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  1. Think we could get at least 100 attendees?? Anyone here gonna help us with marketing and promoting the event? Let's go for 500-1000 viewers! I'm sure we've got enough well-connected members here that could make this happen!!

    How about watching in person?

  2. My brain has a funny way of trying to wake me up when I really have to pee.

    I found myself going into a public restroom with about 50+ stalls, it was huge. There were very few people in there at the time. I sat down in one of them and started having the pee of my life! The pressure had built up immensely and the release felt amazing. All of a sudden, a group of 3 20-something girls came in to pee. They came to a set of stalls that were close to me. They way they were laughing and talking loudly, I could tell they were a bit tipsy. My ears perked up when I heard one of the girls say, "I'm just going to pee right here on the floor." I heard 2 of the girls go to their own stalls, but the girl who had just said that went into one right next to me. I stood up, zipped my pants, went out, and just went ahead right into her stall. She looked at me, but didn't seem to care too much that I was there. She was wearing a skirt with no panties, so she lifted her skirt and sat down on the toilet. I said, "No, you should pee on the floor." So, she scooted forward, leaned back, and let go a beautiful arch onto the floor. As she was peeing, I came up close to her and took a little sip out of the fountain. She smiled and finished. She asked what it tasted like. I told her that her pee was a little salty, like she had been holding it too long. She said she wanted to taste it, too, so she stood up and started kissing me! I was completely aroused by this! She licked her lips and asked what she could do to make it not be so salty. I told her some of the things I do when I want to pee play with my hubby..........and, then I woke up.

    Needless to say, I REALLY had to go when I awoke. My pussy was super wet, though, from the arousal. My hubby tried to encourage me to pee right there in bed, jokingly, of course (neither of us like the clean up). I could see this "story" being a scene in a VIPissy movie or something, though!

    Hot sexxxy story.... Would love to receive and taste your clear warm arch.

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