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  1. Hey everyone! Would love to hear your golden shower stories! Let's hear how you gave someone a nice warm piss shower, or took someone's lovely golden rain! I've had lots of experience with both, mostly escorts, but some girls off of Tinder too. I'll start with one. An escort (who's actually a porn star now, private msg me if you want to find out who!) I met up with on Boxing Day a couple years back. We agreed on price including pissing on each other. She said she was experienced in golden showers as well, and i could piss in her mouth as long as it was diluted. So I drank two or three beers before I headed over to her apartment, and was pretty much bursting as i walked in the door. She welcomed me in, and after paying, got naked and started sucking my cock. As she was sucking it out and i was ready to burst, I told her to lay back on her bed, which had a couple extra blankets on it. As soon as she laid down, I released my piss stream all over her stomach, then started moving up and down and side to side all over her tits, as she started to rub it all in and moan. I told her to close her eyes and open her mouth, and as she obliged, moved my piss stream right into her mouth. Once her mouth was full, she spit it out over her already drenched body. Then I pointed my cock up to arc a nice stream, and began to soak her face and hair. She scrunched up her face a bit, but took it well. Now her pillows and sheets are soaked, she hasn't peed yet, and I'm not even done! I decided to give her a break from the pee bath I was giving, and laid down where she was in the piss puddle, and told her to start sucking my dick again. As she was going up and down, i asked if I could pee in her mouth while she was doing it, and again agreed. So I filled up her mouth again with my cock in it, and she spit it out over my body. With her mouth open and me laying flat, I sprayed my golden juice up into her awaiting mouth, as she shook my cock and sprayed the piss all over. After i had drained my bladder, I begged her to stand up over my face and release the golden rain she had been holding back this whole time. Out came a stream of delicious piss that was mostly clear and didn't taste bad at all. I filled my mouth and spit it out, then took a little and swallowed it just to try (not as bad as I thought!). I started to shake my face and head in the stream to make sure it all got covered. Once the smell and taste of her piss was all around me, I told her to move down and start watering my rock hard cock. She finished off her bladder moving her hips in a circle drenching my stiff rod while I jerked the hell out of it. When she finished, I told her to sit on that cock and ride the fuck out of it. She obeyed, and we slammed our piss soaked bodies together until I pulled and and blew a massive load straight up and hit some of her tits, but mostly covered me! After, I gathered my things and had a nice long drive home thiking about the super hot piss sesh, so much I had to jerk off while I was driving home!
  2. Girls getting pissed on
  3. Cherry and I <3 A few hours (5) past since my last adventure that surprisingly involved a friend of mine, "Cherry" She called me and explained she was very aroused and wanted to know if I would help her, she is bi curious and had an opportunity to get some if I was up to it. FUCK YEAH , lol So she asked me if she should bring me anything, I said to wear her sexiest lingerie and outfit. I thought I was sexy, she blew my mind away. She wore a dark red pleated short skirt, with white nylon stockings, even a blazer top, corset underneath and a black thong red. She even wore her glasses and straightened her hair prior. She was a sexy naughty school girl. I had ways of dealing with that but I was in my sexy night gown that only one guy seen a picture of, so I told her to sit and I'll be back. I got changed and quickly, I got into my black mini dress with no sleeves but kept on my pink v string stripper thong and a revealing bra to match. Slipped on some black thigh highs, put my hair up in a high sassy ponytail and found a few...unused toys I was saving. I grabbed a few pieces of rope and a piece of soft fabric. Just looking at cherry made me wanna pee as she sat there so sexy, I'll blow off men even but she's married to one of my friends so I felt weird. We discussed the rules, so I know what not to do. I tied her up to the chair and put a gag over her mouth and I had a tie lose around her neck, not to tight but she couldn't move her head down =] I turned on some music and began to dance in front of her, slowly stripping off a few pieces of clothing. I couldn't help but notice her legs were pushed together and shaking up and down. I strutted over to her and sat on her and faced her, putting my legs on each of her side. "Aw what's wrong?" I asked as I grabbed my little whip that's like a cat of nine tails. I ungagged her. "I have to piss so bad!!" She sobbed. "Aw, you do?" I pouted and slapped her leg with the little whip. I put the gag back in her mouth and continued to dance around her. I could feel her eyes following me, begging me to let her go, nope! >=D I undid her top showing me her very well presented cleavage and strung along the tips of the whip across, tickling her slight. I saw her legs clutch tight as they kept shaking. Her cries and protest had no effect on me, she was trying to shift her legs with no success. She slammed around then stopped, I could see the seat of her.m chair quickly soak , she broke and peed for along time. Her face was redder then her hair and she hung her head in shame. "Aw poor baby" I mocked, pushing her legs opens, where I felt her wet seat, skirt, lingerie. "Do I make you wet?" I taunting said snapping a belt. Her eyes widened and forced a nod. "What will u do now? U made a mess" She was still muffled. I undid her mouth gag "Well?" I put my leg up above her leg, revealing my v string thong to her. "Sorry?" She said with confusion. I undid one arm and tied it with a rope and did the same with her others and her legs, and forced her wet ass to the bed, (covered in a layer of towels) and told her on her hands and knees and spread them. "And if I refuse?" She asked. I began to get wet, I can see how jaylah and her hubby gets their kicks, never again will I poke fun at them. I spanked her hard, and moved her hair and bit abit. She let out a huge yelp. She obeyed my orders and spreaders her legs abit. I arched her ass up abit and whipped her with my little nine tails. (I thought she was gonna cop out. A few times, I was surprised ) "Your so wet, call me your mistress and I'll forgive you" I said with a huge grin. "Never.." she resisted me!! How dare she! I opened up my new toy I've been meaning to try, may as well use it on her. It was a vibrating sex dildo that can do both vaginal and Anal at once, special ordered it. I lubed it up and wrapped a scarf around her wait. Then a blind fold =} "Say it!" I demanded as I placed the toy away from her view. "Can't make me" Omg!! So resistant and committed, I was in my new element =]... "As u wish" I said giving her a huge spank and I went and lubed up my toy after putting protection on it. I started to insert it in both holes together. She screamed loudly even through the pillow by her face. I thrusted it until it made full entry. I gave her a minute and put it on max. She was grunting. "I had bigger" she mocked. !!! She's so difficult to break I thrusted the toy and pushed it hard and she cried. (Surely I thought she was gonna say the safe word) I went up to her and layed myself abs spreaded wide and set aside the thong. I pushed her head down and told her to eat me. Oh..oh my was running through my head, what she's doing with a tongue ring, what u can do. I pressed her head hard and made her please me, but the little brat came!! I still left the toy and after I finished I got up and turned off the toy. I pulled it out and covered her with her wet thong where she peed again. I rubbed her good while she pissed herself, I gave her a screaming orgasm. Now it was my turn to be helpless =} She repeated what was done to me, (I'll spare the repeat In details), but she pounded me so hard anally and wouldn't let up until I came, my first orgasm via anal. I was out of breath, and wet. Her finisher was she peed on me and made me rub it on myself. We mostly finished, I was brutally sore, it was amazing. We lounged in our wet clothes and I opted to shower, she followed me, told me to stay in my clothes and come into the shower without turning it on. "That was rough, lets go gentle" She made out with me, putting her hand on my vaginal area rubbing. I did like wise. We continued to kiss and rub. We pissed our selfs in our clothes (again) as we kept kissing. We had giant wet spots and pee streaks down our legs. We striped down and threw things in the wash on a gentle rinse. In the shower she surprised me and went down on me, and told me it's okay to pee if I needed again on her. We rinsed off and waited for the rinse to finish and the dryer. That was the best sex I've had in a very very long time =]
  4. It started out as a normal Friday nite. My girlfriend coming over for dinner and a movie. Or so I thought. She knew I had a pee fetish, and loved panties. She had peed for me, even a little bit on me. Ok, maybe a lot on me. But it usually started with her inviting me in to the bathroom to watch her. Eventually I put my hand down between her thighs and felt her peeing. And even sat down first and let her pee flow over my cock...she completely embraced it. No, she completely loved it. Maybe even more then me. Maybe. But back to our Friday nite. We ate. Cleaned up. I had a few beers, while she had a few ciders. We moved to the couch and fired up Netflix. We (I) chose 50 shades of grey. lol we eventually ended up laying together with me behind her. My cock getting nice and full watching the action and titties on Netflix and feeling my girl so close. I mentioned at one point how hot the girl would look peeing on him. We joked about how he deserved it. When he was kissing her panties my g/f made the comment she should pee now. Right on his face. She said it kind of sarcastically but it made me grind into her harder and tell her heโ€™d probably love it. And would drink it all. And then I added...โ€™i. know I wouldโ€™. And then silence. after a minute or so she said โ€˜reallyโ€™? โ€˜Youโ€™d let her pee in your mouth? And actually drink her pee...Like swallow itโ€™? I told her I was just being sarcastic. And then after a short pause I said...but maybe I would. She turned her head back to face me...and kiss me, and asked โ€˜would you drink mineโ€™? I pulled her in tight to me and pressed my rock hard cock into her bum and answered...โ€˜every dropโ€™! We started getting hot and heavy and she asked me to take her to bed. By the time we reached the bed we were ripping each otherโ€™s clothes off until she was down to her cute lil white cotton panties. So tight. Mmm my fav! I was naked from the waist down with my shirt unbuttoned and open. I pushed her back on the bed and climbed on top to kiss her. God she looked hot. Nicely tanned and her panties were so tight on her lips (she does have a very tidy pussy) I couldnโ€™t resist...her mound was swollen and moist and I moved down until my lips were pressed tight to those panties. God I luv her taste. I was now kneeling on the hardwood floors and sucking and licking her thru her thin lil panties. She was wet. And I could taste her juices. She was pulling me tighter, and rubbing and squirming into my mouth....when all of a sudden she stopped moving. I felt her grab my hair and hold me still. Just inches back from her pretty wet panties. She Pushed me back as she held my hair until she was able to rise up and stand in front of me as I knelt before her...still inches from her pussy. Her still holding my head inches from her panty covered pussy....I so wanted her to pull me back in taste her. But she had more on her mind. She looked down at me and grew this devilish smile And told me to taste her. I heard it before I saw it. Her pee. Her clear warm pee pushing her panties out as it streamed thru only inches from my face. From my mouth. And without any hesitation I moved in to feel on my lips. On my face. On my tongue. And taste her I did! Licking and kissing her as she peed into my mouth. I let it pour out and down my chest until I was covered in her wet warm pee. When her stream slowed, I pulled her panties aside and let her feel my tongue slide between her lips as she pushed the last few spurts into my mouth. Those last few spurts I let fill my mouth, and looking up at her, I swallowed what I could before moving back in between her wet thighs to kiss and lick clean. My hair soaked...hell, I was now sitting in a pool of her pee. And loved it. We have played other nites similarly, but never matched the passion of that nite and my first drink.
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