little boy subtle but effective ways to relieve himself in the house. Janice would often walk by her little brother and see him relieving himself all over his bedroom wall or peeing on the carpet in the corner of his room. Her little sister, Tammy, would join her and her mother as they squatted in the hallway or let their pee dribble down their legs or soak their pants. These habits continued into young adulthood. There were some struggles, of course, like friends who were grossed out, rumors that floated around school, but Janice and her siblings didn’t mind. The most common story was their wealth, and this often made it easier to make friends in spite of the rumors. Janice even recalled a few friends over the years who were into it and joined them as they wet themselves. There were even a few sexual encounters that included wetting, as well. After dozing back off for a few minutes, Janice could hear Tammy moving again and she watched her crawl down the ladder leading from the top bunk. “Hey sis,” Tammy said. “Good morning,” Janice said. She had scooted back into the bed, and as she talked to her sister she felt a little more pee seep from her bare bottom and to the mattress under her. “What are you getting into today?” Tammy asked. “I don’t know. I need to make some phone calls for work, and then my friend Susan is coming over.” “Boring,” Tammy said. Janice laughed. “Well, what did you have in mind?” Janice asked. “I don’t know. I was thinking we could go for a drive, and then maybe we can invite some people over for a party later?” “A drive where?” “Anywhere,” Tammy said. “I’m bored.” Even though she was 22, Tammy was still childish in a lot of ways. It was cute most of the time but could also be annoying. “Let’s go make breakfast,” she said. “I’m thinking pancakes!” She tapped Janice’s foot. “Come on, sleepyhead, let’s go!” Janice sat up and got out of bed, not bothering to put her panties back on. As she stepped out into the hallway, she spotted her brother Tommy, who was facing away from them and clearly relieving himself onto the wall. His head was lifted in an obvious gesture of relief, and although they could not see his dick they could definitely see and hear the strong stream that flowed from him and sprayed the hallway wall. “Good morning, Tommy!” Tammy yelled. He mumbled his reply as the girls continued down the hall to the steps. Janice paused at the top of the steps as she had a vivid memory of her mother sitting at the top step, skirt lifted and legs parted, soaking her panties. Janice remembered being fascinated by the dark stain that started at her mother’s panties and flowed down the carpeted steps. “You okay?” Tammy asked. “Yeah,” Janice said. “Just remembering Mom again.” “Good memories?” Tammy asked. “Of course,” Janice said, smiling. She followed her sister down the steps and to the kitchen. They worked together to make breakfast, talking about minor things such as school and work, but then Tammy changed the subject. “What were you remembering?” Tammy asked. “About Mom?” Janice smiled. “I was remembering a time she pissed down the stairs,” she said. “She did that a lot,” Tammy said. “Dad did it, too.” Janice chuckled as she remembered. As she flipped a pancake on the skillet, Tommy walked into the kitchen. “Morning,” Janice said. “Yes, it is,” he said, smiling. He walked across the kitchen and joined Tammy at the table. Janice turned back to the pancakes and soon felt a slight urge in her bladder again. She relaxed as a few small dribbles trickled quietly down her legs. Her siblings didn’t seem to notice as they started talking about some television show. When Janice finished peeing, she dropped a dish towel on the floor and wiped up her small puddle. Janice smiled as she had another flash of memory of her mother walking around the house in a short nightgown and no panties, much like Janice was now, until she would stop, smile, and spray warm urine down her legs. “Are those pancakes almost done?” Tommy asked, bringing Janice back to the present. She laughed and scooped the pancakes off the skillet and onto a plate. She carried the plate to the table, and as soon as she sat it down her brother and sister both forked a few pancakes onto their own plates. After a playful reach for the syrup, Tommy nabbed it and slathered some all over his pancakes then handed the bottle to Tammy. Tammy stuck her tongue out at him. Janice joined them and forked a couple onto her plate, as well. They were eating quietly before Tammy scooted back in her chair. Seconds later they could all hear the tell-tale hiss and dripping sounds as she emptied her bladder and let it drip to the kitchen floor. Tommy chuckled and shook his head. “What?” Tammy said. “I had to go.” “You know Janice has a friend coming over. That means we’ll have to behave.” “Well, I was going to keep her in the guest room, which is still clean. So as long as you all don’t pee there, I think we’re okay.” “Orrrrrr,” Tammy said, “you could tell your friend, and then it’s not a problem.” Janice laughed. “Yeah, I could do that, but we haven’t been friends long, and I’m not sure how she’d react. She’s a friend from work, so I’d rather not have her running off and telling all my other coworkers that we openly piss all over our house.” “Whatever,” Tammy said. “Guess I’ll get it out of my system now, then,” Tommy said. He reached under the table and fumbled with his boxer shorts. Janice noticed that he was taking his penis out of the front of them. This was not the first time she had seen her brother’s penis, and thank goodness it never excited her the way any of her lovers’ had. Not that it was bad looking, but it was her brother’s penis. He sighed and they could hear his warm pee splashing up, back down onto his lap and onto the kitchen floor. Tammy peeked and then giggled. For a while Janice had suspected that Tammy was more attracted to her twin brother than she admitted, but she never brought it up. “Wow, that feels good,” he said. “Well,” Janice said, “I need to make some phone calls, and I need to get things ready for her. Can you two clean up?” They both groaned but agreed. Janice rinsed her plate off, set it in the sink, and walked out.
  4. "I've gotta pee really bad," I whimper to my friend, "Like, really bad." "Hold on a little longer," she says, "We're almost to my place." "I can't, Chloe, I'm gonna wet myself." When she didn't reply I just pressed my hand into my crotch harder. Drinking all that water hadn't been the best idea, and now I was learning that the hard way. I started to rub myself to help ignore the pressure on my bladder, and when I found out it helped, I rubbed a little harder and faster. Chloe seemed to notice but didn't say anything, although I did see her shift in her seat a little. "Are we almost there?" I asked her. "Umm, almost...but I don't think we'll make it in time," Chloe said, trying to keep control in her voice. I could tell she was getting turned on by my masturbating in the seat next to her. "What?!" Why not?" I almost cried out. I could hardly hold it anymore. "Hazel, look ahead. There's been an accident on the road. I think we'll be held up for a while," Chloe said, a little bit of pity in her voice, though I knew she secretly wanted to see me pee myself. I stopped rubbing myself and looked up at the road ahead of us. The traffic was at a complete stop, even though I could see our exit sign about a hundred feet ahead. As soon as I realized that I might not make it, I started rubbing myself again, this time a little more noticeable to Chloe. She came to a complete stop, the car jerking a little, causing me to leak. Chloe looked over at me and stated, "Well, if you're gonna pee in my car, you should probably take off your pants, that way they don't get soaked." Without even questioning my friend's logic, I took off my pants and threw them in the back. I started rubbing myself again, and my legs subconsciously spread apart. Chloe looked over at the wet spot on my panties from my earlier leak and threw the car into park. "We'll be here a while," she whispered seductively. She straddled me and started kissing me, all the while grinding my clit, making me moan. "You're...gonna...make me...piss myself," I said between kisses. Chloe stopped to pull her pants down, and for once I was glad for her tinted windows. "That's okay, I want you to piss all over my pussy," she told me, "Then I want you to lick my soppy cunt." She got onto the floor and pulled my panties down. She teased me by kissing my inner thigh, and I rubbed my clit to stop myself from letting go all over her face. Chloe finally reached my throbbing pussy, and flicked my clit with her tongue. I gasped and felt the pressure in my bladder increase. "You better not pee until I tell you to," Chloe told me with a demanding tone, looking me in the eye, "Or else you'll get punished." Her voice had such a commanding tone, I knew I had to obey, and tried to hold back as much as I could. Out of nowhere, she stuck her tongue in my pussy, causing me to moan. She used one of her hands to rub my clit, the other to rub her own. As she licked me, I felt the pressure still building, and a little squirt escaped me. Chloe smiled, but didn't say anything. She knew I knew what would happen if I let it all go. She rubbed my clit faster, and I ground my hips against her mouth, desperate to cum. She stopped and brought herself back up on top of me, and started grinding on me, faster then she ever had. I felt a small gush come out, soaking both of our panties and making us come even closer to cumming. As she continued to grind me, I once again felt the pressure in my bladder, heavier and stronger than it had even been. She was grinding me even faster now, I was so close to cumming, and I could tell she was too. Suddenly, I couldn't hold it anymore. It was like someone had opened the flood gates, and piss came gushing out of my pussy. That brought us over the edge making us climax simultaneously. As Chloe squirted, she moved herself so that her pussy was in front of mine, and I pissed all over her already soaking cunt as I rubbed my clit, making myself buck and moan loudly as I had an orgasm. I saw Chloe move her clit in the path of my stream, and as it hit her full force, she screamed along with her orgasm. As we both calmed down, we smiled at each other before Chloe's smile turned into a mischievous grin. Uh oh, I know that look, I thought. "You peed before I told you that you could, Hazel. That means that you get the punishment." Even though the punishment lasts a whole weekend, I was surprised to be looking forward to it. "I can't wait," I told her.
  5. As the traffic started to move again, Chloe moved back to her own seat, not even bothering to put her pants back on. She looked over at me and smiled, "tsk, tsk, tsk, you should have waited. I'm going to have to punish you when we get back to the house." Chloe took the car out of park and she drove to her house the rest of the way in silence. I was still sitting in a pool of piss and squirt, and it was making me horny. We got to Chloe's house not too soon after, and she immediately dragged me into her room. She blindfolded me so I couldn't see what she was doing, and quickly took off my shirt and bra before tying my hands to the bedposts of her bed, making me unable to touch myself. She took off my still-soaked panties that I had put back on earlier and cuffed my legs on the sides of the bed, leaving my horny pussy open to whatever punishment was about to come this weekend. Chloe then stuffed a couple pillows underneath my back, elevating my cunt higher off the bed. I heard her leave the room and I waited patiently for her to come back. A little while later she came back and told me to open my mouth. She poured a big glass of water in my mouth, and made several trips back and forth with water, until I had to pee again. She then whispered in my ear that she needed to pee. I heard her pull down her panties and jump onto the bed. She leaned on top of me, with her pussy near my boobs, and I felt the start of a trickle. She slowly moved down my body, and by the time she reached my clit, her stream was at full force. I could feel the pressure on my clit, and I didn't want her to stop. Of course, right when I was about to orgasm, I felt her stream slow down, eventually coming to a stop. I tried to move my body up to grind on hers to orgasm, but she moved away, leaving me desperate to cum. I heard her laugh, and I whined. I was so close! Chloe left for a while, and my urge to pee was starting to show up again. Almost like magic, Chloe showed up right then, and she had brought along a huge vibrator. "Time for some fun," she said, winking at me. She did a strip tease in front of me, then laid against the backboard of the bed, and spread her legs. Chloe turned on the vibrator and started rubbing her clit, making her moan loudly. As she masturbated in front of me, I got horny again, and desperately wanted to touch myself, but the cuffs prevented me from doing so. My only choice was to watch my friend, so that's what I did. As Chloe turned the vibration higher, her own bladder let go, and she opened her lips wider, directing her stream to my clit. When it hit me, I bucked, wanting to get free from the restraints so I could cum. I begged Chloe to let me go but she didn't listen, and continued to pee on me while getting off. Her stream eventually pattered out, and she turned the vibration volume to the highest, making her grunt, moan, and occasionally scream when she hit a sensitive spot. She finally came, and squirted all over me, leaving my pussy soaking wet from Chloe's piss and cum juice. "Did you enjoy watching me cum, Hazel?" Chloe asked as she climbed on top of me. "Yes, can you please let me go now so I can cum?" I asked even though I knew the answer would be no. Of course, she said no. She gave me another glass of water to drink, and told me not to pee until she came back. At one point, I must have fallen asleep, because when I opened my eyes, Chloe was eating me out. I relished the sensation of her tongue on my clit, and I asked her if I was allowed to pee. She took her mouth away and put her pussy in front of mine. "Piss all over my desperate cunt, Hazel. Make me cum all over you." No sooner had she said that, I let go, and my strong stream hit her, causing her to scream with pleasure. I was getting close to my own orgasm, since I was so horny and my stream was hitting my huge throbbing clit. Chloe got closer and closer to an orgasm, and she moved closer to me, causing my piss to splash noisily between our soaking cunts. My stream was starting to run out, and neither of us had came yet, so Chloe rammed her pussy into mine, all the while ripping the pillows out from under me so that I was laying flat on the bed. She was grinding me as hard as she could, our clits ramming against the other. Chloe pulled her vibrator from (seemingly) out of nowhere and turned it on full-force, placing it in a position where we could still grind but we could feel it. We got closer to climax, and Chloe told me to piss all over us again. I was about to tell her that I didn't need to pee anymore, but like magic I had an urge like no other. Without any hesitation, I pushed it out as hard as I could, my pee splattering across our pussies, making us orgasm hard. As we both calmed down, Chloe unhooked me from all the restraints, but before I can move much, she tells me to follow her, still blindfolded, mind you, and she leads me down to the basement. Eventually we get there, and she directs me to sit on a chair. She straps me down once again, and I feel something cold press against my lips. I feel a trickle of cold water run into my mouth, and I have no choice but to swallow it. "The water won't stop, so don't you stop swallowing either. I'm going to keep you plenty busy tonight," Chloe told me with a giggle. The last thing she did was press the vibrator to my clit and turned it on to the second most powerful, to make sure I wouldn't cum. Something told me I wouldn't get any sleep that night. "Feel free to pee whenever you want tonight, Hazel. Anytime at all." The last thing Chloe heard before she went upstairs was my loud moans and piss pattering on the floor beneath me.
  6. sathuta

    Ladies please answer

    This question is for ladies here, when you are peeing how far that you can spray the stream? I mean the distance.
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  8. I love to watch female pissing and enjoying a lot. I prefer to watch fully clothed women are pissing, especially when they are in skirts, dresses and sarees. However it doesn't mean that I am not interesting in naked female pissing. Different ways of female pissing brings the pleasure in different ways. The actions of pissing women are very interesting from start to end of their pissing. It is always interesting that how women who want to pee are getting ready to empty their bladders. Lifting skirt (or dress / saree), pulling down the panties, squatting and releasing the pee, after peeing standing up, pulling back the panties up and skirt down are the steps that women are following. All of these actions are pleasurable. Upskirt views are generating an additional pleasure. So that I love to watch all these actions in addition to watch the pee stream from the urethra.
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  11. Author's Note: This is a new series that I have been working on that will take place in a fictional mountain town. Hope you enjoy it. It was a warm and sunny Sunday in the beginning of spring as three college students were making their way to Woodland Springs-a mountain town famous for its hot springs-for spring break. Driving the car was a twenty-one-year-old female named Vanessa. She was president of her university’s student council and well-liked by professors and students alike. Her brains and beauty had earned her the distinction of being the most sought-after girl on campus. Sitting in the passenger seat was twenty-year-old Daphne, who was the student council’s event chairperson. Daphne was outgoing, athletic, and for better or worse, had a tendency to speak her mind. She was also very much a tomboy, never one to be told what she could and couldn’t do because of her gender. In the backseat behind Vanessa was Daphne’s younger twin sister Misty, the vice president of the student council. Misty was a bit of a bookworm, extremely shy, and rarely ever complained or asked for help as she did not like inconveniencing people. However, Misty was also extremely beautiful, so much so that her sister Daphne had to protect her from guys who might take advantage of her shyness. While Misty certainly had a large pool of men from which to choose from, she wasn’t interested in any of them. Rather the one who had stolen her heart was none other than Vanessa. Of course being the type of girl she was, Misty found herself unable to confess her feelings and had thus opted to join the student council so as to be close to the one she loved. Daphne had merely joined the student council to keep an eye on her sister. As usual, Misty appeared to have her nose in a book, although in reality her mind was elsewhere. As she stared blankly at the pages in front of her, she thought about what had led to this little vacation. It had been the Monday before spring break was to begin, when Vanessa had first proposed the idea of heading out of town for a hot springs vacation. Vanessa had had the good fortune of winning a free weeklong trip to Woodland Springs and had offered to take Misty along with her. The original plan was that the two girls would go alone, but that changed the moment that Daphne caught wind of it. Daphne, being the overprotective sister that she was, had told Vanessa that she wouldn’t let Misty go unless she could go as well. Despite Misty’s objections, Vanessa accepted Daphne’s terms and allowed her to come along. Misty couldn’t help but sigh as she thought about the missed opportunities she could have had by being alone with Vanessa. “Stupid overprotective sister,” she mumbled to herself. “I heard that,” said Daphne as she looked back at her sister. “How can you expect to have any fun if you spend all your time pouting?” “I’m not pouting,” replied Misty, “I just don’t see why you felt the need to butt in on our plans.” “Settle down you two,” said Vanessa. “This is supposed to be a fun little getaway. Let’s just relax and try to make the best of it.” Despite her calm tone, Vanessa was fairly pissed. The truth was that Vanessa was attracted to Misty and had wanted to use the time alone together to try and start a relationship with her. Vanessa had gone to great lengths to keep her feeling for Misty a secret, and yet Daphne had somehow figured out not only her secret but her true intentions for the trip as well. In fact, Daphne and secretly threatened to tell the whole student body unless Vanessa took her along as well. She didn’t know exactly why Daphne despised her, but right now the feeling was pretty much mutual. “How long until we get to the next town?” asked Daphne. She was crossing her legs just a bit. They had been in the car for roughly four hours and she had drank about three 16oz. bottles of water from the cooler they had on the floor near the backseat. “With how bad the traffic is, I’d say maybe another hour, possibly more,” replied Vanessa as she stared at the mountain road ahead of her. “Why do you want to know? Do you need to stretch your legs or something?” “No. If it’s going to take that long can you please pull over to the side of the road? I really need to take a piss,” replied Daphne, not really caring about how unfeminine she sounded. Misty who was drinking from her fourth bottle of water did a spit take that splashed all over the back of Vanessa’s neck. “Daphne! The road is packed with cars. People will see you. Don’t you have any shame?” “Who cares. Guys pull over to the side of the road to take a leak when traffic is bad all the time. What’s the difference?” asked Daphne. “The difference is that you’re a girl. Maybe you should start acting like one,” Misty retorted. “Both of you shut up,” ordered Vanessa as she used one hand to steer the vehicle and her other hand to wipe the combination of water and spit off her neck with a napkin. She then turned to Daphne and said, “If you really need to go that bad, then I’ll pull the car over. Just don’t complain about people laughing and staring at you.” “I won’t,” promised Daphne as she mockingly ran her fingers in the shape of a cross above her heart. “Alright then, I’m pulling over.” And with that, Vanessa pulled over. As she put the car in park, Daphne got out of the car. Misty unbuckled her seatbelt, moved over to the passenger side of the car, and unrolled the window. At this point she was curious to see whether her sister would really do it or not. Looking out the window, Misty saw that beneath them was dirt and gravel dotted with a few patches of weeds. Both girls then watched as Daphne unbuckled her pants and pulled them down just below her shins. Daphne then grabbed her panties and did the same thing. She then spread her legs, leaned back while thrusting her hips forward, and placed one hand on the roof of the car while using the other hand to spread her labia. Vanessa and Misty both watched in disbelief as a torrent of golden water spewed forth from between Daphne’s legs, landing in a foamy pool in the dirt some four feet the way. “Ohhhhh god, this feels sooo goood,” moaned Daphne. As she turned her head back towards the car, she saw both girls staring at her and could tell that they were both starting to squirm a bit. “Why don’t you two come out and join me? You’ll feel a lot better.” “Thanks, but no thanks,” replied Misty. “Unlike you, I actually have a bit of decency. I’ll wait until we get to the next town.” “Suit yourself,” said Daphne as she turned her head back to what she was doing. All the while cars were slowing down a bit just to catch a glimpse of the unusual sight. “Hey Misty, can you do me a favor?” asked Vanessa as she unbuckled her seatbelt. “What do you need?” “Can you hand me one of those empty water bottles on the floor?” “Here you go,” said Misty as she handed her an empty bottle. “What do you need it for?” “Hey Misty, please don’t think any less of me for what I’m about to do.” Misty watched as Vanessa lifted herself up off the seat just enough that she could reach underneath her skirt and pull her panties down. Vanessa then removed the bottle cap and placed the bottle underneath her skirt and pressed it up against her pussy. Within seconds, the sound of water splashing against plastic filled the car. “This does feel good,” mumbled Vanessa as she released the yellow flood she had been holding in for the past two hours. She then turned her head towards Misty who by this point was staring at her in utter shock. “You sister is right you know. If you have to go you should probably do it now. Just use one of the empty bottles in the back…” There was a split-second pause. “OH SHIT! The bottle’s almost full and I can’t seem to pinch of my stream. Misty, I need you to grab another bottle and climb into the passenger’s seat. Hurry, there’s not much time.” Misty quickly grabbed a bottle, exited the car, and swung open the passenger side door, almost whacking her sister in the process. She then kneeled over on the seat to hand the empty bottle to Vanessa. “Unfortunately, I don’t think I can cut my stream off long enough to make the switch myself, you’ll need to help me. Just lift up my skirt and make the switch as quickly as you can. Please, you’re the only one I would trust to do this.” “Alright,” replied Misty as she grabbed Vanessa’s skirt and lifted it up. As she looked down, she saw that sure enough the bottle was nearly full. With one hand clenching the empty bottle, she prepped her other hand to receive the piss filled bottle. Misty only had a couple seconds to make the swap and as she exchanged the bottles, a little bit of piss spilt out of the bottle and onto her hand, but other than that small mishap, the switch went perfectly. Once Misty had the bottle of piss in her hand, she stated, “I’ll go dump this out.” She carefully backed herself out of the car, almost bumping into Daphne who by this point in time was wiping the last few drops off her legs with a napkin. As Daphne pulled up her pants and turned around, she noticed the bottle. “Is that apple juice?” she asked looking at the liquid inside the bottle. “If it is can I have some?” Before Misty could stop her, Daphne snatched the bottle away from her and took a swig. “Ewww, this is disgusting. What sort of apple juice is this?” “That’s my pee your drinking, dumbass,” yelled Vanessa as her stream petered out into drops before ceasing all together. “Shit,” screamed Daphne as she dropped the bottle, its contents spilling on the ground. “Why didn’t you stop me?” she cried as she began spitting on the ground. “Because you snatched it out of my hand before I could stop you. If you ask me you had it coming,” chuckled Misty. Misty then leaned back in the car and grabbed the second bottle from Vanessa. This one was about half-full. As Misty turned to face Daphne, she held out the bottle and teased, “Would you like to sample this one too?” “Sure,” said Daphne as she grabbed the bottle, took a swig from it, and then dumped it on the ground. Misty looked at her sister in disbelief. “You know I was only…,” but before she could finish her sentence, Daphne grabbed her face and pulled her into a kiss. As Daphne kissed her sister, she forced the swig she had taken from the bottle into Misty’s mouth before quickly pulling away. The incident happened so fast that Misty was unable to spit it out and ended up swallowing it. “Oh my god! You’re fucking disgusting,” she gagged. “And now you know how I felt,” replied Daphne as she spat on the ground once again. “Now we’re even.” Daphne then leaned next to Misty and whispered into her ear, “By the way, if it was your piss in those bottles I would have gladly drank every last drop.” “You’re a freak,” muttered Misty as she stepped back, still gagging on the aftertaste. “I was only kidding,” teased Daphne as she got back into the car. “Now let’s get this show on the road.” “Fine,” said Misty as she hopped into the backseat once more. And with that, the group was once again on the road. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Forty minutes passed and the group had hardly made any progress. Both Daphne and Vanessa were doing okay because they had been able to relieve themselves, but Misty was now in desperation hell. Desperately holding her crotch, she leaned forward and asked, “How long until we get to the next town or gas station?” “Probably another thirty minutes or so. If we’re lucky,” replied Vanessa. “Would you like me to pull over?” “No, I’m okay. I can hold it a bit longer.” “Don’t lie,” said Daphne. “We’re twins so I can tell when you’re in pain. Just admit that you need to go so we can pull over. Hell, I’ll even grab a blanket and hold it up like a curtain if you need me to.” “I already told you, I am not going to pop a squat on the side of the road while people stare at me.” “Then why don’t you use a bottle like I did?” asked Vanessa. “I mean it should be easy since you’re wearing a skirt.” “I’m not doing that either, I can wai…..” but before Misty could finish the word, she felt a small warm spurt hit her panties. It seemed her sister must have sensed it as the next thing she said was, “You just pissed yourself a little, didn’t you?” Realizing that she could not get past her sister’s sixth sense, Misty nodded her head. “Look, there is one more thing we can try. Why don’t you just put on one of your adult diapers and use that?” “I don’t wear adult diapers,” denied Misty, her face flushed with embarrassment. “Maybe not during the day but you do at night.” “Is that true?” asked Vanessa. Daphne decided to speak up before Misty could deny it any further. “It’s very much true. Now don’t get me wrong, she doesn’t wear them because she’s incontinent, rather there is another reason she wears them.” “And what it that reason?” inquired Vanessa, her face becoming a bit red herself. “Daphne please don’t,” begged Misty, but it was too late. “Misty wear’s adult diapers at night because she is such a deep sleeper that she sometimes cannot wake up in time to go to the bathroom. It’s been that way since we were little kids.” “DAPHNE!!!” screamed Misty, tears of shame and embarrassment staining her cheeks. Misty couldn’t believe that her sister could so openly embarrass her in front of the woman she loved. Burying her face in her hands, she cried out, “How could you do this to me?” Suddenly Misty felt a hand grip her knee and give it a soft but reassuring squeeze. As she looked up she saw that the hand belonged to Vanessa. “Look Misty, that’s nothing to be ashamed of. You’re not the only one who has that problem. In fact, I was in a similar situation until I was eighteen years old.” “Really?” asked Misty as she began rubbing the tears from her eyes. “Yes,” replied Vanessa. “Now I want you to listen to me carefully. It is apparently obvious that there is no way that we can make it to a bathroom before you explode. That said, since you didn’t like the first two options, then we should probably go for the third. Honestly though I don’t care which one you pick, so long as you don’t wet the backseat of my car.” “I vote for the third option,” declared Daphne, “after all she would probably make a huge mess if she peed in a bottle.” “That’s probably true,” admitted Misty. “I guess I’ll use the diaper.” Misty then unbuckled her seat belt and reached back for her bag. She then unzipped the bag and pulled out one of the adult diapers she had so carefully tried to conceal. Misty then lifted up her skirt just enough so that she could remove her panties and replace them with the diaper. “All right. It’s on.” “Hold on a second,” ordered Vanessa. “Before you let loose, I want you to reach inside my bag, grab my swim towel and place it on the seat beneath you just in case there are any leaks.” “Got it,” said Misty as she did as she was told. A couple minutes later she was sitting on the towel, lifting her skirt above the diaper so as not to accidentally soil that as well. Minutes passed but nothing happened. The pain in her bladder became so bad that Misty resorted to pushing but still nothing came out. “What’s the hold up?” asked Daphne as she turned around. “I’m trying but it won’t come out,” whined Misty. Suddenly a sharp burst of pain slammed her bladder. Misty let out a bloodcurdling scream as she slumped forward, clenching onto her crotch for all she was worth. Misty’s scream almost caused Vanessa to lose control of the vehicle. As she corrected herself she yelled back, “Are you alright?” “It hurts. It hurts. It really hurts,” whined Misty, no longer able to straighten herself into a proper sitting position. “Just keep trying,” replied Vanessa who at this point was feeling utterly helpless. Then out of the corner of her eye, she noticed that Daphne was acting strangely. Turning her head slightly, Vanessa could see that Daphne was clutching her lower abdomen, tears beginning to roll down her eyes. “What’s wrong with you?” “I can feel it,” sobbed Daphne. “I can feel her pain through our twin link and its bad. If something doesn’t happen soon I think her bladder might burst.” Since she was not a twin herself, Vanessa didn’t know whether twins really had a link that allowed them to feel each other’s pain, but she could tell just by their reactions that the situation was serious. “Just hold on a little longer. I’m going to try to pull over.” It took a couple minutes for her to find a place to pull over, but the moment she did, she ordered Daphne to get into the backseat with Misty and hold her up in a sitting position. Daphne did as she was told. Vanessa then climbed into the backseat with them. She then lifted up Misty’s shirt and to her shock saw that her bladder was seriously bulging. “This is not good,” she said as got up and fished into one of the other bags for another towel. Vanessa then placed bunched up the second towel as much as she could and placed it under the diaper. Looking up at Daphne, Vanessa said, “I’m going to need you to hold onto her as tight you can. What I’m about to do is going to cause her serious pain.” Vanessa then proceeded to place her hand down in the diaper, right up against Misty’s bladder and using two fingers, began gently applying pressure. As Misty began screaming in pain, Daphne held onto her tightly and sang to her, “Let it go, let it go…,” but her singing was drowned out by Misty’s screams. Unable to take Misty’s screaming, Vanessa leaned in and before Daphne could stop her from doing so, planted a passionate kiss on Misty. The shock of Vanessa’s tongue passionately caressing her own, shocked Misty’s body enough that a spurt of urine came out. A second spurt came out seconds later, followed by another and then another until the dam finally burst, releasing a golden tsunami into the diaper. Misty’s body went limp as it finally began to relax. The moment that Vanessa pulled her lips away from Misty’s, she looked down and watched in utter amazement as the front of the diaper, which had been a pinkish white less than a minute earlier, was beginning to yellow. It was then that Vanessa felt the wet warmth running through her fingers. While she thought it was disgusting, she had to keep her hand down there to apply pressure. However, it soon started to feel good, so good in fact that Vanessa soon lost herself in thought. “Hey Vanessa, I’m all good now so could you please get your hand off my crotch?” asked Misty. Her question brought Vanessa back to reality. “I’m so sorry,” she said as she yanked her hand out of the diaper. By this time her hand, just like the diaper and rolled up towel, was completely soaked. “I think I have some paper towels and trash bags in the back, I’ll go get them.” She then exited the car and walked to the back. Just as she was getting ready to open the hatch, she stopped and looked at her piss stained hand. Without really thinking, she lifted her hand to her nose and inhaled deeply. While it reeked like ammonia, it also had a trace of a sweet smell. Unable to control herself, Vanessa put the back of her hand to her mouth and licked it. Her body shuddered in ecstasy. As she prepared for another lick, she was startled by a cough coming from a few feet away. Looking up from her hand, she saw that it was Daphne. “Wow, you truly are a freak,” said Daphne, her eyes staring daggers into Vanessa. “I’ve spent my entire life protecting my sister from freaks and perverts so I knew exactly what kind of person you were the moment I met you.” “I can’t deny that what I just did wasn’t perverted, but I am telling the truth when I say that I am not one of those creeps who would take advantage of her. I truly do love her, although you probably don’t believe me.” “Of course I believe you, but I still cannot allow you to be with her. You see she and I have been together even before we were even born. We have a bond that you could never hope to achieve, let alone understand.” “I know that,” replied Vanessa. “I’ve always known that. But I don’t care. The heart wants what the heart wants. I will make her mine one day with or without your blessing. If you’re with me good, if not, then you best stay out of my way or come at me with everything you’ve got.” Daphne burst out laughing. “You’ve got guts. I like that. But don’t think I’ll let you have my sister so easily.” She then opened the hatch, grabbed the paper towels and a trash bag and went to help her sister clean up. Vanessa was left alone outside the car once more. She looked down at her hand and clenched it. “If she wants a fight, then it’s a fight she’s going to get and I always fight to win.” Vanessa then gave her pee stained hand one more good lick before she got back in the car. To be Continued…
  12. This chapter is a retelling of the last chapter but from Tommy's perspective. When Tommy stepped into the bathroom, the first thing he did was listen closely. He could hear his sisters talking to the new girl but could not make out what they were saying. It didn’t matter. The first phase of his and Tammy’s plan was already in action. As he often did before taking a shower, Tommy stripped down to only his boxers. They were snug, especially in the mornings when his often painful erection stretched them out. He sat on the edge of the tub and adjusted his penis until it was pointing upwards. Then he relaxed and soon a steady squirt of warm urine sprayed the inside of his boxers and soaked his balls then dripped to the tile bathroom floor. He reached into the front opening of his boxers and slipped his penis out. Then he sighed and emptied his bladder this way, letting his warm pee spray whichever way it chose to go. Since his erection was waning a bit, most of it dribbled to his right side, soaking his boxers and the floor. When he finished, he reached back, closed the shower curtain halfway, and turned on the water but didn’t step in yet. The knock at the bathroom door was exactly what Tommy hoped for. He really was planning to get into the shower soon when the knock came. But now the game was on. “Hey Tommy?” It was Janice’s voice. Tommy smiled. “Yeah?” he answered. “Do you know how much longer you’ll be?” “I just got in,” he said, grinning at his lie. He could hear someone say something else but couldn’t hear them, so he stepped as quietly as he could closer to the bathroom door. “…Tammy is right. We’ve had to improvise before. I can take you to the kitchen? If you’re willing, you can use the sink?” It was Janice again. “How far is that?” This was a voice Tommy didn’t recognize, so it must be Susan, Janice’s new friend. Tommy grinned again and listened. “It’s on the other side of the house,” Janice said. Tommy grinned again. The kitched was on the other side of the house, but that wasn’t as far as Susan probably thought. He now began to think Janice had decided to join their game. “Ohhh, no, I won’t make it that far,” Susan said. “Well, you can go right here,” Tammy said. Tommy almost laughed out loud. He loved hearing his twin work her magic. “Like… just pee in your hallway?” “If you have to,” Tammy said. “It’s my lame ass brother’s fault, not yours. And we can clean it up, no problem.” Tommy heard Susan groan and couldn’t help himself now as he slipped his boxers off all the way and started to stroke his penis. “Ohhh, I’m seriously about to piss myself,” Susan said. “It’s okay, really,” Janice said. “I won’t tell anyone at the office.” “But I can’t just piss in the floor in your hallway,” Susan said. “It’s really not a problem,” Tammy said. “Here, I’ll prove it. I’ve got to go, anyway.” Tommy could hear movement and a gentle thud against the wall just outside the bathroom. He could picture what he had seen Tammy do many times: she was leaning against the wall to pee. He stepped closer and sure enough he could hear her sigh and just barely audible hissing and dripping as his twin sister peed right there in the hallway. Tommy stroked his penis harder, but he didn’t want to cum yet. Susan gasped. “Oh, shit!” she said. “I just squirted a bit!” He almost lost it then but eased his stroking. “I’m sorry, Janice, but I can’t hold it anymore.” “It’s okay,” Janice said. “Do you care if I join you?” Tommy almost went wild as he tried to picture his older sister and her new friend about to piss in the hallway just outside the door. He stroked a little more vigorously now. “Seeing my sister go made me have to go.” She laughed. “I don’t care,” Susan said. “I just need to pee like right now!” Tommy heard the unbuttoning of jeans and the sound of clothes rustling. “They’re already wet,” Susan said. Tommy almost cried out as he just knew she was talking about her panties. Then the unmistakable hissing and splashing as Susan emptied her bladder all over their hallway floor. Tommy felt his orgasm building and he had to put his free hand against the door to keep his legs from buckling. “Ohhhhh, that feel so much better,” Susan said. Tommy was really close to ejaculating right then when he heard another sound coming from right next to the bathroom door. It was a moan that he recognized all too well, followed by a second hissing and dribbling. He knew what was happening: Janice was peeing down her legs. Tommy lost it then and ejaculated all over the bathroom door and the floor. He had to bite his lip to hide his groans and almost fell over with pleasure. When he finished, he stepped back to the shower, turned off the water, and wrapped a towel around himself. Then he quickly wiped up his mess on the door and floor and then opened the door. Both Susan and Janice were still peeing. Janice looked shocked, but Susan started to laugh. “I’m so sorry,” Tommy said. “Umm… I’m Tommy.” Susan laughed even louder, and it was genuine. “Susan,” she said. “Welcome to our home,” Tommy said.
  13. A few hours later, there was a knock at the door. After some cleaning and strategic use of Febreze, the house was ready for guests. If Janice had wanted the house cleaned more extensively, she could easily have called in a cleaner. But this should be sufficient for entertaining her coworker friend. Janice answered the door and there stood Susan. “Hey there!” Susan said, and the two hugged each other. Susan looked cute in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a panda on it. As Susan stepped into the house, somewhere behind her Janice head footsteps. She turned to see her brother walking across the hall to the bathroom. He paused and glanced at Susan, then smiled and walked into the bathroom. Janice could not help but feel as if that smile was somehow suspicious. She changed direction, though, as Tammy appeared in the hallway, as well, finally having gotten dressed in a pair of denim shorts and a pink shirt. “Susan, you’ve heard me talk about my twin siblings. That was my brother Tommy you saw, and this is my sister, Tammy.” Susan greeted Tammy and Janice led Susan to the living room. “Make yourself comfortable,” Janice said. Susan thanked her and sat on the plush brown couch. Tammy walked to the recliner in the corner, and Janice sat on the other end of the couch. “Well, this is our home,” Janice said. She continued, giving Susan a brief version of the history of the house, how her parents acquired it, the tragedy of their accident, and finally how the siblings agreed to share the house. Susan listened attentively, and her genuine interest was really sweet. Then, Janice noticed something. Susan seemed to be squirming. She was continuously crossing and uncrossing her legs. Janice glanced at her sister who made brief eye contact and then smiled. Janice peered down the hallway and saw that the door was still closed. What are they up to, she wondered. But Janice shook it off and she asked Susan about her life, how her kids were doing. Susan was divorced, but she smiled widely and lit up and she talked about her kids. Then she squirmed again, and Janice was surprised when Tammy spoke up. “Everything okay?” Tammy asked. “I’m fine, but how long is your brother going to be in the bathroom?” This time Janice did not miss the smirk that crossed her sister’s face. She sighed and resigned to the fact that they were about to get their way. Her new friend would be wetting herself before she left today. “I don’t really know,” Tammy said. “Sometimes he takes forever. Long shower, primping himself in the mirror, that sort of stuff. He’s worse than us.” Tammy and Janice laughed, and Susan joined them, then stopped. “Oh, don’t make me laugh.” She bent over and hissed. “Is it that bad?” Janice asked. Susan nodded. “Yeah, he’s irritating like that,” Tammy said. “More than a few times he’s been in there and one of us has had to go. Kind of like right now.” “Well, what did you do?” Susan asked. “Because I’m open for solutions.” Tammy chuckled. “Sometimes he gets done in time and it’s just a race to keep from having an accident. Once or twice Janice and I had to run in at the same time.” Susan laughed. The sound made Janice’s heart skip. “How did that work out?” Tammy giggled. “I took the sink,” she said and winked. Janice could feel her face flush, and she watched Susan’s reaction. “Ohhh, at this point I’d settle for anything,” Susan said and doubled over again. They heard the unmistakable sound of the shower, and Susan groaned. “Well, there were other times we didn’t make it,” Tammy said. Janice was still quiet, still terrified that this whole ordeal might scare her new friend away. “Like when both of us just ended up pissing in the hallway.” “Seriously?” Susan said. “What else could we do? This is a big house, but I still don’t know why it only has one bathroom. And when it’s used up, well…” “Oh my god,” Susan said. She kept peering down the hallway at the still closed door. “Can you go see how much longer?” “Sure,” Janice said. She stood up and walked down the hall. Susan followed her, and Tammy walked quietly behind them. “Hey, Tommy?” Janice yelled. “Yeah?” he shouted from the shower. Actually, Janice honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t really in the shower, if the mischievous shithead wasn’t standing right in the bathroom just running the water and hoping her new friend would piss herself. “Do you know how much longer you’ll be?” Janice asked. “I just got in!” he shouted. Susan groaned again, squeezing her legs tightly together and holding her crotch. “Janice, I’ve really got to go,” she pleaded. “Okay, so…,” Janice said, “what do you want to do? I mean… Tammy is right. We’ve had to improvise before. I can take you to the kitchen? If you’re willing, you can use the sink?” “How far is that?” Susan asked. “It’s on the other side of the house,” Janice said. “Ohhh, no, I won’t make it that far.” “Well, you can go right here,” Tammy said. Janice glared at her. Too forward! she thought, but she knew it was too late to take it back. “Like… just pee in your hallway?” “If you have to,” Tammy said. “It’s my lame ass brother’s fault, not yours. And we can clean it up, no problem.” Susan doubled over again and groaned. “Ohhh, I’m seriously about to piss myself,” she said. “It’s okay, really,” Janice said. “I won’t tell anyone at the office.” “But I can’t just piss in the floor in your hallway,” Susan said. “It’s really not a problem,” Tammy said. “Here, I’ll prove it. I’ve got to go, anyway.” Janice and Susan looked at her as she unsnapped her denim shorts and then slid them and her panties down to her ankles. She leaned back against the wall until her ass was touching the wall and she was almost in a sitting position. She closed her eyes and a few seconds later a steady stream of pee fell from between her legs and pattered to the hallway carpet. Susan gasped. “Oh, shit!” she said and stood upright. “I just squirted a bit! I’m sorry, Janice, but I can’t hold it anymore.” “It’s okay,” Janice said, as comfortingly as she could. But inside she was secretly taking pleasure knowing her new friend really was about to piss right here in her house. “Do you care if I join you?” she asked. “Seeing my sister go made me have to go.” She laughed. “I don’t care,” Susan said. “I just need to pee like right now!” Susan unbuttoned her jeans and yanked them down to below her knees, and to Janice’s surprise she did not take her panties down. Janice could see the wet spot from Susan’s leak earlier. “They’re already wet,” Susan said, as if reading Janice’s mind. She sank down into a squat and before she could finish pulling the gusset of her panties aside a messy spray of pee gushed out of her and flowed heavily to the carpet. “Ohhhhh, that feel so much better.” Susan closed her eyes in an expression of obvious relief. “Mmmm, I was seriously about to explode.” Janice couldn’t take it anymore. Feeling bold, she stood next to her friend and relaxed, emptying her bladder into her panties and letting it run quietly down her legs. Susan opened her eyes and was treated to the sight of Janice moaning in pleasure as she peed full force down her legs. Janice could feel it spraying her inner thighs and flowing warmly down her legs and dripping to the floor. Tammy was watching and smiling. Then the bathroom door opened and there stood Tommy wrapped in a towel. Both Susan and Janice were still peeing. Janice waited for Susan’s reaction, expecting her to be mortified. Instead, she started laughing and was still dribbling warm pee. “I’m so sorry,” Tommy said. “Umm… I’m Tommy.” Susan laughed even louder, and it was genuine. “Susan,” she said. “Welcome to our home,” Tommy said.
  14. Janice was fortunate to have a private office. It was her father’s, and since she was the only one with a job that required her to work from home, as well, she easily inherited it. There was everything you would expect from a home office: desk, office chair, computer, file cabinets, and there was also a vinyl couch and a recliner. Janice remembered that on her father’s busiest days he would sleep in his office and take power naps in the late afternoons. She also remembered that he rarely left the room to use the bathroom. Janice had walked in on him on several occasions and caught him in the act of pissing in the corner or relieving himself in the wastebasket next to his desk. And although she had never witnessed it, she also remembered noticing droplets on the vinyl couch, as well. Now, Janice was tending to her own business using the same office. She was on hold with an important client, one that she could not afford to lose. As she waited, she could feel the familiar need growing in her bladder. She could easily take the phone with her to the bathroom, but Janice smiled as she looked around the office, again remembering her father’s free use of his private office as more than just to do work. She looked over at the recliner, a dark-colored soft cushioned chair. Janice wasn’t sure how old it was. As she stepped closer to it, she leaned down and looked closer at the cushion. As expected, she could just barely see a ring in the material, a faint stain that proved her father had also used his recliner as a toilet. Janice smiled as she unbuttoned her jeans and slid them and her panties down to her ankles. Just as she did so, the client came back on the line. “Oh, hello,” Janice said. She sat back in the the recliner. “No, it’s okay, I understand Mr. Dawson. You are a busy man.” Janice smiled again at the feeling of the soft cushion against her bare ass and pussy. “Yes sir, I’m doing well. Just calling to check in and see if you’re still planning to work with us.” She relaxed and soon a small dribble started down her slit and to the soft material between her legs. “Ohhh, that’s great,” she said. “Yes sir, I am just… really happy to hear that… Mmm hmm…” The dribble grew to a steady flow and Janice rolled her eyes and opened her mouth in silent pleasure as a small puddle formed between her legs, slowly absorbing into the chair. “Yes sir. I will let my supervisor know… mmm… first thing tomorrow. Mmm hmm. Thank you, sir.” Janice hung up and leaned back into the chair. “Ohhh, I’m just gonna let it all go.” She sighed and let go completely, splashing her warm pee into the cushion beneath her, licking her lips at the warmth spreading under her. “Mmmm that feels so good, ohhh…” Feeling horny now, she slipped her fingers between her slit, feeling splashes of pee on her thighs and legs, and soon she was bucking her hips. “Oh… I’m gonna… OHHHHHhhhh!” As she cried out, a strong spray of pee squirted past the chair cushion and to the carpet as she climaxed. Meanwhile, in the kitchen Tammy and Tommy were almost finished cleaning up. Tammy had washed the last of the dishes, and Tommy had almost finished drying and putting them away. There had been a lot of splashing and joking around, so they were both wet and there was a lot of water on the kitchen floor. “You made a mess,” Tommy said. “Me?” Tammy said. “I think that was a joint effort.” “Whatever,” Tommy said. “This is how I make the floor wet.” He turned away from the sink and removed his penis from his boxers again. Tammy watched wide-mouthed as he sprayed a long stream that reached to the middle of the kitchen floor, splashing loudly and creating a puddle. “You’re so bad,” she said, a hint of sarcasm in her voice. “So what do you know about this friend of Janice’s,” he asked, still peeing but his stream dwindling. “Not much, really. She’s a friend from work, like she said.” “Is she hot?” Tommy asked. “Oh my god, that’s why you asked.” He laughed and winked at her. “Like you’d have a chance, anyway,” she said, bumping him with her elbow. “We’ll see,” he said. He slid his penis back into his boxers. “Love ya, sis,” he said as he tossed a towel down onto the floor over his puddle and walked out of the kitchen. Tammy smiled as she stood there, looking down at the towel. She could feel her own need creeping up again, but it was coupled with another need. She thought about her brother wetting himself at the table and about him spraying a stream across the kitchen and felt her pussy getting wet at the thought. She would never admit it, but she did find him very attractive, and maybe it was some kind of twin connection and not the same kind of attraction as she might have for a lover or a boyfriend, but she could not deny that he excited her sexually. Tammy used her foot to wipe up her brother’s wet mess with the towel. As she did, she felt another twinge that reminded her she had to pee soon. Since she had just finished cleaning the floor, she didn’t really want to wet it again. Tammy turned to the sink and grinned. Without thinking about it too much, she turned around and lifted her bottom up and over the sink. She didn’t even bother to remove her panties as she relaxed and soon a warm, wet spot formed in the crotch of her panties. She gasped and let a little more dribble out, just enough to moisten her labia. Then she pulled her panties aside and started rubbing her slit gently. Tammy relaxed a little more, playing with the tiny dribbles that dampened her fingertips and rubbing them against her clitoris. She gasped again as a wave of pressure sent shivers through her and her dribble increased to a stream. She cut it off, though, and continued to rub herself, feeling her orgasm build. “I can’t hold it much longer,” she said. “But this is so nice.” She parted her legs a little more and now slipped two fingers into her vagina, sinking them deep and then sliding them back out to touch her clitoris and then again. Another wave of pressure struck and she moaned as more of her warm pee trickled over her fingers. “Oh, god, I can’t—!” She took her fingers out as a warm gush of pee sprayed the inside of the sink with an audible hiss and metallic splashing. Tammy went back to rubbing her clit as her pee continued to flow steadily into the sink. She was soon biting her lip as her orgasm built. She rubbed more furiously now, feeling her hot pee all over her hands but not caring as she finally climaxed right there with her rear end over the kitchen sink and the final drops of her pee trickling into the sink.
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